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My Random thoughts for 3/20/05 *New Car, March Madness, Unions, And More*

-Well The Day has finaly come. I knew it would come sooner or later. I got my first car Yesterday, a 97 geo Metro . Technicaly its not my first car but its the first one that im actualy going to drive on a regular basis. I got it for 1500 *An absolute steel if your not a car guy* I will have some pictures probaly in the next edition of my journal. Also i plan on pimping my Ride soon so lots of goody pictures coming up in upcoming editions. =D. Im just glad i got my license in Driveds Ed because i Cannot Parralel Park. Seriousley ive never succesfully paralel parked ever. And i plan on never doing it ever. I will seriousley park and walk like a mile, or park and ride the subway or bus the rest of he way if i have to. And if your wondering i need the car for college. Its actualy kind of scary how fast college is coming, dont get me wrong im stoke. However i love highschool and its going to be sad to see it end. But thats a different journal for a different time.

-ive said it before and i will say it again theyre is no single sporting event better then March Madness. I honestly dont know how people dont enjoy it, even if your not a sports or NCaa fan. And what makes it so great is that unlike NFl, NBA, MLB ETC you only have 4 chances at winning a ring. After your fourth year its over. So what you get is 65 teams who are hungry as hell. And not to mention once you get into the second and third round nearly every game is close. Last Nights Wake Forrest/ West Virginia match is probalyn the best college basketball game ive seen since 3 *or maybe 4 years ago* when Indiana upset Duke in the final 4. Bottom Line Just give it a shot most likely you wont be disapointed.

-PSP launches this week and im totaly stoked. Ive had my PSP for a few weeks now and im absolutely loving it. IDont be a fanboy and get this machine if you can. Ive only got 2 Japanese games *Lumines and Dynasty warriors* and its incredible the graphics, the sound, and just its so incredible having shows and movies on the go. Also im planning on getting THUG2, and Twisted Metal so i will probaly post my opinions on those once i get them. *I know im going to get more though im a sucker for electronics*

-I also watched Constantine this week. I overall give the movie a B. Its got some good action scene and Kianu *Screw you all i like his movies :p* is actualy believable as a demon killer. Theyre are some very awesome visuals and the casting for Satan was perfect. I wish theyre would have been a litte more of his assistant *whos name escapes me* in the movie. However overall a good movie that doesnt try to much to be something it isnt.

-I still dont quite know wether i like or dislike the unions. I really dont see to much of a difference between them and just a normal UCB. its also quite annoying the massive amount of requests i get. Im getting like 5 or 6 a day. Hopefully more cool features will be added. Im not going to rule it out as a cool idea quite yet.

-Final Thoughts: Watching ROH Reborn. Damnit i love ROH. The Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial with hootie *Of Blowfish fame* is one awesome commercial. I suck so much at MVP 2005 on Live its not even funny, Im horrible.

My Random Thoughts for 3/17/2005

-If you havent ever tryed Horeradish cheese i would highly recomend it. It is quite deliciouse, it provides a geat tangy flavor to other wise boring foods. I had a Omelete with some of this cheese on it today in home ec and it was scrumptiouse.

-The Tournament starts today *I dont care what anyone says the playin game is not the first round and thus not part of the tourney. Like the play in game ever has any effect on anything EVER?* Im still pushing my prediction os a stunner of Texas Tech Over North Carolina.

-Ive been paying quite a bit of 2 new games i got last week Devil May Cry 3 and MVP 2005. Devil May cry is insanely hard in a great way and from how far ive gotten 5 levels in it is a very fun game. I also agree with GregKs review so far. Also for anyone who doesnt have the game the voice acting for Dante is just god awful, hes worse then benoit...... MVP 2005 is also a very fun game. Ive got a owner mode going which is quite fun. So far im doing pretty good and ive won 1 championship and lost 1 on Hard mode. However the Music is a little bit wierd and gets annoying.

-The steroid Hearing are actualy must see TV. Ive been watching them in school when i cana nd im watching them at home now and DAMN! These are good. Mark Mgwire Pleaded the fifth on taking steroids :? Where as everyone else was pretty direct. And like ive said before and say again MY BOY Frank Thomas didnt take steroids. Was a little disapointed he wasnt there in person but in a video thing. Overall i thought it would suck and they would throw them softballs but suprisingly its getting very good.

-Also watching a new ROH DVD "At Our Best" so far its excellent i would recomend everyone check out ROH DVds if you can and also if you can in person i saw them earlier this year and it was incredible. by the way ROH=Ring of Honor

-Join the new Sports Lounge Union, go Whitesox, Missouri was robbed Im out

An awesome father son Bonding day

Today i was in ISS *In school suspension*. This is my second day of my 3 day sentance. *Note im here for cussing out Steve Fuller Quarter back for the Chicago bears in the 1980s* Anyway i was doing homework in ISS when i got called down the office again. I thought i was in more trouble *For just random stupid troublesom stuff i do*. Anyway i it truns out my dad had been given the day off of work and had come to school to get me out of ISS. The Vice Principal *He hates me, Really he does he does all the discipline at school and i see hime 2 or 3 times a week. I even call him by his first name Chris and By the way im a senyior* Well anyway he didnt by any bit of what my dad was selling *he kept saying my sister was in an accident :lol: *i dont have a sister* Anyway Mr. Johnson *My Vice Principal that hates me* said im sorry we cant let your son out of school today because hes in ISS and its punishment. My dad whos normaly a light headed guy just went off on him saying like "Hes my damn son and all do whatever the hell i want with him" I was trying not to laugh as my dad busted out of the office I started to follow him and Mr. Johnson yelled if you go off the school grounds thats 3 more days of ISS. Long tory short i have 3 more days of ISS now :lol:

Eitherway me and my dad went to the whitesox game today which they lost :( and then we went out to lunch. He started talking with me about the future and how pretty soon id be getting interest from colleges *Im the second pitcher on my schools team. We got to the Illinois state semi finals last year for the first time in the schools 34 year history. It was a absolute blast* Either way we talked for about a half hour, and then he headed home to watch some stuff he had on DVR and i i headed to a friend of myne who graduated a few years ago. *Female, shes helping me get back my girlfriend who broke up with me earlier this week for not going shopping for a home coming dress with her. I went to a baseball game instead :o* Either way we talked for about an horu then i went to the mall and just walked around thinking for a few hours. Bought an archie comic. And i got home a couple of hours ago. Saw fable flopped Im still getting it

Overall a good day. Even though now i have ISS until next friday.

Wow it feels good writing all this down and getting it off my chest. I think i might do this everynight before i go to sleep