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Another blog...

What's up, guys & girls? :) As you can see, it has been a while since I've made a good, proper, noteworthy, long blog post that actually informs of what's been going on with me and stuff. So, I'll take my time on this one and use this opportunity to tell you about all sorts of stuff I've wanted to update my profile with, but haven't been able to/forgot to/didn't have time/or some other reason. :P Okay then, let's get on with it. But before I go more in depth with my thoughts and updates, I just want to write some things related to my recent birthday celebration (well, obviously it's not some kind of festival, I'm just saying celebration since people celebrate birthdays and it would be weird to write this sentence with just birthday… yeah, got carried away, sorry about that). :lol: Anyway, so they're related to the recent celebration of my birthday which took place on the 27th of October which is - obviously - the date of my birth and the day on which the Earth stood still, as it knew a genius was born… (Genius of confusion) :lol:

Anyway; so I got plenty of cool stuff for my birthday - from both friends and family. It was a fun day and, well, just awesome. :D Unlike what some people do, I am not going to list all the things I got. Even though they are really cool, here I will talk about only one: a very special book. :) As you may know (if you read my review of Metro 2033 which has been posted a good while ago), I've fallen in love with the PC version of the game entitled 'Metro 2033'. It was a 10/10 game for me, even though it is obviously not perfect for everyone. I adored it so much; I decided to get the book which that fantastic game was based on.

So I get the English version (translated, as the original is Russian) of the novel Metro 2033. I read the book in chapters, trying to keep myself from reading more than two chapters a day, so that it lasts me for 10 days (it had 20 chapters btw, just in case any of you out there are not good with basic maths). :P I finish it and I end up loving it as well, perhaps even more so than the game. Since then, I've always wanted Metro 2034 (the sequel novel of Metro 2033), and it was one of the things I received as a present for my birthday. :D I read 2033 in English, but since 2034 has not yet been translated to English, I got the Polish translated version of that one. It turned out that this book is just as good, if not even slightly better! Even though I've also TRIED to keep myself from reading more than two chapters a day so that it lasts for longer, I'm already at the beginning of the sixteenth chapter (and the book has only eighteen, plus very short prologue & epilogue).

So I'd like to recommend both of these novels to everyone (even if you're not that much into books - I'm not that much of a reader myself, yet I absolutely loved Metro 2033 and the same so far with Metro 2034 plus I'm almost at the end). Sadly, all of you native English-speaking people out there will not be able to get 2034, :( but you should still get 2033. Both of them are amazing though and Metro 2034 has been translated from Russian into more languages than just Polish (I think it has been released in Spain, France, Germany and a few other countries in Europe as well). :) Anyway, let's move on to other things.

I've pre-ordered Skyrim and I simply can't wait for it anymore. :x I've heard of the intro, character creation and first 23 minutes of gameplay in one leaked video but I don't want any spoilers of the experience, so I've restrained myself from looking for it on the web… it was not an easy task. :lol: I will definitely start making videos (for 'Gaming For Dummies') of Skyrim as soon as it's out, so please check them out when they're ready. ;) By the way, I might also make some videos of DC Universe Online, since that MMO has recently gone free-to-play and caught my eye.

Alright, there's one last thing I wanted to write about in this blog… manliness. Don't worry, it's not what it sounds like and there are no stupid, sexist jokes to be found here. :P I've just been wondering, how not-manly I am compared to my friends. And I don't mean physical build. I'm the tallest of my friends, I have a stubble even though I'm only fifteen-years-old, I've got a deeper voice than my colleagues etc. I mean it in terms of behaviour and habits.

My colleagues fart… this is something I detest and find so sickening that I simply can't do it anymore and haven't been able to for years. My colleagues belch… I also find this disgusting and taught myself not to ever do it and I almost never do (with exceptions, such as when I can't hold it in and I've had too many carbonated drinks - but I never ever do it for fun or entertainment, and I don't even know how to do it loudly). My colleagues are, frankly, quite a bit sexist towards women… I can laugh at sexist jokes (when they're jokes and the subject of the joke is either laughing or not present and the joke isn't horrible but just a joke… how many times have I used the word joke here?), but I often feel very bad when I'm with my friends and they say something chauvinist to a girl.

