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actually you can get everyone maxed on 1 run, it just takes a lot of dedication if you get a support and make a bookmark, the support is automatically saved in the log even after the bookmark is deleted. So by getting the S support, the kid's supports, then bookmarking without saving, you can effectively get every support in 1 playthrough. Granted this is probably the most boring thing on earth, but you can do it if you want to.
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You can do that, but honestly it's usually quicker just to do battles with monsters as they show up on the map. You get reasonably good items (based on the location, of course) and Bullion(S) drops like crazy, so you should end up with something like 2-3k per battle once you get into the later ones. Gold flow isn't usually a problem at all in this game, unless you put all of your money into forging or something.SirBroad
though on lunatic there is this period of time where you really can't kill monsters on the map. Once you hit level ~20 unpromoted, most risen mobs will have completely capped stats (promoted) with forged weapons and those annoying lunatic only skills
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SirBroad had a great post, but I'd like to disagree on the lvl 20 promotion. In this game, you can grind and reclass as much as you want, meaning getting to level 20 has little to no meaning if you're reclassing 4 times anyways to get skills. There is an experience curve associated with repeated reclassing and leveling up, so I'd suggest promotion at level 10. You also want to figure out your skill set before starting your grind. Don't immediately go for the class you want, save it for last and go through the other classes to get skills first. For example, with Cordelia as a Hero 1. Start out and get to lvl 10 as a pegasus knight 2. Promote to dark flier and get to level 15 for galeforce 3. Reclass into a dark knight and get to level 15 for slow burn and lifetaker 4. Reclass into a mercenary and get to level 10 for armsthrift and patience 5. Reclass into hero and get to level 20 You end up going through 70 levels, which is more than enough to max out the important stats, and if anything is missing you can use a stat increasing item.
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You can easily fix it where Chrom doesn't marry Sully. Just constantly fight Risen with the couple of your choice. It's what I've been doing, grinding Supports until I very nearly have every child in the game.

Another way is to just marry Sully off to someone else. Her -1 str -1 mag modifiers pretty much make Kjelle useless anyways. quick note: in order to get Olivia to marry Chrom, you must not have a "C" or higher relationship with Sumia, Sully, or Maribelle, and you have to get more relationship points with Olivia than the previously mentioned characters during chapter 11. It's quite annoying, really. You can't get galeforce on Inigo if you go for that, which made me sad.
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I just finished lunatic mode, and I found that manakete morgan performs a lot better than aether morgan. OPs guide hits the mark pretty well though. I went Donnel + Nowi (for warrior specific skills and galeforce option on Nah) MU (skill) + Nah (Strength or maybe speed probably would have been better, but I had a build for MU planned out) Lon'qu + Cordelia (58 unpaired skill for 14.5% lethality rate, 17% w/ limit breaker, just for fun. With a brave sword + limit breaker, 53% chance of lethality per battle) Olivia + Chrom (for +str) I beat lunatic after chapter 13 using only nah, morgan, MU, and Chrom. Currently trying to make a streetpass team that is guaranteed to get at least 1 kill vs any team.
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Chapters 1 through 4 are pretty much dependent entirely on Frederick (assuming you're playing classic mode). Once you get to DLC, you can slowly grind the other characters up. Be prepared to reset a lot because the RNG just hates you in lunatic. If you grind enough on chapter 4 with the DLC and plan your builds well, the rest of lunatic mode is actually really easy (with the exception of paralogue 16). Since awakening is more about caps + skills than growths due to infinite reclassing/grinding, every unit is usable in endgame, though some moreso than others.
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[QUOTE="Bobukai"]Hi everyone, I just beat lunatic // classic mode on my first playthrough just cause I thought it would be badass to brag to all my friends that I beat it on the hardest difficulty. Imagine my surprise when a little window pops up on the screen saying that I unlocked lunatic PLUS mode. Boy did I feel like an ass. Lunatic mode was challenging enough, I mean seriously, you could grind all you wanted, and it seemed like at MOST, you would be on equal terms with the enemy. Does anyone out there have any insight on to how hard lunatic PLUS is? I looked around a bit for information regarding lunatic plus, but I couldn't find anything even referring to it's existence EXCEPT a list of all the fire emblem skills (I have this website that shows all the skills for all classes, and next to one enemy-specific skill it says "only on lunatic +"). So far I know that nothing carries over to lunatic mode except your renown. I'm just too scared to jump into it right now without some prior preparation for what I'm about to get into. So...anyone? Anything? Anything at all?

Actually with enough grinding and correct choice of skills, Nah + manakete Morgan (MU + Nah) paired up with anything will pretty much solo the entire game for lunatic mode. (after you get them of course) Add in MU as a sorc with vantage, zeal, gamble, wrath, and vengeance and story mode is pretty much a cakewalk. Lunatic+, however, levels the playing field with ridiculous skills like hawkeye and luna+
OMG, I Just realized now that I beat chapter 3, wireless features have been unlocked!!! I still can't grind in the DLC, BUT!!! Theoretically, I should be able to get someone to make a really strong character with no equips and street pass me! At this point, ANY way to beat lunatic PLUS is fair game right? Then again, maybe I can still make it to the DLC chapter on my own. Can anyone confirm whether I need to beat chapter 4 or chapter 5 to unlock the DLC chapter?Bobukai
you only get 1 exp per streetpass kill and stats scale really high in lunatic/lunatic+, meaning you won't even be able to deal damage. I thought of this too, but it didn't work. Just go and beat chapter 4 for DLC levels and try to farm 1 or 2 enemies per run of golden gaffe I'm currently on chapter 6 of lunatic+ classic mode and the first 4 chapters were pure torture