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My top 6 fav moments in a movie

The title says it all, my Top 6 fav moments in a movie.This blog may contain some spoilers, of course most of these movies have been out for awhile and if you havent seen/watch em DO IT! :).

6. Qui Gon Jin and Obi wan vs Darth Maul, probably the only good reason to watch SW episode 1.Also if you seen this scene well thats what I do everytime I wake up lol :P (jk)

5. 300 spartans vs the Persian Empire in the movie Frank Millers 300.Nothing is more epic than a story of true heroism when the odds are over whelming but that doesnt matter when you fight for what you believe in.

4. The highway scene in Matrix Reloaded, I really dont know if it counts as a chase scene or a fight scene, it has both and its awesome.

3. The chase scene in The Bourne Idenity, the best chase scene in any movie.

2. The battle for Helms Deep in Lord of the rings TT, probably the longest epic scene in a movie to date.

1. Cloud vs Sephiroth in Final Fantasy advent children, one of the most epic fights I've seen in a movie to date and the dozen of times that I've seen that part it never gets old.

My thoughts on Fanboys

The one thing I honeslty wish there was less of it would be fanboys.Every year the disease known as fanboyism is plaguing society and everytime it get's worse I wonder how human kind has survived for so long with ether beating the crap out of each other or simply moving on leaving the "lesser" ones to their fate.

Personally myself I love a lot of things, hell I love so many things I could probably write a book about them but I will spare the torture :P.For an example I love anime, if someone says its stupid I DONT CARE I'm not forcing you to enjoy it, we all have different likes and dislikes which makes us who we are.Now say someone came along and they like Sonic the hedge hog and swears up and down hes the greatest thing since slice cheese and will defend his name to the death, I mean he will yell like a kid at a toy store tell you agree with him that Sonic is El numero uno, that right there annoys the HELL out of me and it bothers me on most forums (the main infected areas of the disease) you really can't do anything to them since they are protected by moderators who have hard ons for the moderation button (btw I'm talking about every forum on the net).

I really wish there was a cure for Fanboyism and I would gladly give money towards the treatment (specially if it was a can of *** whoopin) to stop the ANNOYING selfish pricks.

On a positive note

Enjoy :P

My 2009 highlights

Well its already a week into 2009 and I have to say its already starting to look like a good year.Heres my first highlights of the new year.

*Arizona Cardinals are still in the Play-Offs and are red hot, they Play against the North Carolina panthers this Saturday which I expect it to be one hell of a game.

*Watched the Dead Space movie "Dead Space: Downfall" the other day and I have to say it was freaking awesome and brings you into the Dead Space story before the events of the game, if you're into sci fi/horror see this movie asap (FYI the movie is gory and the movie is animated).

*What I've bought the last week my own copy of Mass Effect,Dead Space,Too Human.So far a great start on working on my 360 game collection again for just getting a 360 (again).

*2009 looks like another great year for gaming (can this be 3 straight good years for a single gen?).My anticipated games for 2009 are Dragon age Origins,Highlander,Prototype,RE5,Street Fighter IV,The Witcher rise of the white wolf,Mass Effect 2 (hopefully),Star Ocean the last hope,Sacred 2 fallen angel,Halo 3 ODST,Lotr the conquest.

*My 2009 movies to watch out for are Taken (has Liam Nelson=instant awesome),The Watchmen,X-men Origins,Star Trek,Transformers 2,G.I. Joes rise of cobra (/drool).

A new year a new look

Theres a new year and a new BRP!, what is different you migh ask

New blog header


New sig


Both made by Colmillios :D (/hug)

Also have a new avatar if you havent noticed yet

For those who know me you might be thinking that I will probably have a new avatar by the time you read this lol, well I do like my newiest avatar so who knows it might be a keeper :P.

Lastly since I played WoW (world of warcraft) I watched this video that some one made using WoW character models ect ect, to put it simple this video is the **** I mean looking at this vid that someone made/animated is just pure genious.

The Art of War: Blind if you like to animate and do amvs I hope this video inspires you, btw I didnt make this video, the person who made it is in the credits after the video and I hope you enjoy the video as much as did :).


Please watch the vid in HD :P


Well finally something hasnt made my week a complete disaster which seemed the last 6 or so weeks something has ruined my day.