To be honest, it's just the general lack of manners that they seem to lack. And I find myself in a difficult situation, often being the "gentleman" when compared to my male friends, when most of the females my age find guys who are inpatient and start flirting early & abruptly. It's like my type of personality is outdated. :lol: Actually, I can only remember flirting with only two girls in my whole life so far, when others have been going at it - polishing the charismatic skills they'll need for the future. xD So what am I? A better person? A worse person? Are these not the psychological habits of "true men", the habits that I do not possess? It's just a thought I've had on my mind lately, I don't really know what made me write it here but oh well, at least I have something to share from life here and it made this blog post a good bit longer. :D

I guess that'll be all for now. Once again, I must apologize for the lack of reviews lately - believe me, I want to write more of them even more than any of you want to read them. :lol: But I find myself short of time or busy with other things lately. I hope I'll be able to release some reviews, but I can't promise anything. :(

Thanks for reading & enjoy your morning/day/afternoon/night etc. etc. ;)


UPDATE: I started writing this blog a few days ago but I was interrupted and had to save & close it down. Now that I've got it again, here's a short update related to the outdated things in the blog post above:

  • Metro 2034 is amazing. I've finished reading it and it's a pretty gloomy book… then again, so is Metro 2033. I think 2033 has more political themes in it than 2034, but the sequel has more philosophical themes than 2033. Also, 2034 takes slightly longer to get very interesting as opposed to Metro 2033, which almost instantly hooked me in. However, in the end, I cannot decide which one of the novels is better - they both really had an impact on me.
  • I've downloaded DC Universe Online and have already played it for a bit. I'm at level 10 with my main character and it's been very fun so far. :D However, I decided that I won't make any vids of it. Not because the game is bad - far from it, it's actually very good - I just can't be bothered. :P

Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

I have released another video for our independent group of gamers. This time, I make a comparison between the two very famous consoles (Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3) and help decide the uncertain which of the two would suit their gaming needs best & overall be the better purchase. The video can be found at this link:

Please, please, please remember to register on our forum and start posting as well if you haven't done so already. We really need more active users on our website. :( Thanks for reading and, as always, enjoy your day! ;)


Two New Videos

Gaming For Dummies has released two new videos yesterday, please check them out if you can. :P The links to the vids can be found below:

I hope you enjoy them! :D Also, if you like what you see and are interested in seeing more, please register on our 100% free, non-profit forum. We have plenty of posts there already but we need many more active members. Any new arrivals will be greeted with open arms... hugs... and free cookies. Ah, I wish we had some free cookies to spare, but life is tough lately. :cry:

By the way, sorry for not writing any reviews lately. :( I've been busy with GFD and all sorts of other stuff. However, if I can, I will try to give you guys & girls a review of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and, as always, have a fantastic day. ;)


Halo: Combat Evolved Review

HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED - For PC - Review by Bamul

Score: 9/10

Halo: Combat Evolved is a revolutionary game - way ahead of its time; everyone should, at the very least, try it out.

Difficulty:Just Right

Time Spent:10 to 20 Hours

The Bottom Line:"Revolutionary"

Halo, a group of games originally planned as a PC & Mac exclusive series but later shifted to the Xbox console (when Microsoft acquired Bungie, the developer) has always been very popular and familiar to most gamers since the release of the very first Halo game in 2001. That game - entitled Halo: Combat Evolved - went on to spawn numerous sequels, novels, comic books & fan merchandise. It's not surprising why it became so popular and was dubbed as the original Xbox console's "killer app". Halo introduced some revolutionary features that were later borrowed by many other shooters for many years after its original release. It may not be as influential in the genre and the whole gaming industry in general as, say: Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake or Wolfenstein 3D… but it certainly comes close to such levels of innovation. This is the review of Halo: Combat Evolved's 2003 port over to the PC and by reading on, you will find out what made it so fantastic back then and still makes it worthy of your time & money today.

