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they put multiplayer in this game? jesus i really hope devs learn for the next gen that tacked on multiplayer options are completely unnecessaryAJC3317

Pretty obvious that multiplayer would be part of this game.

Naughty Dog did a pretty good job on multiplayer on the last two Uncharted titles and I think they'll do the same, if not more so for The Last Of Us.

If it doesn't detract from the single player, which it won't, I can't see why anybody would be fussed about an extra mode. If you're not into multiplayer, you simply ignore it.

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With Naughty Dog's track record and from what I've seen and read, The Last of Us is very likely to be a strong GOTY contender and potentially one of the best games of this generation. It's possible that it won't live up to expectations and will only be a very very good game.
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Plasma+gaming=way less life span for the tv *FACT* so shaddup


The TV is from 2007... works better than ever. You've never even owned a plasma. You haven't the slightest clue of what you're talking about.

Woah! I wasn't aware that you knew me in person. I'm flattered that you feel the need to plug in false information of my history in gaming and my life. My previous television was a plasma, Sony to be exact. Now I'm a proud LCD owner.

Stop flirting ladies

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Not for me. I had to wait months for patches and barely had the will to actually finish the main game (after suffering from the well documented glitches, crashes and lag). I'd lost all interest by the time the game was somewhat playable on PS3, for myself at least, and some horrendously delayed DLC isn't going to drag me back in.
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If you've got space on your hard-drive and enjoy a variety of games, it can be well worth it.

I've been subscribing since the PSN outage and no regrets here.

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Kinda tricky to narrow down, but here's my top ten:

1. Uncharted series

2. Killzone series

3. Mass Effect series

4. Resistance 3

5. Arkham series

6. Oblivion

7. The Walking Dead: Telltale Games

8. Civilzation Revolution

9. Heavy Rain

10. Fifa series

And a few honourable mentions:

Assassin's Creed series

Bioshock series

COD 4: Modern Warfare

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dragon Age series


LA Noire

Metal Gear Solid 4

Red Dead Redemption

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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EU PS Plus has definitely been worth it for me

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Uncharted 2 for sure. It's mediocre and awful on several occations in every aspect that doesn't have to do with presentation. It deserved in te 70-80 range at best, but managed a 96 average some how. It's head scratching to say the least.


You truly have awful taste in games and your logic is just as flawed. You say Uncharted 2 is 'mediocre and awful on several occations in every aspect that doesn't have to do with presentation', yet still believe it deserves a score in 'te(sp) 70-80 range'.  I'd personally equate a game that is 'mediocre and awful', in all but presentation, to be no higher than a 50-60, at the very best.

Your lack of taste is certainly closely challenged by your lack of intelligence. It's head scratching to say the least.

On topic, in my opinion (not stating this as a fact, like our idiot above), the COD games, other than COD 4 - Modern Warfare (which I loved at the time), are extremely overrated and underserving of the relatively high review scores and gargantuan sales.