Not today! :P I finally got a 360 (again) for Christmas and a few games MK vs DC, the new call of duty and fallout 3 /cheer.Also to make things better I'm kicking out my roommate which is gonna get the monkey off my back since the last few months hes pretty much annoyed the **** out me like not paying rent,not doing anything around the house and mooching off my comcast (which btw he didnt tell me about tell a few days ago...).So with him gone a can finally get my **** together around the house instead of ingoring my roommate for the whole day.

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday!


There can only be one....2008 goty

Now that 2008 is almost over and a new year is almost upon us as gamers we need to look back the last 350 some odd days and look at the games we enjoyed this year and hope they can be sketched in our minds for years to come, I know a few titles/games I can guarantee you I'll pick up and play them again years from now.

Now without further delay I bring you my number 1 game of 2008.


Metal Gear Solid 4

My top 10 games of 2008 #2


Left 4 Dead

L4D pretty much has the title as one of the best FPS ever and should go up on the hall of fame with the Halo games,Half Life and golden eye so if you enjoyed any of the ose games pick up L4D this holiday (go now! I dont care if you have no gas in your car ride a horse to the store or ride a magic carpet go!!).I will state though not everything about this game is the holy grail it does has some faults like only 4 maps (hopefully they put out some more soon) which can suck if you want to play it on SP which doesnt really have a story line o follow so dont expect much of one.The MP (multiplayer) is the best out there with vs mode survivor (humans) vs the horde (zombies) is just plain fun and not to mention a random generator that throughs huge twists at you ( basically one play through wont be the same as the earlier ones so dont expect to know where zombies will spawn ect ect).

I want to clear something up just in case if your wondering why my top 10 list doesnt have one of the games that you've played and are wondering why I dont have it listed as my top 10.

*Theres a lot of games I wish I could've played this year I just didnt have the money the last 5 months to buy all the games I wanted to try out (yes I could have rented them but theres the fact I dont have a 360, I use my friends 360 atm at his house to play games)

*A few games that you'd expect to see in the top ten of 2008 lists of other people and not mine, guess what people have different tastes in games (examples LBP, i hate playing cute cuddly creatures) while some games where fun but lacked a lot of stuff like example Gears of war 2 there was to many plot holes just like the first one and the cliche cliff hanger ending in games needs to stop now.

My top 10 games of 2008 #3


Advance Wars: Days of ruin

DoR is probably one of the most addicting games I've ever played and it being a HH/DS game I was shocked (fyi if you knew me 2 years ago I despised hand held games, last year is when I got into the psp/DS).If you're new to the advance war series (like myself...except the other games didnt look like my taste in games) I would say start with days of ruin.DoR is that game you can enjoy any where if you like to take your DS if you have one to star bucks,play it before a movie or just play it at home.

My top 10 games of 2008 #4


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

If you fail all of Azeroth will fall to the almighty Lich King, Blizzard has gone all out on this expansion and brought my faith back since Blizzard has been rocky the last 1 1/2 with putting out content/games (I will forever be pissed about the canning starcraft ghost).Wotlk finally brings us to northrend and the tale of the former corrupt prince Arthas now whos known as the Lich King which some may have went gagga over during Warcraft 3 back in 2003.I've spent my share of time so far playing wotlk (been playing it with my friends) and I've lost count on how many times I've "dropped my jaw" in a in game event....its simply breath taking.

Heres a cut scene in the game which I felt just brought life into the game to set up one of the first epic moments you can witness in wotlk, everytime I watch one of these it gets me pumped...I don't know why it just pumps me up.

Pure awesome




My top 10 games of 2008 #5


Soul Calibur IV

Here comes a new Challenger!

When I knew SCIV was being released I felt like my younger self playing fighting games at the arcades wasting my monthly allowance on soul calibur/soul edge and street fighter games, so if you didnt know I LOVE fighting games specially soul calibur and stree fighter games.SCIV brings something thats not really new to fighting games but it does sure make the game hella fun and addecting, the character creation is probably the best business and just flat out fun, I honestly spent hours just toying around the fighter creator and after that enjoyed the decent fight modes.Now that I look at SCIV and compare it to fighters over a decade ago I can see how much has changed over the years and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :) how much has improved.