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Career choices

Well its that time in a persons life on what he or she wants to do with their life and I've been thinking what career I'm gonna do for basically the rest of my life.

Atm I've been thinking of going to the Boulder Colorado Police Academy and hopefully within the next 3-4 years be a full fledge Police officer (wishing to be a Broomfield Police officer).But at last the hard part is some Police departments require different requirements like

20/20 vision

a # amount of push ups in a min

some require a bachelors degree depending on what field I want to work on

Good health (something I kinda lack)

some require a former experience of some type of law enforcement (being a security guard counts)

So as you can see its gonna be very tough to do this so hopefully I can get through without to much hassle which I got to get healthier,workout alot so I can get back into shape which is gonna be the hard part,so wish me luck :D

Best of the Best

Top20 games of all time pre 2008 (my opinion)

1. MGS1 (ps1)

2.Geow (360)

3. Halo 1 (xbox)

4. Super Mario 64 (N64)

5. MGS 3 (PS2)

6. Half Life 2 (PC)

7. Dead Rising (360)

8. Warcraft 3 (PC)

9. Halo 2 (xbox)

10. Tenchu (ps1)

11. WoW (pc)

12. Heavenly Sword (ps3)

13. DoA 4 (360)

14. RE2 (ps1)

15. Parasite Eve 2 (ps1)

16. Parasite Eve 1 (ps1)

17. RE1 remake (GC)

18. Zelda TWLP (Wii)

19. Bioshock (360)

20. Morrowind (xbox)


Well as a fan of movies and TV shows it's time for blockbuster movies and above avg movies to hit theaters.

Below are some movies I've seen in the last two months and I will try to give the basic "Good" and the "Bad" about each movie so BE WARNED, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THESE MOVIES AND ARE AFRAID OF SPOILERS athough if I do come across something that may contain a spoiler I will give a forwarning before hand.

:Note: I will not list one or two bad things about a Film if it has more Good than Bad,so expect nothing negative in a movie rating if I only see one or two flaws in the movie


Hotfuzz rated pg-13: Comedy/Horror/Action

As most people loved the hilarious movie Shaun Of The Dead movie which is a spin off comedy of a british version of Dawn of the Dead.The cast from Shaun Of The Dead are back (besides the female lead actoress from SotD) and give a better performance than they did in SotD.Hotfuzz it's self is about a police officer who is a roughneck/hardcore officer on the streets of a awfull destrict in Europe,while years past and his superior officers question his motives they send him to a country side town in which barely no crime has taken place for years.In which as the young officer gets use to his surrondings bizzare murders take place which the townsfolk just ignore while the officer and his partner try to solve the murders and try to convince the townsfolk that thier lives are in danger.

Out of 10 I give this movie a solid 8,the actors are amazingly funny if you saw SotD (you dont have to watch it before Hotfuzz) and did amazingly in the laughs department and after the end I wanted more to laugh at since its been ages since I've seen a good comedy film that didnt have rednecks trying to tell jokes.


Spider-man 3 rated pg-13: Action/Romance

As a Marvel fanboy I had to see this and the first two films where amazing done by the actors and directors bringing spidey to the big screen with cameos of Bruce Cambel sp? and Stan Lee it made me scream like a girl inside.In spider-man 3 the fight scenes where amazing and prolly the best fight scenes out of the 3 films,athough the hardest part I have to say is keeping the same cast through the 3 films which is a lovely touch (Kirsten Dunst is an awesome MJ athough I think Ali Larter would be a better one) while Tobey still gets the lead role as Spidey.Lots of Marvel/Spider-man cameos in this film which I just orged over with Eddie Brock Jr,Gwen Stacy Acted by the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard,Sandman,Dr.Curt Connors,Venom aka Eddie Brock and Harry Osborn where all in one film.Athough all goodthings come to an end which spider-man 3 has alot of,the acting from the cast went down a hole lot since the first two films and that counts for Kirsten Dunst and Tobey while the only actor who did improve was J.K Simmons who just amazed me on how well he acted as J.Jonah Jameson.The love scenes sucked so bad and actually almost made me want to leave the theater while the only thing that kept me in my seat was I had to finish the film.


Ok now the scene why most people went to go see this Film and it's Spidey vs Venom which topher grace did a horrible job acting as a villian and just not a normal villian one of spideys worst/Eviliest villians (note not the worst just the top 3) and How the directors made Venom's apparence was just awefull it made me gag constantly (the directors also did not put in Venoms catch phrase "We are Venom" which made me sad).Which sadly what killed this movie after the 2 hours of BS acting the final fight scene which is the last 20 min is when Venom makes his first Movie role,which is bull crap after waiting 2 hours I finally got to see Venom which was a waste of time for the other 2 hours I had to sit and watch Tobey be Emo for half the film while watcing in disgust while people say "Black suit" spidey when its Symbiote Spidey.



