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The accessibility of the Internet audience

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With the larger use of forums and blogs, it's just easier for everyone to express how they feel about X or Y game. Which is, to a certain extent, a very good thing because I've always thought that the more opinion you can get on something, the better you will be able to actually evaluate its quality without actually playing it directly, in the case of a game, or simply experiencing it (movie, car, food, etc.).

I honestly don't care if someone calls a game or a gaming system overrated/underrated/greatest ever/worst ever/whatever, as long as he or she can defend his or her point to a certain extent. If the only way you can defend a game or system you love is by stating : "Gretast gam eva!!1!11! Pwns all others!1@!1!!" [sic] I would have a hard time believing you, even if it's a game I love as well.

I'm not asking each and everyone to write a 3000-words essay on why this game deserves praise, but at least try and put together a complete and decent sentence, and preferably more than one. I do like and read people's opinions on games, because professional reviewers, even very good ones like some here a GS and the ones over at GT, are human beings and therefore limited by their taste, their own experience and various other factors. Let me hear/read what you have to say about a game or a system, but do it in an intelligent and decent manner, not like that dude who once used "Halo 3 has trucks with different colors" (I'm not kidding) as an argument to prove it was superior to MGS4 (I'm not saying it is or isn't, just citing someone). I would like to believe you when you say that Halo 3 is a good game (haven't played it), but this isn't helping. Tell me about the online modes, the leveling up system if there's one, the storyline, the voice acting, the graphics, the set pieces, etc. That, to me, is the main problem with the accessibility of an Internet audience.

You could also add the fact that there are a lot of people who will criticize something just because it's a trend. Easiest example : Call of Duty. It's very trendy now to criticize CoD and Activision, but most people are simply using the same arguments over and over and I doubt a lot of them actually felt the same way BEFORE they read or heard someone else first. I played MW2 when it came out, thought the story was horrible, then realized over the next few days that a lot of reviewers and players were thinking the exact same thing. It's kinda comforting, but if I loved the story and the campaign, I won't suddenly change my opinion to fit the mass. You can doubt yourself, do a little self-research, but by all means do not lie to yourself to please the audience.

I hate those highlight announcers.

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They're just awful. That's it.

I don't know their names, except Rick Kamla, who's likely the worst of the bunch.

Seriously, they're the WORST announcers/analysts/whateveryouwannacallem I've ever heard.

I had to write it somewhere somewhat public.

Finally I tried a FPS on PC (Mac, actually).

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I've been reading and hearing for the past 2 and half years (since I got my PS3 and joined an "online gaming community" (GameSpot) that FPSs are only good on PC and that mouse and keyboard are 1000x better than two joysticks because everyone knows, every self-respecting gamer plays FPSs on PC, that's freaking obvious.

I had already played some (rare) FPSs on GameCube and N64 before and even some Halo on my friend's XBox. I did play Allied Assault about a decade ago but I've got no recollection of how the controls actually were (and I was about 13, so there). Otherwise I played mostly RTS and dungeon crawlers on my PC/Mac.

At first I was like "oh well, maybe" and started playing some FPSs on my PS3 (Killzone, CoD4, Bad Company, and eventually BC2, Singularity, Black Ops, etc.). After a few games/hours (at first I was pretty bad) I realized that 2 joysticks were perfect for FPSs, controls are great and precise and I couldn't even imagine how it would be on PC. A mouse? Really? Keyboard? That's preposterous.

Then came Steam, with a few games for Mac, at first there was only The Orange Box and that's about it for Mac. And since I already had it for PS3, I didn't bother getting it for PC/Mac. Then two days ago I saw that L4D2, perhaps the only mainstream game (other being Limbo, Super Meat Boy and, maybe, maybe Reach since ME2 is coming on PS3 in a few weeks) I'd buy a 360 for, was available for Mac, for a mere 7 bucks or so. Great, I thought, I'll be able to pronounce myself on PC FPSs and their seemingly perfect controls.

After an hour, I could see why people love it on PC. Even if I'm pretty bad (mouse goes to fast and WSAD is weird, I still can't aim perfectly but I'm getting better by the minute). Controls ARE pretty good. I'm getting used to it. Sure after a few more hours and, maybe, if there are some for Mac, other games, I'll be more capable of judging the real quality of Mouse and Keyboard controls.

That doesn't mean I'll get a 2000$ gaming PC tomorrow (I won't, I love my MacBook Pro), but if my Mac can read more FPSs that are oh-so-cheap on steam, well why not try other PC FPS since they control well and are way cheaper than console games.

To be continued....

My favorite and most-hated NBA teams.

