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My 2nd honeymoon with my 360

so basically after my defective HDD and waiting forever to get it and thinking I had to sell it for the money its been a while since I've sat down and really played my 360 and its actually not because I wasted interested . Either I couldnt cause of the HDD or when I thought I was gonna sell It I didnt wanna ruin the experience by getting half way through Kameo or PDZ and having to ship it to someone , then not getting another one for a month or so . So I have decided not to sell it . I got my free HDD from M$ , and a copy of PGR3 and PGR2 I took PGR2 and PGR3 and exchanged it at walmart for $72 store credit and got DOA4 and a 13 month gold xbox live card , and I traded in the broken HDD to ebgames for $50 and I'm using that to preorder GRAW damn I'm a hustler .:D Anyways I've began playing Kameo and I'm falling in love with my 360 all over again .

I got my 360 BABY !

So basically I went to work yesterday (Sat) thinking as soon as I get off I'll go straight to BB around 9. During work I did think hey if I camp I'm gonna miss my Saturday knight shows which I cant tape , but screw it I need the 360 So I get there like 9:33 and theres like 30 people there and this store in Raleigh NC is only getting 24 So for basically the next hour or so I'm a complete ###hole and I'm throwing hissy fit . I go home thinking about how I wont get one till late Jan and I watch my Sat lineup Full Metal , Champloo, Boondocks , Evanlagelion . And its like 6:15 am . And I'm like #### this I'm tired and I'm to sleep but before that I call a Super Walmart and he tells me naw we dont got um but I heard a rumor BB did . Then I call another one and it goes like this ME - "Hi can I speak to electronics" ME -"Hey do you have any Xbo" Orlando - "Yes I got um" Me- "WHAT !! you got the 360's" Orlando - "Yes I got 6 this morning and I got 4 left!" Me - "Ok can you hold" Him - "Nope I cant sorry" Me - "but I come in there all the time and you know me , I'm the black kid with the mini bush " Him - "How far are you from here " Me- "5 miles" Him - "Well then get your ass off the phone and get your but down here ASAP ---------Lets see , I ran 2 red lights . did about 95 on a 60 mph highway !!!!! , and I ran a stop sign , No to mention I dont have a license anyways just a learners (I can get one anytime just too lazy) And I ran from my car to the store and got half way to Electronics and I heard him yell out "hold up man, dont worry I still got one for you " Believe me , this was a act of God . I got PDZ and Kameo but no Plug and Play but its cool I'll get one in a couple hours . ALso the walmart lady gave me $62 credit from my gift card my mom gave me but there was only $23 on it :D

The 2nd chance!

ok So I actually presold a 360 on ebay for like $800 without even having it thinking I could get 2 at launch. Well I did camp for about 12 hours at Target and I got one , only to have to ship it to someone in Virgina :cry: but atleast there is hope my friends ! BestBuy Dec 18th . I'll be there at 9:30 on the 17th , right now its looking like a possible 14 hour camp , but I dont care , I am determained and I will get a Premium . I'm planning a lot better this time as on the 22nd launch I didnt plan on having to camp all night . Bringing my DS again , wearing 2 pairs of socks and thermos under my pants . Cuasse the only things that were cold on my launch camp were my feet and legs and it took like 8 hours for my feet to feel back to normal . I'm getting xbox 360 Premium Pefect Dark Zero Kameo Plug and Play

To 360 or not to 360

so basically with a car payment and other B.S I figure I'll have around a bit over $500 for the 360 launch , and I already a $50 preorder at Gamestop . But its for the second shipment . The guys said in early to mid Nov they'll know if they'll have enough to cover the 1st shipment people and the 2nd, but now I'm not so sure if I still want to drop $500 on a 360 on launch day . Problem is PS2 and DS have really been heating up as of late and I think I want Socom 3, Shadow of the Colosus , Castlevania, Mario and Luigi PIT, and New Super Mario bros. Not to mention I Zelda , Kingdom Hearts 2 , and Final Fantasy 12 early next year. I and havent even started Killzone or Xenogears yet , but I'm still working on Ratchet and Clank UYA, Advance Wars DS, and Kirby CC. Whats a boy to do :( , I just feel if I drop all this on the 360 I'll be missing out on the end of this gen . This gen seems to have still a lot of life in it and I'm not sure if I'm ready to just pull the plug on it :(