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So I just finished watching a great show from 2008 by the BBC called "Survivors". It's about a group of people after a flu causes 99% of the population to die off, of course this leads to many hostile encounters by other groups of survivors as they try and live in the aftermath of the disaster.

It's really a great show, unfortunately it's only twelve episodes long and ends on a cliff-hanger, and the third season was cancelled due to low ratings but it's an ok spot for it to stop, and your only left with a few questions at the end.

It's on the NetFlix instant stream if anyone is interested.

Skyrim, first impressions.

Well it's hard to say first because I've been playing it since it was released, but anyway. I'm finding it a lot of fun so far, as per-usual the game world is very large, and the mountains and valleys make exploring a lot trickier then in the previous game Oblivion, and more akin to that of it's predecessor Morrowind. Quests and the like are many, and vary in type as they should, but also the addition of favours which are small tasks that you do for local people are also like Morrowind as they are fairly open-ended tasks that do not involve the use of a way-point to direct you, rather you look for your objectives on your own.

Aside from game-play changes many graphical changes have occurred as well. Land scape, towns, dungeons, and people are all redone making the hard, cold realm of Skyrim, feel just as cold as it looks and come to life with a new grim, elegance that could only be achieved in an Elder Scrolls game. And once again going back to Morrowind days the inhabitants of this frozen land are hard edged and filled with life like detail that puts their doughy Oblivion counterparts to shame. The sound-track also takes some Morrowind originals and fits them into the game making it so much more easy to see the Morrowind nostalgia trip that the developers must have went through wile making this awesome game.

All and all I've only played for a few hours, and all I can say is that it's so far the best game I've played since Oblivion and hopefully it will still impress me further as I delve deeper into the tundra that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Pepper, rest in peace.

My dog Pepper pasted away on Tuesday March 29 2011. She was 15 1/2 years old, we got her when I was about 2 so I don't remember life without her. She was great dog, and was loved by all of us dearly. Pepper was a shepherd of sorts, she made it her number one job to keep an eye on us, and make sure we were all ok, and she did her job well.

We will miss Pepper very much, and life will never be the same without her, now she is in heaven, and no longer suffering.

Rest in peace, Pepper. we'll miss you.

Wow, one year...

Yup, on this day in 2009 I joined this site. It has helped me with game info for a long time before that, so I finally joined, and it's helped me ever since.

Random stuff.

So I got a bunch of stuff from, and the majority of it has arrived already so I might as well tell you what it is. Tales of Vesperia was $30 used, and thank the Lord that I got it because right after I made the purchase it shot up to $45. Chrono Trigger DS.The last three Rurouni Kenshin VIZBIG Volumes, a memory card for the N64, and Castlevania N64 which is the only thing yet to arrive. Also I was hoping to get Tales of the Abyss in the next few weeks. Also the 15th through the 22nd I will be on vacation in Cape Hatteras NC, I'm not so sure if I will bring my computer or not so we'll find out. Have a great week!!!

Prince of Persia and The secret world.

I'm planning on getting Prince of Persia soon, It's been way to long since I'v had a new PoP game to play. Also I'm hopefully going to pre-order PoP the Forgotten Sands.

In other news,has anyone seen This "The Secret World" game that's coming out? It looks like it has potential to be really good. I don't usually play MMO's but if this thing turns out good then I might have to try it out, but until then I'll keep my eye on it.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I hope you guys had a good Christmas. Since I here I'll tell you what I got, a new pair of slippers, the Rocky DVD collection, a wal-mart $25 dollar gift card, and a Samsung Net-book computer which I am writing this blog with. Anyway I was vary satisfied with the stuff I got, and in an attempt not too sound like a broken record I hope everyone had a good time.:D

King of the Hill Rocks!!! and other things...

So I'v just recently started watching the TV show King of the Hill, and let me tell you, It is freaking hilarious. I'm even thinking about getting all the seasons on DVD. Possibly one of the best shows I'v seen in a long time.

On another note, I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre... IT WAS THE SINGLE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE TO WATCH!!! No joke, it was terrible, and it got three stars to boot. Who ever gave that thing they called a movie three stars, obviously does not no what a good movie is... IMO

Want to know what I did today?

Well this morning I sat down at the computer and watched the whole second season of the anime Full Metal Panic, and I just finished it a few minuets ago. It was really good, all 13 episodes were great, it makes me wish that I watched the first season before the fact.( I'll do that another day.) But all and all It's been awhile since I watched any anime at all.( I mostly read manga) But a good change of pace none the less. The end left me wanting more but you know how It goes. But a good anime, and yes it was worth wasting a full day on.:P

As for my boredom slump, this was a short respite, but afterwords I was kind of like "what now?", but tomorrow brings a new day so maybe something will happen soon. Anyway, have a good rest of the day.

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