Out of 10 I give this movie a 6, the only thing that Spider-man 3 imrpoved out of the first 2 was fight scenes and the cameos.The directing and acting went down so bad I recomend buying or renting Spider-man 3 when it comes out on DvD and not waste the 9 bucks sitting down and trying to keep quiet at watching garbage which btw this is coming from a Marvel and Spider-man fan for the past 14 years.


Pirates 3 rated pg-13: Comedy/Action/Romance

The Final piece of the trilogy makes to the big screen and I was amazed on the acting and directing possibley the best fight scenes I've ever scene.While pirates has a pg-13 rating its more of a darker rating possibley a R rating with alot of bloody scenes which I dont recomend for anyone under 16.Athough I was never a fan of Orlando Bloom he did a decent job in Pirates 3 which his character becomes darker and Orlando did a well done job going from nice-dark-nice and so on.Expect alot of twist and turns in the story (after credits theres a 30 sec scene just like the other two films) and Geoffrey Rush's role was amazing on how well he acted,but hey us guys just wanted to see Keira Knightley in which she looks outstounding in the well done costums and her acting just got a hole lot better and shes maturing very well as a young actress (shes one year younger than me hmmm, GIGGITY).Athough the one person who I thought who had a smaller role but did an awesome job was Jack Davenport who did an aweosme job in Pirates 2 and greatly improved in Pirates 3 in which he has a lesser screen time but did well for that amount of time.

Out of 10 I give this movie a 8.5,everyones acting improved through out the 3 films and the characters matured with the acting which is very hard for a Trilogy and well worth the 9 bucks seeing it on the big screen.


28 Weeks Later Rated R: Horror/Action


As a fan of zombie films this was a very nice film even for mostly being European casting which they did a great jpb trying to impress the western audieance (outside of the Virus and the area of the destruction of the first film theres nothing tieing from the first film,so you can skip seeing the first film) Rose Byrne which you might know her from Troy had a nice role in 28 weeks later.While not only did 28 weeks later did a good job in the horror department it had a nice taste of action and twist in turns to throw off the people who thinks the story goes from A to B but actually does a good job on twists to say oh bet you didnt think that would happen but it did,then the story goes on and Another! twist which doesnt sperate the on going story which simply amazed me.

Out of 10 I give this movie a 7.5,the nice twist and turns in the story which is very hard for a diretor to do and not ruin the movie just kept the movie going and not destroying the storyline in which sometimes in 28 weeks later I did scream (to myself) why the hell did they Cut out that character,they where freaking awesome!.

Best song ever

Just listened to the best song ever put on this green and blue planet.It's really not a new song I found it when i was looking/searching on the net.

Artist: Skat Man

Song: "Im A Skat Man"

Enjoy the magic that is music.

Well it's time to play pc games again

Well December 28th I'll be playin World of Warcraft again after I buy a computer from a friend (if he doesnt stiff me....) which the last time I played WoW was Oct 6th which proves you can beat the addection that is WoW!!!. Also gonna play  Vanguard once it comes out which looks like it can beat WoW in the MMO department.

2007 is gonna make me wish i was Bill Gates

Well it's almost 2007 and possibly the best year for 360 and to buy 360 games which is gonna make my wallet alot lighter than normal.

If you need a 2007 360 "Games to buy/Waiting list" or if you want to check out some up coming games heres mine ^^

Fable 2


Assassin's Creed


Golden Axe

Lost Planet


Halo 3

Halo Wars (possible 2007 game)

Army of Two

Rouge Warrior

Mass Effect

Earth Defense Force X


Two Worlds

Lotr, The white Council

The Darkness

Kingdom under fire: Circle of Doom




Just got a 360!!

Just got a 360 for a early Christmas present and she's a beauty :P and i do regret not getting one sooner. Had to trade in my ps2 though for some 360 games (was gonna buy a slim ps2 after christmas anyways) which where Dead Rising, LotR Battle for middle earth 2 and Farcry. 

Top 30 games of 2006! (my opinion)

K gent's It's that time of the year to look back and see what games you felt that made an improvement,just plain bad*** or where highly addictive and made an impact to what make games awesome!.

#30) Superman Returns: (ps2) you have to addmit it's no Gears Of War or Halo2 but it's the best! Superman game to date.

#29) Bully: (ps2) a nice change for rockstar, i bet their starting to run out of ideas for GTA though.

