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3K Tags FTW

just got over 3000 tags w00t! just thought i'd put this for the sake of those people who like to blog about every few posts they get

Pitfall Banner

Somehow I never got around to mentioning this before, but I have a game on here supporting a banner I made. The game is Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (i think all versions, but i know PC). Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. This helps to explain where the Artistic Genius emblem came from.

"Wilhelm Scream"

Check out this story from WIRED Magazine. This video came from their website ( and it is about the "Wilhelm scream" which has been used in several movies since it was recorded mostly as a joke in the film industry. It shows clips of several movies in which the scream was used. You can read the whole story at:

GS won't let me imbed the video apparently so here is the link to the video:


"Imagine that hypothetical situations triggered pessimism. I'm not even going to finish this joke because no one will like it anyway."

-Dan Gurewitch


So, now I'm at Louisville working for Publishers Printing Co. for the summer as an intern. This means I'm not near anyone I know less than 3 hours away except the ppl I meet here. Thi means that when I'm not working in the office, I'm probably here gaming. Right now its Jade Empire and Starcraft. I pretty much have nothing to do other than work so its kinda boring, but oh well its only a couple of months...

Halo 2 Vista Screens

Check out these screen comparisons of Halo 2 on xbox and Windows Vista.

I'm not a huge fan of vista, but either way the graphics shown here are definately impressive compared to the xbox version.


so apparently gamespot is changing some stuff with the i got on here and i have no games in my collection. also all my ratings and reviews are gone. my profile looks like i just created it. i'm really hoping that this is temporary and it will all come back in time. it would suq to have to put in all that info again and i'm sure i would miss some stuff. so yeah, what gives...
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