The end of the 7th gen, my top 10 for 2013 and my top 20 games of the 7th gen

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Well it's been awhile since I've written/published a blog so I've decided to write down my thoughts of this year in gaming and some thoughts on the end of the 7th gen for consoles.

To start it off, it seems every year we say "this year -insert year- is the best year in gaming" and we've been saying it a lot. The diversity on peoples opinion on which year is the greatest year in gaming goes from 1998 (and even earlier than that) to this year (2013). I've stated a few times that "-insert year- is the best year in gaming" rightfully so there's been a lot of amazing years in gaming, which is the sole reason why I love being a gamer since there's been so many amazing years in gaming and so many amazing games. The awkward thing about 2013 being one of the best years in gaming (and being my fav year in gaming fyi) is it's officially the end of the 7th gen of gaming, yes I know some people like me are crying it's over and they are eating a tub of ice cream and watching Arrow on Netflix, while other people are jumping up and down thinking 8th gen will bring in new ways of gaming cause they grew tired of one of the best gens in gaming (yes that's me taking a stab at all of you haters).

First off I'll take a look back on what made 2013 one of the best years in gaming history (not a top 10 list btw). There's been the usual here's a few amazing games, good games, mediocre games and even the awful games like every other year but there's been a few games that caught my eye, by a few I mean a lot more than the usual year in gaming. I thought no year could topple the god tier year of 2011

  • Skyrim
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Total War Shogun 2
  • Mortal Kombat 9
  • The Witcher 2
  • inFamous 2
  • Bastion
  • Dark Souls
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Uncharted 3
  • LoZ Skyward Sword
  • Minecraft
  • Trine 2

You'd think it would almost be impossible for another amazing year for gaming during the 7th gen, specially the end of it. Well it's happened and it's called 2013, one of the best years in gaming and here's a list of games that made 2013 one of the best years in gaming (at least for me)

  • DMC (reboot)
  • Tomb Raider (reboot)
  • Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Starcraft 2 HoTs
  • Don't Starve
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  • Metro Last Light
  • State of Decay
  • The Last of Us
  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Dragon's Crown
  • FF14 ARR
  • GTA V
  • Shadow Warrior
  • The Wolf Among Us EP 1
  • Path of Exile
  • Assassin's Creed 4
  • Pokemon X/Y
  • Starbound
  • DayZ stand alone

This year was simply AMAZING!!!, that's not even including games from systems I don't have (Wii-U, PS4 and XBO). There's no reason why 2013 should not be considered one of the greatest years in gaming history cause the amount of games and even systems that came out this year just make peoples wallets (specially mine) scream in agony. If you haven't played a majority of those games, do yourself a favor and look into playing those games, there's games from almost every genre in gaming on that list so if you find yourself lacking games to play, look at that list and do yourself a favor and go try some of those games, goodbye sweet prince named 7th gen, you will be remembered.

Now for something less melodramatic, my top 10 games of 2013 (feel free to agree, disagree, not agree and just pretend that eating that whole medium sized pizza by yourself just means eating makes the pain go away)

My top 10 games of 2013

10. Shadowrun Returns

9. Final Fantasy 14 ARR

8. Metro Last Light

7. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

6. Pokemon X/Y

5. DayZ

4. Fire Emblem Awakening

3. GTA V

2. State of Decay

1. The Last of Us

Uh oh another top 20 list, but it's not just any other top 20 list!!!, yea I have a crappy sales pitch so sue me...Here's my top 20 list of what were the top 20 games of the 7th gen in my opinion.

My top 20 games of the 7th gen

20. Diablo 3

19. Hotline Miami

18. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

17. Zelda Skyward Sword

16 Red Dead Redemption

15. Uncharted 2

14. Metro Last Light

13. Dragon's Dogma

12. The Witcher 2

11. Uncharted 3

10. MGS4

9. The Wolf Among Us Ep1

8. GTA V

7. Batman Arkham City

6. Dark Souls

5. State of Decay

4. Mass Effect 2

3. Mass Effect

2. Skyrim

1. The Last of Us