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My top 10 games of 2012

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10. Resident Evil 6

RE6 is the definition of a love it or hate it game. Some people claim it tarnished the RE name which is pure idiocracy since RE4 started the whole formula of changing RE, which btw the last "true" RE game was back in 2002, no use in beating a dead horse the last decade, ether accept the changes or move on. The only two thingsthat annoyed me in RE6 was the last boss for Leon and Jakes campaign was pretty dull, thankfully Chris and Leons campaign were pretty decent.

9. Dragon's Dogma

Capcoms answer to The Elderscrolls games, this is a good example of East meets West in video game design and genre. I applaud you Capcom for giving a crack at WRPG fantasy.

8. Spec Ops The Line

One of the most over looked TPS this gen, this game will make you question the morals of being a soldier. The gameplay is a hit or miss, also if you are one of the few people who played Spec Ops on the playstation 1, have no fear this game is leagues better than those.

7. Sleeping Dogs

Square-Enix proves they aren't a total loss, taking a crack at the sand box genre that R* has reigned supreme in they do a pretty good job with Sleeping Dogs which is a nice change in scenery looking into Asian culture instead of the Western culture GTA is known for.

6. Hotline Miami

Best $10 game ever, seriously a nice throw back to 8 bit games with electronic soundtrack that is just as good as the game itself.

5. The Walking Dead

One of the best art styles I've seen a game to date, not to mention 2 of the best character duos I've ever seen in a game Lee and Clementine, which made me the ultimate guardian angel of this 8 year old girl, I made it my goal to keep her safe from zombies and the human scumbags that are left in the world.

4. Lego The Lord of The Rings

I've never cared for the Lego games but Lego Lotr does something that just pulls me in with the voice overs from the actual Lotr films and a few comedic moments that make you giggle.

3. Mass Effect 3

One of the most depressing games I've played being a gamer (The Walking Dead is up there as well), the past 5 Years I've loved every moment molding my John Shepard into the ideal Commander, the ending was not the send off I wanted but the game made you realize what would happen if you got attached to a character you love.

2. Xcom Enemy Unknown

Never played the original but Enemy Unknown is such an outstanding strategy game, and I'm very picky when it comes down to these type of games.

1. Far Cry 3 (my 2012 goty)

The return of one of my fav FPS series (check), an amazing open world FPS (check), freaky villain named Vaas (check), a FPS protagonist that actually speaks and has character (check), awesome bow killing (check), sharks (chec...wait I hate sharks).

Honorable mentions: Max Payne 3, FTL, Legend of Grimrock, DayZ (mod), Borderlands 2, Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, Mark of The Ninja, Planetside 2, Fallen Enchantress, Guild Wars 2 and Binary Domain.

Top 5 disappointments of 2012:

1. Dishonored

2. Torchlight 2 tied with Diablo 3

3. DMC and Aliens Colonial Marines getting pushed to 2013

4. No release date for FF VS 13 (still...)

5. Still no info on Half Life 3/ Half Life 2 ep 3