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What happened to E3 in 08!

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e3 08 bannere3 banner

I been watching the E3 coverage for years and it really seems to be going downhill. While the presentation of the show here on gamespot was good the content being shown wasn't a shocking as in years past. Most companies already announced what was going to be seen at the show ..... and most of the trailers were already on the net before the showing. The hands-on stuff was really nice and I did like the stage demos ...... but where where the big shockers. Yeah there were a few surprizes like Resistance and Super Stardust on PSP, the Wii motion plus adding improved motion controls, Xbox 360 getting FF 13, Little Big Planet becoming the new power-point, and an online video store ...... but somehow it doesn't seem to measure up to past shows. Maybe a quiet show isn't the place to hype such big announcements.

Has the show lost it's meaning in the internet age. Or is this just a sign of the changing focus by gaming publishers? Is a Big Show necessary when it's so easy to get information out to the masses? Well IMO a big showing like E3 of the past is necessary, it hypes up the main stream media, the retailers, the consumers. Gamers get to see what's to come .... which is always a great thing. Good job this year Sony for show off stuff this year and beyond, Microsoft really needs to show more than this holiday season, Nintendo need to show off what made them great and stop pushing the gimmick, I'm hoping 09 is bigger and better.

E308 just didn't seem so big with the tone down show this year! The big show hype just make everything seem better IMO.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

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Best Wishes to all the gamers. As we say good bye to 2007 and move on to 2008 take this time to look back at this great year of gaming.

Snoopy xmas

Now let get set for 2008 have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

It's Way Too Early to Be Picking a Winner .... The Race Isn't Over Yet!

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PS3, 360 and Wii

The console race is far from over so why is everybody trying so hard to pick a winner. Sure the 360 got of to an early lead, but poor hardware is hurting it's success. The Wii is tearing up the market introducing more people to gaming than ever, but the mainly casual focus of the software is turning off gamers and can be seen when looking at hardware sales compared to software adoption rates. And then there's Sony with the PS3, once again they are trying to be the all in one entertainment device (web, movies, and games), but the high price and lack of games aren't drawing in gamers.

Taking Nintendo out the race, the 360 seems to be the clear winner with a growing selection of games and the outstanding Xbox live service, But just how long can it stay in the race against the PS3. Sony smartly future proof their system pushing hd-gaming, introducing advance hardware (namely the cell processor), and also advancing software (namely the blu-ray disc). Now reinsert Nintendo does advance hardware really matter, it may not seem like it from the incredible hardware sales ... but looking at the games maybe it does. Sure Nintendo is making a killing of hardware sales alone, but the lack of games (not the tech demo crap they been pushing) one has to wonder how long it's going to last. Now we jump to Sony with the tech heavy PS3 why isn't it ruling the market ..... easily price it's just too expensive to be an impose buy, and games there just aren't enough of them to draw gamers in. Well that's were the war is now each system having it's ups and downs with no clear all around winner so why are people so quick to pick a winner simply from short term success.

Picking a winner now seems silly to me. Developers will get use to the PS3 hardware and make full use of the software all you have to do is look at the PS1, PS2, and PSP. The more time they have to program games the better they'll get. The Wii and 360 may need upgrades sooner than the PS3 ..... no matter how poorly Sony's choice may have been, the PS3 is the most advance system on the market, it's way ahead of the others and as time goes on this will start to show more. Funny how the Hd-dvd vs Blu-Ray race also play into this .... no matter which one wins the movie race Sony already has the lead when it comes to gaming and that might just give the blu-ray disc the edge it need to pull ahead. You know there's going to be a hd-dvd or blu-ray xbox coming soon, if developer get a handle on the ps3 and it becomes the lead platform. The Wii approach maybe the best of all but if they don't get more games out for gamers it may burnout sooner ..... casual market success can only go so far.

Oh and please people stop looking at short terms sales numbers they really aren't useful for showing who's the clear winner. The race is starting to heat up, the big three are testing their strategies to see who's going to pull ahead ... only time will tell who the winner really is once all the smoke has cleared. And man there's way too much smoke when it comes to sales numbers, you got the wholesale, merchant, consumer sales then there the shipped, in the channel, sold thing who's to say where the data is coming from each company is going to use the best figures to spin their success stories. Does it really matter ..... nope!

It's the games that are most important not the hardware they are on. Gamers stop trying to pick a system winner and enjoy the games that are out there ..... then we the GAMERS are the winners!

Just got Star Wars BFRS and Han Solo case.

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PSP SWBF:RS with caseHan Solo Case inside

I was just shopping around at my local gamestop and picked up Regenegade Squadron for the PSP and they had the cool Han Solo cases. It work with either the slim or original PSP and has pockets to hold 3 umd. A cool extra an awesome game I'm currently enjoying the single player mode maybe tommorrow I'll try it online.