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Teams I like/love

1. Philadelphia 76ers (I know they're pretty bad right now but they've been my team for nearly a decade, so I stick with them)

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Chicago Bulls

4. Oklahoma City Thunder

5. New Orleans Hornets

6. Phoenix Suns (Have taken a big hit since they got that jerk Turkoglu, would be way lower without Steve Nash)

7. Orlando Magic

8. Utah Jazz

Teams I like watching but not particularily fond of

9. Milwaukee Bucks (They're pretty fun to watch)

10. Denver Nuggets

11. Los Angeles Clippers (could be climbing with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon playing like that)

12. Golden State Warriors

13. Washington Wizards (John Wall-only thing, when he's injured they drop to around 20)

Team that would be like 8th without Pierce and Big Baby and something like 25th with them, so that standing proves to be appropriate. But I do like to watch them play since they play solid team ball.

14. Boston Celtics

Teams I don't really care about (neither hate or love)

15. Portland Trail Blazers

16. Memphis Grizzlies

17. Indiana Pacers

18. New Jersey Nets

19. Atlanta Hawks

20. Toronto Raptors

21. New York Knicks (For whatever reason I can't stand Gallinari, other than that they're pretty much OK)

22. Houston Rockets

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

24. Sacramento Kings

25. Charlotte Bobcats

26. Minnesota Timberwolves

27. Detroit Pistons

Teams I despise

28. San Antonio Spurs

29. Dallas Mavericks (Would be my most-hated team if not for the very existence of LeBron James)

30. Miami Heat (LeBron-only feeling, since I like D-Wade, Haslem and a few others, I just couldn't bear him winning a championship)

NBA 2k11

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I'm done.

Seriously. I can't understand how this game works. I've been playing basketball games for the past 15 years or so, from NBA Jam to NBA Live 2000, 01, 03, 05, 06, 08, 10, NBA Street 1, 2, 3, NBA 2k8, 2k9, 2k10, 2k11, NBA Hangtime, etc...

I can't take it. I seriously don't understand how that game works. I'm talking about 2k11.

How in the name of the Lord can every single player on the other WALK or STRUT into the lane and HIT EVERY (I'm not joking, they're about 87% from the paint) single shot they try. How can unknowns DUNK on my excellent post defenders like they were Shawn Bradley. How can poor 3 point gunners (you know, under 30% for his career) hit over 50% in a game. How can my best players, who is top 10 NBA talent, miss over 60% of his shots, even if most of them are open and clearly within his range. How are their passes through the lane crisp bounce passes through every single defender whereas mine are ugly over the heads passed that get tipped and stolen 110% of the time? And, please tell me WHY the player I control always chooses the toughest, most, irrealiistic pass across 15 defenders when I point the joystick at the COMPLETELY FREE swingman on the wing.

I mean, what the **** 2K??? I knew EA was getting quite bad with the latest Live games ('10 wasn't THAT bad, but still), but that takes the cake. Why do you make a game that's 6 to 7 times better than you even on lower difficulties when you've played 20+ NBA games in your life.

I'm not asking for an easy game, I'm asking for REAL realism. You know, an elite team can't be 35% from the field (and I'm not taking bad shots or anything) and letting opponent shoot 60% every game. A top 5 point guard won't make 8 turnovers per game. The Warriors are not a great defensive team, yet they're the toughest I've faced yet (and I've faced the Celtics and the Thunder). How does that make sense?

Someone, please explain me.

I'm through with basketball games until they find a way to make them realistic.

BaraChat's all-time best NBA players.

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So, here it is. On november 24th, 2010, that would be my list.

1. Michael Jordan

2-tie. Bill Russell

2-tie. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

4. Kobe Bryant

5. Magic Johnson

6. Wilt Chamberlain

7. Larry Bird

8. Oscar Robertson

9. Jerry West

10. Hakeem Olajuwon

11. Tim Duncan

12. Elgin Baylor

13. Moses Malone

14. John Havlicek

15. Shaquille O'Neal

Positions are subject to change the more I read and watch stuff about those players, especially those I didn't get to watch.

Spots 6 to 9 are especially subject to change, I've never seen one of these players play live and everything I read about them is highly debatable.

Rant on whining

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I love football, or soccer, whatever you wanna call it.

I just can't bear the players whining NON-STOP for 90 minutes. The ref makes what they consider to be a mistake for a midfield scramble that led to a free kick. Then the players whine and yell at the ref like their life depended on that single unimportant free kick. I mean, GET ON WITH THE F******G GAME AND STOP WHINING LIKE A B****.

God, I can't bear that. It happened, you cannot do s*** about it. Never has a ref said "Oh well, you might be right, I call it back!" . Idiots. Be a man, and play the damn game.