Let's begin with the story. The game is set in the twenty-sixth century and shows the war between the human military forces and space army of an alien race (dubbed the Covenant). The player takes on the role of Master Chief, sort of a synthetically enhanced commando/super-soldier accompanied by an advanced, artificial intelligence called Cortana. Without spoiling anything or going too far into the plot, this is how the game starts off: everything goes to hell between the two species and Master Chief is tasked with cleaning up the mess. The story is engaging and features numerous likeable characters. However, none of these personalities are very developed and the game loses a lot of potential because the developer hadn't decided to build upon character development. The plot in itself isn't anything special either, to be honest. Most of it is just your ordinary (and fairly cliché) space opera. But you know what, that's alright. This is a shooter that carries some heavy gameplay elements and a fantastic story isn't needed. It's good and hooks you in, and you care about what happens to most characters so that's what matters the most.

The graphics weren't that advanced even back then. With better looking games on PC and PS2 out in 2001, it's easy to forget that Halo was a fairly open shooter with many enemies appearing on the screen at the same time; whilst maintaining a decent frame rate. Back then; this was a very high achievement for an older console such as the original Xbox. Just two years later, when this PC port was released, its graphics were surpassed by most games and considered to be dated. However, let's not forget that even if the graphics weren't the best - they were certainly very good and by far not the worst. Besides, although on the technical side the game was alright, it was even better in terms of how much attention was put into detail. Examples of such include: interesting enemy designs, Master Chief's badass armour suit, good-looking environments etc.

Halo: Combat Evolved has some stunning musical pieces in its soundtrack and these can make almost every battle feel like something epic. All of them fit the futuristic setting of the game, with techno-like tunes, epic space opera battle themes and some nice guitar solos. On the other hand, music is used very sparsely in this game. According to Wikipedia, The composer (Bungie Studios' audio director: Martin O'Donnell) believed that "[music] is best used in a game to quicken the emotional state of the player and it works best when used least", and that "[if] music is constantly playing it tends to become sonic wallpaper and loses its impact when it is needed to truly enhance some dramatic component of game play." Overall, I agree with his statement. The limited usage of Halo's spectacular soundtrack does make each theme even more powerful. On the other hand, this leaves most of the experience without any background music feeling a little empty at times. The rest of the audio (such as gunshots, plasma blasts, voice acting and so on) is great too and there's nothing to complain about.

So, the story is engaging and has likeable characters, yet sometimes it's easy to predict and could use more time on building upon the already good personalities. While the graphics are very good, they weren't the best even at the time. Also, the fantastic soundtrack is used in an unusual way that's both good & bad. Then… what gives Halo that boost it needed to launch from an 8/10, through the 8.5/10 and finally to the very high rating of 9/10 that it so rightfully deserves? The gameplay, of course, and damn there's a lot to talk about here. This is an FPS; so obviously, the backbone of the game is made up of shooting up hordes of aliens. Each weapon you get feels fairly balanced compared the others (with the exception of the pistol & shotgun… they are just overkill). The shooting is solid and even the enemy A.I. is good! There are even plenty types of hostility to slay. The only thing I have to complain about here is that the guns feel a little too lightweight; the recoil is very low. Although Halo is a futuristic shooter, some more "power" feeling to each weapon would've been very nice anyway.

Then apart from the on-foot combat, there are also vehicles. These vary from man-made military jeeps & tanks, to alien hover-tech like "ghosts" & "banshees". Pretty much all of the vehicles are a little too 'floaty' to control at first, but it's something you get used to pretty fast and eventually, no matter how long it may take, you'll always have a blast driving the highlight of all in-game vehicles; the Warthog. This armoured jeep, designed for use by the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) Marines, can carry up to three soldiers. There's obviously the driver, then one person can shoot from the passenger seat and another can operate the mounted machinegun at the back of the vehicle. Although you can't shoot when you're driving, allied forces such as foot soldiers or heavy marines can take the other places and dispose of your enemies for you in the driving sections of the singleplayer campaign. However, the Warthog has been designed mostly for use in multiplayer.

