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SURPISE! Plants vs. Zombies!

Does anyone still follow me? I know it has been much time since my last update. Much time. I realize I've never really contributed anything to this website. So here's a good try! MINI REVIEW of PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES! GO!

Plants vs. Zombies!

Date of Completion: January 1st, 2010 (Adventure, Mini-Games and Survival Modes)
Total Play Time: 6-8 hours (approx.)

My Experience with the Game:
Here's the thing. The Steam sale was on. I only have the Orange Box on my Steam account. Until this sale. I saw Plants vs. Zombies for $7.49 and threw my PayPal right at it. Thought I would see what all the hubbub was about. This is an addicting casual puzzle game/tower defense game.

Basically, you just want to protect your house from a slew of different zombies types by using plants with different effects (like a peashooter, venus-fly trap type thinger or a cherry bomb). You collect sun and place these plants in a strategic manner to avoid zombie brain eating. There's a few different modes; adventure, survival, mini-game and even a zen garden for growing your own plants to make money!

This game really surprised me. It was worth every penny. I bought it on the 23rd of December. That was a mistake. I had God of War Collection, Ratchet and Clank and others waiting and I played this. That just shows how addicting it is.

Verdict: Conditional Buy
This is a game you can pick up for ten minutes and then leave and do something else. It's great. Maybe not worth full price, but if it's on sale on Steam, pick it up!

If anyone is still out there and following me, do you want to see another Basement Gaming?

Drake - So Far Gone

Hey y'all.

I've lost many reader, but I just have to share an amazing (free) mixtape from an up and coming rapper out of Toronto. If you like Lil' Wayne or Kanye West, this guy will tickle your fancy.

It's on the side. There is language and some songs are quite mature, so if that's not you, it's all good!

Basement Gaming 28 soon?

Question for my Basement Gaming audience.


How's everyone doing?

I have not forgotten about the question you've asked, but I have question for you.

I want to involve my buddy in the next episode of Basement Gaming in a segment called "Rant Man where he rants. I want to know if you guys mind language (and therefore putting the mature contetnt gate on the video).

Let me know.

And I'm still taking questions for the next show.