Also in the game there's a behind the scenes look at Star Wars Force Unleashed for the PSP which looks cool!

okay got to try out the multiplayer and its fun too worth picking up if you're look for another cool shooter on the PSP.

Time for an upgrade I got a PSP Slim.

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PSP Slim (daxter bundle)

Well I made the jump and got a PSP slim. Looking as the original compared to the new model there doesn't seem to be much a difference. But once I got to hold the silver PSP 2000 in my hands I could feel the difference. The new psp feels so light it's shocking. The D-pad and face buttons have a much better feel to them, also the nub feels improved. Games like Street Fighter Alpha 3 max play great on the new system, (big plus for me) other games I have load faster. And the new silver unit doesn't get smugged all over every time it toughed.

Good Points:

  1. Improved controls.
  2. Screen seems improved.
  3. New speaker location improve sound quality but doesn't increase volume.
  4. Faster Load times.
  5. Loads of new themes 27 in all.
  6. PSP doesn't smug as much (expect the screen).
  7. Lighter and more rounded.

Bad Points:

  1. Cant use cases like the play gear pocket.
  2. Umd door feel weak at first.
  3. Lost of the IR port (you know why if you use home-brew).
  4. Old headset remotes doesn't work, it doesnt even fit in the slot.

Overall it's a true improvement on a great design the new look and feel of the PSP Slim is a welcome change. I cant wait for the video out cables to test out that feature.

PSP 1000 (fat) PSP 2000 (slim)

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It's almost time for a new era of PSP in September Sony is planning to roll out the new and improved slim PSP with the Daxter pack retailing for $199, it'll include the new ice-silver slim PSP, Daxter, Family Guy: Freakin Sweet Collection, and a 1 gig memory stick.

PSP1000 vs PSP 2000

While at first look the two unit may look the same there are some key differences, internal memory has been increased from 32Mb to 64MB. the slim PSP will be lighter, thinner, and support video out, some switches have been moved, and the Ir port has been removed.

Will all these things drive PSP sales who can say for sure. I know I'm interested in getting a PSP 2000(slim) when it's released and I already have a PSP.

Here's a look at the two different PSP models side by side.

Why debate about which Hand-Held is better...... when both are good!

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For years Nintendo has been the King or the Hand-held market, it beaten out every other system that came out. Today most of those systems have faded from memory. Now Sony has set their eyes on the Hand-Held market with the PSP and it seem like there's a real war in the Hand-held market.

Never has there been such a debate about what hand held is the best like there is with the DS and the PSP, and why does it matter so much to gamers? Looking on the board, seeing the comparison all over the web, looking in mags, and even talking among friends, it seem like people are split between the two. They compare the features, games, looks, everything ...... but does it really matter. No not to a real Gamer, some one who enjoys playing games doesn't really care what system they are on as long as they are enjoyable.

The DS offers the most original way to control games with it's touch screen, and mic the DS brings a new level of experience to gaming, and offers some of the most original games out today. The PSP on the other hand brings the console experience in the palm of you hands and offers more media features like playing movies, listen to music, browsing the web on the go. Neither system had a perfect launch but now they offer some of the best hand-held games to ever come out.

These hand-helds show what the future of gaming on the go is going to be like, they both have wireless multi-player matches, and can both use the internet for multi-player games online, both offer some great experiences on the go. They set a new bar in what hand-held gaming can offer, and they are only going to get better.

So which one is the best ........ well to me that's a matter of person taste, but to tell the truth ...... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GAMES, because hardware comes and goes but the experiences from playing games last a life time.

Online Contest Aren't A total Waste.... See What I Won!

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Guess what I just got in the Mail from Sony Bmg.... no not a root kit I got something cool for the PSP. I dont even remember entering this contest or which one it was but I won a collection of some cool umd music video disk. It was a total of 6 two of which I'm cool with others I'll try out well here's a pic of them.

In the collection I got was:
  1. Usher Rhythm City: vol 1 Caught Up.
  2. Outkast:The Videos.
  3. The Offspring: Complete Music Video Collection.
  4. Audio Slave: Live In Cuba.
  5. Foo Fighters: Everywhere But Home.
  6. Coheed and Cambria: Live at the Starland Ballroom.
This may catch on if Sony makes a player for them other than just the PSP, which knowing them they are more than likely to do. The Umd's not only have a collection of videos (from 5 to 17) but also have some back stage extras.

Over all the collection is cool and I want to send a Special thanks to the folks at SonyBmg Music Entertainment for sending me this fine collection. I look forward to seeing the future of umd music videos.