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Since 2011 is over, here's my 2011 favorite games

Well since 2011 is over and people have had time to look back at the year and try and decide what's their personal goty i'll do the same which will be on heck of a deal since I don't know about you but 2011 was one heck of year for gamers.

Honorable mentions/games (games that I thought that made 2011 great)

The Witcher 2

Saints Row The Third


Uncharted 3

Star Wars The Old Republic

Batman AC

Dark Souls

Zelda Skyward Sword

Portal 2

Battlefield 3

Call of Duty MW3

Gears of War 3

Games I thought were underrated

Shadows of The Damned

Warhammer Spacemarine

Crysis 2



Now for my personal Goty, which is not easy since I could easily say 6-8 games on that list deserve the title 2011 Goty

Ballroompirates 2011 Goty is

I have a soft spot for fantasy RPG's and Skyrim does the unexpected and delivers endless amount of playtime, I've already logged in over 120 hours into the land of Skyrim. The world of Skyrim is probably the best fantasy setting you see in current gaming, I will tell you nothing beats the feeling of standing on top a mountain ridge and looking out into the distance and see snow,fog or rain hit a town hold and wonder if the town will get hit by a dragon.