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I got the SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB last week. It was my first build and I'm really liking it. I run my computer at 1920 x 1080 and use an HDMI cord. The most graphic intensive game I have tried so far is Oblivion, and that runs great at max settings.

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I am confused about compatibility. I have been under the impression that I would have to get an Nvidia card. Will I also be able to choose from Radeon? I thought the motherboard determined the type of videocard allowed?

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is that a pre-build ? i see ? must costed you an arm and a leg ;) : well that upgrade to XFX 4850 is still nicemarcthpro

Yes, it is a pre-build (something I had not planned to do). However, it is only $500 and INCLUDES a 20' HD widescreen LCD and a free printer/keyboard/mouse and Windows 7 64-bit. Also has a 1 TB HDD, along with the 8 GB RAM.

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Say I were to buy a computer like the one below. What videocard would you recommend for upgrade? The power supply is 300W, so that may have to be upgraded as well. Please note the Expansion Slot limitations below. I would like the total price for videocard and possible power supply upgrade to be less than $200 (but prefer closer to $100). I am not interested in playing first-person shooters like Crysis. I generally want to play adventure, simulation, racing, etc. that were released in the last five years.

PROCESSOR • AMD Athlon™ II X4 620 Quad-Core Processor
CACHE (L2) • 2MB L2 Cache
BUS SPEED • 4000MHz System Bus
MEMORY • 8GB PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM memory (4x2048MB for ultimate performance) (expandable to 16GB)
VIDEO GRAPHICS • NVIDIA GeForce 9100 Graphics with 256MB integrated shared graphics memory. Up to 3838MB Total Available Graphics Memory as allocated by Windows® 7
MEMORY SLOTS • 4 DIMM (240-pin, DDR2) (occupied)
EXPANSION SLOTS • 3 PCI Express x1 (two available)
• 1 PCI Express x16 (one available)
EXPANSION BAYS • 2 external 5.25" (one available)
• 1 external 3.5" (one available)
• 2 internal 3.5" (one available)

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I don't know why you would ever turn off your computer when there is a standby option in Windows that uses close to zero power.

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You might also want to try downloading this program. It shows you a great visual representation of what exactly is taking up space on your drive, and by how much.

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There is a technical support forum on
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You obviously haven't played The Longest Journey, if you believe stories aren't important and aren't conveyed well in games.
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GameTap is running a special right now where if you sign up for one year they will charge you the equivalent of less than $5/month. Just letting people know about this great gaming deal (this is not spam). Jericho, DiRT, and other new games are coming to GameTap soon.