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#3 Easter Time

The easter time has come and I have no one to share it with anymore :'(

That's beside the point, anyway I think ima end up doing some video reviews of iPhone/iPod Touch apps cause i think you need to know what is actually worth buying and what is worth chucking in the rubbish.

Hope you all had a nice valentines day (the 3 people who actually read this blog!) and i hope you lot get lots of chocolate for easter ;) i may be a elderly teenager but i still love my chocolate ;D

See you on the flip side ;)

Bman xxx

p.s. I will also do some video reviews if people want them?!

#2 This Valentines Day...

This valentines day I have decided to go out and get someone to love and to take out instead of it being one of those crappy days just sitting in and doing just about nothing! I haven't really got any new games this month apart from borrowing CoD:WaW from my mate with a broken xbox :P

Hoping to get FIFA 11 soon :)

And that capture card? well i have my first exam coming up soon (march 1st) so between that and the others i should be getting it and making videos :)

See You All Soon :) - Love BG x Bman

#1 This Is Bman...

heyy im bman and this is my gamertag for Xbox360, im open for any cod:black ops or halo matches, possibly even some blur races! no one plays that anyway... Anyhow, I'm getting a capture card in the near future and will feature my videos on See you there :)