You are never, and I mean, NEVER, going to change a referee's decision when the whistle is blown. NEVER. The only thing they should do, and few are the ones intelligent enough to realize it, is to go see the ref, speak calmly with him to explain the situation and ask him whether he should try and look out for a violation or another. For example, scramble happens, players fell, referees calls a free kick for the White team. Blue player doesn't agree, instead of barking like a mad dog, which is SURE never to please the referee and put him on your side, he can go see the ref and tell him, even if it's a bit agressively, but ideally not to much : "Would you please watch out for X player pulling jerseys or shorts" or whatever the violation was.

It might seem girly and/or weak. But trust me, it works. It will work. I've coached and refereed sports teams. There's not way to get into a ref's head with whining and barking. If anything, barking and whining will encourage the ref to NOT call anything in your favor. I'm not saying it should be that way, but it's a human reaction. If a kid cries and yells for a toy or something, will you give it to him? Hell No. It's not the exact same thing, but it's similar enough.

The lesson is, as always, don't whine or yell AFTER the whistle, try instead to get the next whistle in your favor. Don't look behind, look forward.

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves for $9.98, not a joke.

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I am simply shocked. I found it in a bargain bin even if it was still 59.99 on the shelves. Probably a store mistake.

I bought the game when it came out back in october, but I bought it again, hoping to sell it to someone (someone has offered me 30$ already).

For all of you who need proof because this is still the Internet, here it is.


One thing about sports.

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What happens when a player you like lands on a team you don't like or don't care about? Or when a team you like lands a player you hate?

That happens. And when it happens. Wll. **it happens.

For example. I used to really like Real Madrid (I love FC Barça as well, in fact I like the Liga as a whole). Well, last summer they made the greatest move they could've made, they traded for my favorite player!! Kaka! I was so freaking ecstatic. This was great news! You know, the two best players in the world (Messi and Kaka) going at it twice a season. Great!

Then they did the honestly-predictable-but-mostly-horrible thing they could have. They bought Cristiano Ronaldo. You know, that whining little b**** who played for Man U, plays horrible for his national team, cried when they got eliminated in the Euro, always has that look on his face, both very smug and like he's about to cry like a kid if he doesn't get what he wants, usually a call from the refs, calls himself beautiful, thinks he's the best player on Earth, goes down if you breath on him (he's not alone, I know) then make puppy eyes to refs to get a free kick. The kinda guy with awesome talent but with the attitude of a diva. Well, one guy you simply cannot like. A pure disgrace to the beautiful game.

I promptly rooted for FC Barça all season and was thrilled for both derby wins. And I hope C. Ronaldo gets the hell out of Spain and plays for any England club (I don't like the Premier League or any of its teams, except maybe Arsenal) and not for another league I like (like France's).

Another time I've seen that happen is when Ray Allen joined the Boston Celtics. Sure, I don't hate the Celtics. I just don't care for them. If I had to do a list of teams I like and teams I don't like, Boston would be like 15th in the league. I just hate Paul Pierce (not as much as C. Ronaldo, but still a lot).

So when the Celts faced the Lakers 2 years ago, I was obviously rooting for LA (who would be like 3rd on that aformentioned list). When the Celts won, I was kinda upset because I was rooting for LA, but there was a silver lining, because Ray Allen is in my top 5 favorite players of all-time (Iverson, Nash, Olajuwon, Payton would be the 4 others).

Same this year. I don't know who'll win and I'm still rooting for LA. But if Boston wins (like they did yesterday), it might as well be at the sweet shooting hands of Ray Allen, and him ultimately winning MVP honors if that happens. As long as it's not Paul Pierce, like it was 2 years ago. And he didn't deserve that trophy, he had 2 good games and 5 crappy games, as well as a world class injury fake. KG played better and Ray Ray should've taken home the MVP trophy.

It was kinda the same thing when Horry joined the Spurs a few years ago. I liked Horry with the Rockets and the Lakers, but not so much with the Spurs. It wasn't all that bad. Of course the Spurs won in '05, but Big Shot Brob played PHENOMENAL in that Game 5. I remember that shot as much as I remember the Fish's 0.4 the season before.

So far, that's about it.

Small random rant

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Why the hell they show UBER slow-motion takes of players' faces during tennis broadcast. I mean super-extra slow-mo after a point. Like Nadal closing his eyes. Berdych smiling slightly. Federer looking somewhere.

I mean, what the hell? Is it necessary? Does it have a purpose? Did someone ask for these? If you show slow-mo of a big forehand, a serve, someone sliding through clay, you know, something relevant to tennis.

Even in other sports, broadcasters have some extremely weird choices of replay. They might show a breakaway layup 15 times but no replay of a huge shot-block or a really close charging/blocking foul call. Why? I ask you. Why?

That's about it, really.

Oh, and Lakers in 6.:D

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