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Games are becoming less fun...

So I want to play som Hockey. I see that NHL '08 is the highest rated, so I go grab it. I want to start a season with my Bruins so I can keep track of my wins and losses and some player stats. Nope...not this game. You HAVE to play a Dynasty which then requires you to be bombarded with a ton of menus, messages, salary caps, experience points, etc. I could not even get the damn season started because I was over the salary cap with the current downloaded rosters! Don't most people want to put a disc in, take a few shots, check some people around and make Gretzski bleed a little? Why do all of these sports games just keep adding in more and more complexity and forgetting about the fun factor we all had in the Genesis days? I must sound like an old man by saying that, but I just am not having fun with any sports games anymore. Even Midway took Blitz and turned it into something way more then it needed to be. I know EA tried with NFL Tour, but they actually missed the mark by a mile with that piece of crap. I think I am just going to need to leave my my PS One hooked up and keep playing Blitz and my Genesis to play NHL '93 .

Please Stop Hacking the Site

I don't work at GameSpot anymore, but I still know a bunch of the engineers there and they are working extra hard to stop the hackers. Your not doing anything but making a couple of good guys work extra hard over the weekend and late at night by hacking the site. Your not hurting "The Man" at all. Send emails to the board of directors, cancel your memberships, stop coming to the site, or show other ways to express your anger, but hacking the site is not cool and not hurting the right people, so please stop it.

Is this year better then 1998?

There are so many great games already out this year and there are still more to come. This year is shaping up to top 1998 with even more great games and more importantly, less bad games! 1998 was the year of Half-Life, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Madden '99, Delta Force, Final Fantasy VII on the PC, Fallout 2, Tekken 3, NFS 3, Pokemon Red, Gran Turismo, Gameday 99, Resident Evil 2, Heritic II, SiN, Grim Fandango, Baldur's Gate, Banjo-Kazooie, Xenogears, Thief, Turok 2, F-15 and a little game called Starcraft....and even more!

Ok, after looking at this list, I realize that 1998 wins especially since it brings back memories of needing to have a cyst remove from the base of my spine because as the doctor asked me, "There are only two ways this could have happened. Either you fell on your ass really hard or you sat in one position for a really long time." "Do I need to answer that question Doc?"

It actually really comes rushing back to me, where I was when I was playing each of these games, who I was with, you name it. Luckily after my operation I was out of work for 3 weeks and could get in some serious time to mow through all of these. I remember that at the time we didn't realize how lucky we were, we thought every year would be like that one...we also thought we would be going to E3 for the rest of our lives.

It is still a pretty good year though and right now I am happy as can be with the quality of games I have to play and I am going to appreciate all of them, you never know what next year will bring!

Goodfellas are back!

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be the engineer. To me, being the engineer was better then being the President of the United States.

The year was 1996 and Team Fortress was all the rage. We played every night of the week on the Quake engine with no voice chat and we dominated. There was Tommy, Franky, Pauly, Jimmy and myself...Henry. It was a glorious time for the first team, ****based shooter and we were on top of the world. Then the unreal engine came out and things changed...people wanted shadows in their games, they wanted better lighting and smoother animations. The clan held together for as long as it could on the rumors of Team Fortress 2, but slowly we all tried the new games and moved on and the clan was no more.

Now, 11 years and many, many ****based shooters latter, Valve has finally come through on it's promise with the released of the Team Fortress 2! It is time for the Goodfellas to rise again and take back our neighborhood of 2Fort4 and rise to the top again!

If your a TF 2 player, then go home and get your shine box and send me an email!

Still loving this time of the year!

39 years old and still excited at this time of the year. I played through Halo 3, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Portal over the past couple of weeks all while playing various XBLA games, RE4 Again on the Wii and every demo I can get my hands on. I was pacing back and forth tonight debating on whether or not o go to the store to pick up NHL 08 and Flatout. I am trying to plan out what to do as we are going away for two weeks to Thailand and Cambodia and when we return there will be a bunch of games waiting for me or coming out within a few days of our return. I am still addicted! You always fear of outgrowing your passion, but it just won't leave me. I have been playing games for 25 years and I see no stopping in sight. I hope the same happens to all of you.

I am still here!

Man I have not updated my blog in a while! I still come to the site several times a day, but most of my time has been spent playing Halo 3 and THe Orange Box latly. Oh and building a Star Wars site as well.

I have so many games pre-ordered and yet Amy wants to take two weeks off to go to South East Asia. I guess I can make the sacrifice. :)

GO Sox...Go Pats...Go BC...Go Bruins!

Looking for Pownce Friends

I just got invited into Pownce and need some friends in there to figure out if it is worth investing any time with it. Without Text Messages, it is pretty useless for anything more then getting free music. I am TheScoot on there

Tip Damn It!

One thing about my trip to New Orleans that is really bothering me, is the amount of people not tipping! First thing Amy and I said when we got here was, we tip big and we only haggle prices enough so they are not insulted. These people have lost everything, are trying to get back on their feet so they can rebuild and with no Tourism for the past 2 years it has been next to impossible. Then 90% of the people we have gone on tours with have not even tipped the guides, even though there are signs and they explain why tipping is so important. It is driving me crazy! If you can afford to travel for your vacation and take these tours, you can cough up $5-$10 for the guide! People just don't realize how lucky they are and how things like tipping go straight to the pockets of people, rather then how FEMA and the Insurance companies are screwing everyone over. Ok, time to head back down to Bourbon Street to enjoy this awesome city some more!

What is wrong with Real Networks?

Why do I need to call a phone number to cancel my Rhapsody account. These guys are heading right down the path of AOL...and I mean down. I called and someone in India answer the phone and procedded to ask me so many questions and try to get me to sign up for other services. I was screaming on the phone to cancel my account and he just would not do it. I will have to call my credit card company to block the charges. Such a bad way to start out a nice Saturday morning.