#28 ) Smackdown vs Raw 2007: (ps2 & 360) Best wrestling game to date and sadly the last time you will ever get close enough to Lita and Trish Stratus. /cry

#27) Splinter Cell Double agent: (ps2 & 360) I will be fisher and you will be man, together combined we will be Fisherman!!

#26) Rainbow six Vegas: (ps2,psp & 360) no way a Rainbow six game actually worth getting!?.

#25) Marvel Ultimate Alliance: (ps2,360 & psp) not very "Ultimate Alliance" but it's a start.

#24) Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: (360) nice another game that makes you forget to eat,shower,feed your dog and talk to girls.

#23) Just Cause: (360) finally a new spy game genre.

#22) Resistance Fall of man: (ps3) sadly a good game but yet still proves Sony is trying to be like Microsoft.

#21) Call of Duty 3: (360) A FPS worth to be in your collection.

#20 ) LotR Battle Middle earth 2: (360) my precious!.

#19) Guitar Hero 2: (ps2 & 360) K im a rockstar, now where are the chicks!?.

#18 ) The Outfit: (360) Tanks,machine guns, running over your best friend in a tank, What more do you want?.

#17) Sonic The Hedgehog: (360) all right who stole my controler...oh it's you again sonic.

#16) Warhammer Mark of Chaos: (pc) yes! more cake or death!.

#15) Scarface The world is Yours: (ps2) Finally i get to be a drug lord.

#14) Battlefield 2142: (pc) Robots,guns and cool looking uniforms. Must get alot of chicks oh yeah.

#13) Guild Wars Factions: (pc) glad to see a game thats been out for a year progessing by releasing Expansions, I think Blizzard needs to take some notes from em.

#12) Galatic civilizations 2 Dreadlords: (pc) wicked.

#11) Final Fantasy III: (DS) all I have to say is, about time!.

#10) Killzone Liberation: (psp) glad to see Killzone is still alive and kicking.

#9) Monster hunter Freedom: (psp) Battle big Dragons check,wear Dragon heads and spine check,eat dragon which tastes like an Arbys beef and chedder sandwich check.

#8 ) Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance: (ps2) almost everything you would want in a MGS game besides a shot of meryl in her underwear again.

#7) Gears Of War: (360) kinda reminds me of watching the Final Fantasy movie The Spirits Within, but shorter :(.

#6) Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition: (ps2) Boom headshot.

#5) Fear: (360) yet another awesome FPS.

#4) Kingdom Hearts 2: (ps2) FF characters never looked so much cooler...oh yeah i guess Disney too.

#3) Dead Rising: (360) So many zombies on screen is actually a ver very awesome thing, now i gotta drink my orange juice so i can be strong and battle endless hordes of zombies.

#2) Final Fantasy 12: (ps2) the 2 year ish wait was well worth it, seriously i was starting to have no games to write about and chicks with bunny ears..i gotta clean my room :twisted:

#1) Zelda Twighlight Princess: (Wii) the best launch game ever! and who hasn't traded in their left kidney to play this game? I mean come on that's why god gave us two right? 

My epic playlist while i play Games,play on the computer or just listen to

Autopilot Off- "Make A Sound"

Autopilot Off- "The 12th Day"

Scorpions- "Rock You Like A Hurricane"

Scorpions- "I'm Leaving You"

Bon Jovi- "You Give Love A Bad Name"

Bon Jovi- "Livin On A Prayer"

30 Seconds To Mars- "Attack"

30 Seconds To Mars- "The Kill"

30 Seconds To Mars- "The Story"

The Killers- "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine"

The Killers- "On Top"

The Killers- "Somebody Told Me"

The Killers- "Mr. Brightside"

Guano Apes- "Big In Japan"

Guano Apes- "Living In A Lie"

Guano Apes- "Open Your Eyes"

Nickleback- "Savin Me"

Nickleback- "Far Away"

Linkin Park- The whole Meteora CD

Greatest Movies of 2006

Just like to share my thoughts of some of the best movies that came out this year. Casino Royal will be the first, for a "reboot" of the series this movie actually did pretty good not just for a new actor playing Jame Bond but to keep the Franchise alive with new gadgets,villains and sexier Bond girls and starting off with Eva Green I couldnt ask for anything more :D. Secoundly The newiest DC movie Superman Returns was just amazing and i wanted more after the two hours and forty minutes of seeing my favorite superhero do what other superheros wish they can do and i might add Brandon Routh did an excellent job playing Sups while Kate Bosworth did a fantastic job playing Lois. Is the best for last or not? The Departed did an awesome job of twist and turns involving the Irish mob lead by Jack Nickalson and the NYC police and FBI, expect a wide arange of actress's and actor's in this movie and look out Sopranos cause Departed is here.