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Stark Trek: Into Darkness Review

*Yar! There be light spoilers ahead!  Ya best be warned!*           

If 2009s Star Trek was a conversation about how the characters from over forty years ago can be cool today, then Into Darkness is an argument as to how the old formulas can still work.  Not all the story moments gel and Trekkies will find nothing surprising in the plot, but the movie is fun and the 2 ½ hours go by at a reasonable pace, for the most part.  At least the 3D is pretty snazzy.

            All of the cast and crew from the reboot return and start the show running, literally.  Theres little downtime in JJ Abrams flaretastic sequel, I actually like the lens flare.  This time, theres a lot more at stake from the get go.  Kirk and Spock end up getting split up and demoted and Pikes had it up to here with Kirks cheeky shenanigans.  Theres also a terrorist attack in London and soon Kirk and Spock are back together and tracking down the mysterious and deadly John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch, from BBCs Sherlock).

            Certain moments feel tacked in, like the inclusion of the Klingons, who just seem to be there for fan service and to tell the Federation that they dont like them.  The movies arguably coolest eye candy moment is during that scene, though.  There is a lot of eye candy to be had, but the quintessential space battle unfortunately drags on a bit too long.

            A nice touch was the storys dependency on the character chemistry and us buying it.  Luckily the cast did the best with what they had and it brought a tear to my eyes watching these characters play off of each other very similarly to the original cast with Karl Urbans Bones as the show stealer.  Granted, some friendships seem to have developed rather quickly, but thats okay because this feels more like the old Star Trek than the first movie did.  Ill gladly continue to boldly go as long as this crew does.