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I sorely miss BeForU/Bemani rant.

Yes, while it's painfully obvious that BeForU is now signed with AVEX, I find it a shame, since they'll NO LONGER contribute to any AC DDR mixes, as we speak. Believe it or not, they started their musical careers in DDR, as a lot of fans see them as "The Future of DDR," not to mention the fact that Konami INTENTIONALLY designated >90% of the entire Bemani roster exclusively to pop'n/IIDX at the time of their debut.

Ask yourselves the following: When was the last time Mutsuhiko Izumi composed an AC DDR Original? NEVER! TaQ? NEVER, since he near-exclusively makes songs for IIDX (he has one in pop'n music, in the form of Jack). Yes, these two are the ones that randomly popped out of my mind right now, but you get the picture.