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Well it's rainy season I guess but worse than usual.... I kinda wanna share what's been happening around me :P

Here are some pics....

And for the Lulz!

Well I am sure it's not the worst the world has ever seen but my god did this come out over nowhere! I wonder does this mean I don't have to go to college tomorrow :P

Anyways how are all of ya'll?? It's been awhile. And if your asking?? Well I am stranded :P

E3: Day 1 - My Thoughts

Hello everyone... It's been a long time since I have posted a blog and I thought this was a good time to make my my comeback :P

Anyways I just wanna give you my thoughts on each conference that I watched and that is all of them. Gotta alot of free time on my hands :D


Too be honest... this sucked. It started out good showing MW3 which was action packed and entertaining. Then came Tomb Raider which was the highlight of this conference. It looks amazing and I look forward to seeing more. Then I think it was Mass Effect 3. They showed very little but it was good.Then I think they showed the awesome weapon changing thing with the Kinect with Ghost Recon. That was awesome. After all of this bright start to E3 it went downhill. The rest of the night was just Kinect. New games here and there for the Kinect and a few new features. And there were games like Disneyland and Sesame Street? Come on! (It's ok for kids but it's not what us E3 viewers wanted to see) So overall this was the worst conference of the day.


Thank God for EA. The saved the day for there amazing trailers and gameplay showings. They showed Mass Effect first with gameplay and with an awesome trailer. Then Need for Speed Run came along. This game just looks silly to me but I guess there are some people out there that like that. Next is Star Wars of the Old Republic which looks absolutely amazing just from it's trailer. SSX came afterwards and at first I had no idea what was going on. It looks crazy but fun at the same time. FIFA and Madden were next and I guess they were ok. Reckoning came afterwards... didn't get me excited but Overstrike looks great and I had a great laugh out of that. But th highlight was of course Battlefield 3. OMG this game looks beautiful and the gameplay looks awesome. This year it seems they have beaten MW3. Overall this was my fave conference of the day.


Now ignoring the annoying host/announcer this wasn't a bad conference. All the speakers talked and looked strange. That was the main problem with this conference. They started with Rayman which looked insane. Ubisoft tried to add comedy to this today and it failed miserably. But the next game doesn't look half bad, Driver San Francisco. It looks like a fun racing game. Now highlight of this conference was Far Cry 3. Holy.... the definition of insanity.... is this game! Next was the Furious 4 which looks like a fun 4 plaer co op game. Now this game looks dodgy but it seems alright looking at the same time. The adventures of Tin Tin was unusual but interesting. Next was Ghost Recon which looks great. And they are adding free online to PC which also is great. Next was another racing game called Trackmania and this looks amazing. Cars flying everywhere! Next is Raving Rabbids... Skipping this because of scary man with beard.... And skipping Justdance 3 and Rocksmith, we get Assassins Creed Revelations. It looks great and will be a day 1 purchase. This conference wasn't the best but watching the Far Cry gameplay demo made it the best game of the day by that time.


And at last the Sony Conference. Now this lasted ages so I am making this brief. It started out with Uncharted 3 which looks amazing. The it's Resistence 3 which looks ok. Then came other games for move which don't appeal to me. Next it was Starhawk which looks cool. Then the biggest surprise of the night.... Sly!! I can't wait! Then it's Dust which connects to Eve on the PC. Now this was a shocker as I didn't they could do that. And next came the game of E3.... Bioshock Infinite, this game looks amazing! After came Star Wars in which I didn't know how to make of it. Next part of the show was the PSVITA which I was totally uninterested in. I watched it fully anyways and thought over it was really good. But with the lack of Skyrim, Twisted Metal and The Last Guardian it loses out to EA.

Overall today it was a good E3 but not many surprises this year sadly. Last Year seems to have been the better year.

Thanks for reading (If you read it :P ) and let me know what you thought of E3-Day 1?

A good week wouldn't you agree?