Oh yes, the multiplayer; another feature of the game that shined through most other releases at the time. Halo: Combat Evolved for PC features an online, competitive multiplayer mode. The modes are pretty much standard for today and weren't that original even back in 2001. However, what makes them special is the extent to which they can be customized by players. The PC edition features additional maps and a map editor tool, which is a nice touch if someone wants to share their creations online. What's best about all this is just how well the gameplay mechanics used in singleplayer, along with the vehicles, work when playing with up to 15 other players. Overall, multiplayer in Halo is addictive & keeps you entertained throughout - it's a blast.

In order to sum up what's best & worst about Halo, let's list the features:

The Good:

+ Story (although quite cliché) is epic, engaging and hooks you right in

+ Characters are likeable; you begin to care about what happens to them

+ With nice visuals & a lot of stuff happening on the screen; good frame rate

+ Stunning, space opera like, musical pieces that fit the setting of the game

+ The weapons are mostly balanced, with cool designs, such as the Needler

+ Shooting is solid and feels satisfying; it is also quite easy to learn

+ Multiplayer is highly addictive and customizable - popular even today

+ Back in the day, Halo's regenerating shields were a bold step forward

+ Although 'floaty' at first, Warthogs are a joy to ride once you familiarise yourself with the controls & feeling

The Bad:

- The plot could use some more writing and less predictable outcomes

- Characters are cool, but could've been superior with further development

- Not enough graphical enhancements were included in this PC port

- Use of the ear-pleasing soundtrack is very limited throughout levels

- Some weapons just don't feel powerful enough, even when they are

- It takes a while to get used to the sensitiveness of vehicle controls

- Instead of autosaves and manual saving, there are only checkpoints

- Some of the default keyboard & mouse controls are unusual, but thankfully they can be easily remapped in the control options menu

In the end, I can only think of one better game than Halo: Combat Evolved that was originally released in 2001… this means it's a pretty damn, great game. Every time I find an older game and complete it, usually some old cla$$ic (such as Combat Evolved) that I've missed back when it was first released or haven't had a chance to pick up before; I find it hard to review. With a gaming revolution like Halo, everything is simple. Play it…


Thanks for reading and please, thumbs-up my review here... but only if you thought it was good enough after eading it. :P If you missed, please make sure you check out my last blog; it's pretty important to me. :) Thanks again for reading and have a great day! ;)


Please, read this!

Heya guys & girls, those of you who read my blog posts may rememberthat quite a while ago I, and my best friends from school, formed a very small team of young (obviously), independent gamers. Our aim was to bring game walkthroughs, guides, advice, sometimes reviews and much more to all of our viewers for free. We didn't plan on getting any profit from doing our hobby job, neither do we now. Finally, yesterday very late at night, our first video was finished getting uploaded in glorious HD to our YouTube channel. In it (if you watch it) you will be able to hear my voice for the first time - what a cheap way to advertise our vid to my mates on GameSpot. :P Anyway, in the video I give out some general advice & tips regarding the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, for PC. For more info and how to get to the video, visit the following link:

Before you watch the video, please bear in mind these two important points:

1. The video is for those who play/have played/are currently playing The Witcher 2 and/or are experiencing difficulties with it. With that said, those who have never played the game will not find the vid useful or very entertaining.
2. The way I sound in the video is not a 100% match to my real voice. I am reading from a script and I'm a bit nervous and stressed out. After all, that was the first time I ever uploaded my voice on the internet. Also, I think my voice sounds a tiny bit lower than in reality.

Okay, I guess that is all. If you can, please watch the vid and feel free to subscribe if what you saw looks promising for future vids. Also, any comments on the video are welcome. Thank you for taking your time to read this blog, enjoy your day! ;)


PS: I got "Halo: Combat Evolved" for PC and I can't wait to try it out and see if it's as great as people say. :D

METRO 2033 - Review

METRO 2033 - For PC - Review by Bamul

Score: 10/10

Metro is an unforgettable experience with a fantastic story, masterful atmosphere and spectacular, top-notch graphics.

