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This might have been answered in other topics, but I want upload or at least view all of my old user uploads. Is it broken?


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All I know is AVOID US Robotics.

A ton of problems with the two my parents bought.

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It's funny, my friend and I were talking about Gold and Silver just a few days ago and all the stuff they added to it and how it's cool how certain things changed (johto changed a lot and the new elite four was funny too).

I love to go back sometimes, but I do not know if I could go back and play a Gameboy color game.

This is exciting news!

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So I had that 20% off coupon for Xbox 360 Used Titles from Gamespot and since the store I went to did not have Resident Evil 5, I just grabbed Dark Sector.

I remember when it came out, the reviews were lackluster even though I remember how great the game looked in the trailers. I know there was a demo, but I decided just to spend the 6 bucks on the game.

What does everyone think of that game?

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Those are not allowed here. Sorry. :(



Blow this puppy to bits!

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So, did you read the title? We just make a story one word at a time! Here's the first word!


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I've never actually had a dreamcast.

One day though...

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So I went to EB Games last week during my break (very dangerous to do, might I add) and decided I was going to look through the Xbox 360 and find a game or two that maybe didn't get the greatst review, I could snap up for 20 bucks or less. So, I saw the Club, a game I was really excited about last year, but kinda forgot about. Bought it for a round twenty bucks.

Then, I read the reviews. The game got crapped on by certain review outlets.

I will admit, the game has bad character models, only decent looking environnements and a lack of variety in weaponry. But the game is so fast, fun and innovative.

Have you ever played a shooting game mixed in with a racing game? Try the Club, there's a demo on XBLM.

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Yea, I think a lot of people have theiur horro stories.

Glad I don't have a Vision camera!

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