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Sod it

I've been calling myself an enthusiast writer ever since writing video game reviews became a big hobby of mine. I've been uploading my work to this website for years now, but as I grew and gained more experience - my writing skills improved tenfold. I even received the "Top 500 Reviewers" badge here on GameSpot, which I'm still very proud of. I think I was fifteen years old at the time. Unfortunately about four months from my seventeenth birthday now that I'm writing a book in Polish, revising for exams and my backlog of unfinished games grows... I've decided that I should stop. Forever? I don't know. I've been putting too much of an emphasis on writing in my leisure gaming to a point where I refused to play new games until finishing the reviews of games I had already completed. And with so much going on in my life lately, I just can't be bothered with this anymore. As much as I love writing, sometimes I just want to sit down and enjoy a game with no strings attached.

So, I guess I'm writing this blog post just to say farewell to reviews and let all of you know (even though it has been ages since anyone has given me feedback on a review, since most of my GS friends are gone and others simply don't have the time or will to read my stuff). It's a shame that I'm choosing to quit at this moment... I won't get to tell you how much potential the new Tomb Raider had, how Call of Pripyat almost perfected the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. formula and how brilliant Last Light is despite of the shocking Ranger Mode pre-order bonus. Well, I guess I still would be able to do so if I kept posting on GS, but in much less detail. Anyway, I'll still rate my games and keep my Top 30 list going (I like to keep a track of games I liked and games I didn't like), but no more reviews.