Well in the past week it has been a good one I would say. I bought a few things which I have wanted for awhile and also this is very Sony related :P

I bought a PS3 bundle which includes HDMI Cable, Bluetooth Headset and L2 R2 Triggers (Completely useless) for €25 :o
HDMI Cable would have cost about €20 by itself and the headset €25 by itself. It was a very good deal indeed and very worth it as the HDMI Cable makes a huge difference!! And for the use of the headset adds to what I got next :D

I got the Stimulus package for MW2. I got to say I like these maps more than the originals in this game especially Crash. Headset comes in handy as well when with friends :) I look forward to the Resurgence Map Pack this month.

I got Resident evil 5 which I have to say is quite the game! Very fun but sadly is easier than the other games. Maybe it's because it is co-op. But very worth the money!

I borrowed Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing from my nephew. It is a good game but very unbalanced and very glitchy. It reminded me of Mario Kart Wii somewhat but not as good by a mile.

As you can see I had a busy week and as a result I wasn't on as much as I was last week. And to finish it off it was on the week of July 4th :o Maybe that day is somewhat special to us non-Americans :D

Happy 4th July a day late sorry.

The strangest glitch yet...

For the past two days every time I post on any forum or board I go onto a different website. It is strange and I mean weird! I don't get put onto the page I posted on and it has really annoyed me. Has this happened to anyone else?

Edit: It happened again while I posted this blog :evil:

Games of my future....

Well in the next couple of days I will be playing a few new games and I am looking forward to this :D

They are...

Pokemon HeartGold
Mario 64
Disgaea DS.

I haven't played a Pokemon game in a total of 6 or 7 years so I am looking forward to that. For Mario I have played the Nintendo 64 version and it was basically the best game on it so it is a must like lol and for Disgaea.... I played it on PS2 and now I am thrilled to play it on DS!!

If you have played these games tell me your opinion on them please, thank you ;)

Your best friend, :P

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I just felt I had to say it. Even if you don't celebrate it I like to spread the word :P

But I am not watching the parade this year.I am gonna be a cool kid and go see Shutter Island instead 8) :P

Well I am off and enjoy your day!! 8)

R.I.P My friend!!

I'm sorry for this pointless blog but my good friend isn't with me anymore :(

They don't sell it anymore and I was going mad!!! MY....


:cry: :evil:

26082009457.jpg image by hotwheelss

They sold it for the Christmas holidays for about 2 weeks and then.... NEVER AGAIN! :cry:

Now I am going to run off and cry in my little corner in the far west of my small country.... :cry:

*MERRY CHRISTMAS!* And more.....

Well firstly I would like to wish a happy Christmas to all and hope you have a great Christmas holidays :D

Now on to the main subject :P I got a PS3!! Along with FIFA 10 and Smackdown vs Raw 2010 which are both good.But i just wanted to tell you guys that I now have a PSN which is a the ever original Balmane :P If you want to add me please tell me you are by PMing because you may have a different username to the one on GS.

And in other news I might aswell tell you what I got :D

3 One Piece manga volumes (Woooooooooooh!!)
Some Money
A few annuals
2 Selection boxes
Stuff to wash myself with
And some shaving cream :lol:

What a week.!

This week was one of my worst weeks I have ever had.Last Monday I woke up with a stomach ache and I had a bad case of diarrhoea (Sorry if I made you sick :P ) lasting until Thursday.On the Friday I felt good as new and was ready for school but in P.E I got my toe sprained! Now I can't walk! :evil: I was really annoyed.And then in the middle of the night that very evening my sickness came back twice as bad and couldn't go to sleep until 6am :o

Don't worry it isn't Swine Flu or anything and I feel alot better but I just wanted to show my frustration over the past week.As for my toe, maybe when I go to hospital(Ear check) on Monday I will get it checked.

Yours Sincerely,

*EXCLUSIVE* Halloween pics of me *EXCLUSIVE*

Here are two exclusive pics of me :P
Ain't I scary? :twisted:


I didn't dress up or anything, I just sprayed my hair green and got my face painted.I use my moblie cam so the quality isn't great any of these pics.If my bro gets the pics he took I will show you my hair full blast green!!


Ronald McDonald on the left is my niece and the witch on the right is my sister.Very bad quality but who cares.Ronald McDonald scares me :cry: