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I'm suprised no one has said Mr. Bojangles

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When at the grocery to determine whether they are ripe, and I suggest you do to if you are passionate about produce. What are some of your tips for finding the best produce and determining the ripeness of such produce?
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[QUOTE="newbpwnage"]the why arent other known cancer causing activities that make you look cooler banned for minors such as:

Tanning beds- increases skin cancer, makes old women look like leather bags

Junk food- obesity is a killer... (ok i can understand this one, but tanning beds really should be banned)
You can't control what people eat...

haha your banned.... loserface. Nothing will ever stop ppl from smoking cigs

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you shouldn't wear undies. for all they know in 5 years they'll find out tighty-whities make you sterile and boxers give you increased risk of prostate cancer.

nah I'm only kidding. no longer than a day.

Thats why I only wear G strings, and make sure an keep them lubricated by using the bathroom in my pants.
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Its better to be excellent at one, cause ppl excellent at things get paid massive amounts of money for being excellent at them.
Alot of people who are good at alot of things work at Burger King at 30.

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I wear them till the urine burns thru them.

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Both my parents are midgets and I have gigantism. I know it sounds bad, but it was awesome growing up.
I could never be grownded because when I was 4 I was 2 feet taller than both my parents.
My father was a real d*** about it. He was jelous and has a napoleon complex.
So I started giving him spankings, and grownding him and putting him in time out when I turned 6.

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Hes good....Far from my favorite.
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I really don't think thats a bad idea. Last thing a 8 year old needs in his life with ritalian already being pushed on him, and all the issues of today is to accidently stumping on pics of his mom sucking wiener on the net.