Difficulty: Hard

Time Spent: 20 to 40 Hours

The Bottom Line: "Immersive"

If you play a lot of PC shooters or are interested in atmospheric games, then you have probably heard of a game called "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl", as well as its prequel (Clear Sky) and sequel (Call of Pripyat). Made by Ukrainian developer GSC Game World, the Stalker series were some of the most atmospheric games around at the time and still are. They sport good graphics, a large open world that is free to explore, a great story and they mix FPS and RPG elements together to create superb games. Up until 2010, none could challenge the Stalker games in what they do best; atmosphere. Things have changed. Before the release of "Shadow of Chernobyl", a fraction of the developers left to form a new game studio called 4A Games. In March of 2010, they released their first game called Metro 2033…

Based on the novel of the same name, Metro 2033 is set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic version of the future. The game takes place in Moscow; nuclear war breaks out and the unfortunate survivors of the once great Russian capital have to seek refuge in the underground tunnels of the Moscow metro, in order to survive the harsh environmental conditions of nuclear winter. Twenty years later the surface is still uninhabitable. People live in metro stations, constantly fighting for survival and trying to defend their human brethren from the mutated creatures that inhabit the dark tunnels, while others fight each other over ideologies. You take on the role of Artyom, a man recently turned twenty-year-old, born just before the blast up above. Life in the metro is tough for Artyom, as he keeps dreaming of seeing Earth as it was before war - having no recollection of memories before the blast. Artyom has never left his home station before, until a new kind of monster appears. In an effort to save his only home from the coming doom, Artyom sets out into the darkness of unfamiliar tunnels for the first time… So the story is quite complicated and features some unexpected plot twists. As Artyom travels through the metro and wanders the surface during his quest, he meets all sorts of different characters until eventually the game nears its end and based on our actions before, we get to see one of two, very satisfying & meaningful endings.

So how does Metro 2033 play? The gameplay is a mix of first-person shooter and stealth, with some survival horror elements. Combat revolves mainly around shooting enemies with the handmade guns crafted by the people of the metro or utilizing the few pre-blast weapons against hostilities. However, there are also melee weapons like bayonet attachments, throwing knives and a combat blade. It's usually best to use the cla$$ic 'run and gun' technique to clear mutant infested areas. When there are hostile humans in your way - be it fascists, bandits or whoever else - stealth and cover may be the better option. And boy does stealth work well in this game! Enemies may spot you because of any of the following factors: your flashlight is on, you've stepped in some pieces of glass, you're making a lot of noise, you're wearing a heavy armoured suit or they saw/heard you killing someone. An enemy human will investigate when alerted by your presence and if he spots you, he will warn the others nearby and start shooting. Overall, combat in general can be a lot of fun. The guns feel great, the weapons pack some firepower and the sneaking is well-made. The survival horror elements come into play when you are in the tunnels, fighting for your survival or on the surface, hoping that you'll find a replacement for your breaking gasmask and desperately looking for additional filters in case you run out.

Although Metro 2033 plays very well in general, it wouldn't be as amazing as it is if it wasn't for the phenomenal atmosphere it manages to create and keep through the whole game. When you first wander around Exhibition (Artyom's home station), listen to them and look at the conditions they have to live in every day of their lives; you will feel as if you're right there… one of them. When you first set foot outside the warmth of your poor home and venture into the dark tunnels of the metro; cold & scared, you will feel as if you're right there… both terrified and excited at the same time. When you first reach the surface, don your gasmask and stare in awe at the horrifying beauty of the icy, ruins of Moscow; you will feel as if you're right there… realizing that those frightening, death-ridden tunnels below the ground are your home, your only home, and the safest place you will ever know. This terrifyingly believable atmosphere is created mostly thanks to survival gameplay elements (such as your gasmask breaking or the fact that there's no heads-up-display at all, until you reload/swap weapons/trade at a station), terrific music that sends shivers down your spine and the splendid graphics, as well as how they are used for effect. Oh yes, the visuals.

Let me start off by saying that Metro 2033 for PC has DirectX11, tessellation, advanced depth of field and PhysX support. If you're no tech-wiz, then all you need to know is that this is running on some of the most impressive technology for 2010; and it isn't hard to notice, because everything looks spectacular. You know how Crysis was considered the graphics king of all games? Well… Metro beats even Crysis and takes the throne. The animation of human characters & mutated creatures is dynamic, fluid and overall looks extremely realistic. In addition, Metro features the most impressive light co-ordination I have ever seen in a game so far, even some of the smallest objects cast shadows and the rest is no doubt the work of DirectX 11. Textures are of very high quality, and although it's possible to spot some lesser ones, they're hard to find and don't grab your attention. Overall, this game's graphics are nothing short of near-perfect (with only a few graphical glitches, an astoundingly small amount of clipping and barely any bugs at all).

