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My Friend Code is 5456 - 0513 - 3293, add mine and send me yours, if you want to swapnotes, play Kid Icarus: Uprising with, or against a friend; or in any other game I will aventually get. A was first asked for my Friend Code while playing Heros of Ruin by a German kid, but I only speak english, so...

I like long walks on the beach... ;) hiking(but haven't in a long while), welding, gaming, movies, and youtube stuff. Terminator 2's my favorite movie; I like star wars IV-VI, star trek, and animated shows, etc.

I'm a quiet guy, trying to be a nice guy. I'm a dog person, but can stand cats, and I like any other animals.

I've been gaming/a gamer, since the late 80's when my dad bought my brother and I, a Gameboy. Got around 22 games for that. Got a SNES with about 20 games for that. An N64 with about 30 games for that, missed a lot ah games I'd like for that. A GC with over 80 games. A Wii with all but some of the notable games for that. Have a PS2 that's not working. Getting a PS3 when it's cycle's over, maybe. Getting a Wii U. Upgrading to a 3DS next.