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The Lonesome Road hands down, best setting, story and character (Ulysses). And the difficulty was challenging, was actually afraid whenever I spotted another Deathclaw.

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No need to beg friend. Just buy the Courier's Stash dlc, it includes all the pre-order content including the flask.

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i read somewhere that it's harder is that true?


I recently bought the GOTY edition, the base game is the same as it has always been (plus all the dlc). The only exclusive additions are the inclusion of a Hardcore mode and the previously only exclusive to PS3 gang hideout, that is now available in the singleplayer campaign.

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My score is garaunteed dude...What Halo hasn't been scored that high? Halo Wars does not count.


You are the reason people dont go on here because you just came off as a dick.


That's only your opinion. In my opinion, only one Halo game is above a 9.0, and that's Halo: Combat Evolved. Every sequel/prequel after that has been a dissapointment. The multiplayer got better but the singleplayer has gotten progressively worse. Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach are terrible, I didn't care about any of the characters and the campaigns were totally boring.

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Hello all,

Me and and a few other players have a small clan for BF3 on Xbox 360. We are happy to accept new members though. If there are any mature, friendly players who are interested in a casual clan (with an emphasis on teamwork), please join our Facebook group. We do play to win, but the most important thing is that we have fun doing it. :)

Team ERS (Everyone Runs Sometime)

Facebook Group -
Battlelog Clan -

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Game the Year edition comes complete with the original game and all the extra content added through DLC afterwards. The choice seems fairly obvious. Unless you dislike extra content. With the exception of gold weapon skins, because that does suck.