So, what are the best and worst things about Metro 2033? Let's see…

The Good:
+ Marvellous & surprisingly complicated story with interesting characters
+ Variety of clever weapons, guns, attachments and equipment
+ Usage of military-grade rounds as both ammunition and currency is successful
+ Stealth works extremely well and enemy AI is quite human-like
+ Depiction of people in the metro and their lives is sad and believable
+ Scripted events are spectacular and never become boring
+ Survival horror elements are well-made and add desperation to gameplay
+ THE very best graphics I have ever seen in any video game so far
+ All of the environments are designed with atmosphere and detail in mind
+ For a linear game, there is a surprisingly large amount of optional exploration
+ Rewards players who listen, observe and explore as much as they can
+ Terrifically engaging soundtrack and sound effects make for great audio
+ Max 13 hours for first playthrough, much longer for achievement hunters
+ Choosing Russian voice-acting with subtitles from the options is the best & most atmospheric way to play the game
+ Console port looks worse than the PC version on the lowest settings; animations don't look as real; controls aren't optimized in the best way for a controller etc.

The Bad:
- Occasional glitches, gameplay bugs and very rare lower resolution textures
- Although good, the English voice acting doesn't match the Russian original

In the end, everything adds up to make Metro 2033 one of the most immersive, atmospheric, engrossing and visually pleasing video games I've ever played. There is no such thing as perfection. Even a prime game like this one has its flaws… yet those imperfections are so insignificant when compared to all the great things about it that no matter who you are, you will definitely appreciate Metro 2033 in some way, even if not as much as I did. Don't think so? Then find out for yourself; you can get Metro 2033 very cheaply now and trust me, it's worth full price anyway.

Unlike Stalker, Metro 2033 isn't open world in any way, yet it would be stupid to call it a linear shooter. From this point of view, it's a bit like BioShock - there's one main path to follow that the player has to go through to complete the game. Yet there are some shorter paths that branch off from that main road, and those who wish to explore are richly rewarded. With that said, there is still quite a bit of replay value thanks to the Steam achievements and the fact that you'll want to go through the whole game again. Whether it's because you want to uncover the other ending, take a stealthier approach in combat or handle some situations differently; it doesn't matter, Metro 2033 is just so good that you'll want to experience it at least one more time after completing your first playthrough.

To sum everything up: 'Metro is an unforgettable experience with a fantastic story, masterful atmosphere and spectacular, top-notch graphics.' Just make sure you buy it for the PC, because unfortunately the Xbox 360 version is a pretty bad port (and since neither the 360 nor the PS3 have DirectX11 support), the game had to be toned down a lot so that a console could run it; stripping it off its beautiful lightning and making it much less pretty than the superior PC version.

Thanks for reading! If you thought this review as well-written, please give it a thumbs-up here.

By the way, I want to apologize (again) :P for my last blog. Thanks to everyone who commented.

And another thanks for reading this blog, have a nice day! :D


I'm sorry

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with their blogs. Lately, life just really sped up for me. Ever since this new school year started, I have to do more studying, I have less free time, and I do a lot of things in a hurry even when I do have time to do them, and even when I have free time. Whilst trying to fit gaming, being lazy & going out with friends into all of this… it's just difficult these days for me to concentrate on something without getting distracted, thinking I've got to finish this or that before continuing with something else etc. These past three or four years have really gone past really fast and next month I'll be turning 15. It just seems like life has really picked up pace recently and I'm beginning to think that soon there will be no more time for fun & games. Soon it'll be all work and no entertainment - the sad life of the average adult I don't want to become.

I feel like these next few years of learning will whizz past and then life will lose all of the remaining colourfulness it had. It's a shame that the time of our lives when we are easily excited, want to experience new things and have fun has to be spent on learning, learning and learning. Then, when we grow up; when we are supposedly "free" to do what we want - work and our jobs limit us and soon we become boring shells of whom we used to be, hoping that those days of hard schoolwork and going out with friends could come back and never end. Life makes me feel terrible.

What I'm even more worried about is my future. What will I do when I grow up? I have no idea. Many teenagers at this early point (sometimes even too early) in their lives already have everything worked out and I don't mean just dream jobs… I mean realistic expectations of the future. I'm not bad at school, I'm in top classes, yet I have no idea what I'll do when I grow up. I'm a child's soul locked in the maturing mind and body of a teenager; I don't want these days to end. What also gets me worried is the future of my children. Will there be any fresh air, wild animals, free people and green environments left for them to see when they grow up?

And now you see how a simple explanation as to why I'm not on GS as much as I used to be turned into an emotional criticism of life and the societies we live in today. Sorry for that.

Major PC Upgrade

If you've been following my blogs for at least a few weeks before, then you probably remember that I was planning on buying a new GFX and started saving money for it. Well, yesterday it arrived after we ordered it on last Thursday, along with the new PSU to power it and the rest of my comp's features. After around three hours of work and a lot of help from my dad, we've managed to exchange the old PSU for the new one, reconnect everything where it should be and install the new Radeon 5670 HD graphics card. I'll be honest, I am writing this blog for two reasons: one, it's been a while since I wrote an update so I thought I'd let you guys know what's happening recently, and two: to brag. :P

I feel like my machine is a monster now. 8) It can run The Witcher 2 with no problems or frame rate hits whatsoever... I can even play Metro 2033 on DirectX 11 with high settings with a more than decent frame rate! This means that I should be able to run any game recently released for the PC with medium settings at the very least. Maybe even be able to set it up high on a few new releases, but the only thing that will soon drag me down is my RAM limitation. Anyway, I guess that is all. I am really happy I can now enjoy superior gaming and once that damned art homework is done, it'll be time for me to fight my way through the underground tunnels of the Moscow metro. :D

How is everyone? I'd like to hear from everyone who comments, how's it been for you guys & girls out there? Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! ;)


First week is over... finally!

The first week back at school is finally over… damn, I really forgot over the holidays just how bad this is. I've never liked my school and probably never will, but it's really terrible. Especially since it seems that this year is going to be very boring, the next (and last of the secondary/middle school) year also. I'm good at school. Really, I'm quite good. I'm in all the top classes, and with good reason, even though I'm foreign in this country I can do things better in English than most Brits here. Ironically enough, the very best (those who study hard and work harder than me and the rest of the school) are also foreign. Anyway, the teaching methods, homework types, school system and lesson programmes here are shocking. This school has always been bad, but I just can't stand it now. The only things that keep me going and at least trying to put into more effort are: the occasionally good lessons, friends at brake and the thought of going back home and getting away from it all.

That's one of the things I'm afraid of; not putting in enough work. I'm in the top sets, I can aim for the highest grades, yet I feel like I simply don't want to anymore - especially in these last two years of school, which is even more worrying as they are the most important. This might sound very elitist, but I feel like I'm walking around primitives at school. Around 75% of the people I see are complete idiots, who belong to some of the worst and most immature stereotypes of teenagers you can get in this horrible country. The rest are either half of the people I hang out with, and others I don't know but can see they are different. But these boring lessons make it only worse.

I hope school changes soon, or at least my perspective of it. If I go on like this, time will fly by and I'll end up not receiving good enough grades for studying anything further past this level. Damn it, if this goes on, then by the end of the next school year I'll be happy even with a B! Oh well, it's weekend now and I guess the best thing to do is chill out and forget about all that bull$hit at school and all that crap in politics. I'll play games; maybe write a review of Killing Floor soon. Perhaps I shall continue my playthrough of Two Worlds which I abandoned some time ago; I'll gladly return to it. No, review KF first (if I can). :P

Anyway, I just felt like posting this update because it's been a while since I posted a non-review blog and these were the recent thoughts I had in my head. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)


PS: My birthday is near the end of the next month, so that's a happy thought I could cling onto.