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they are watever...... Im just worried about how the control fits, cuz it looks too thick on the bottomNengo_Flow


Look fine to me, but will have to wait and see until the pad's in my hands.


Nengo, is there any chance of you getting rid of that annoying sig. thing? It's seizure central for epilepsy sufferers and even though I don't have epilepsy myself, it's really not nice to look at. It's a major eye-sore and doesn't look good in any way, shape or form. Get rid please.

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Bulletstorm for me this weekend.


I'm about half way through and I'm really enjoying it. A fresh take that puts fun at the forefront, not boring-ass, overdone realism.

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I'll be finishing off Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and carrying on with my FIFA 13 career mode.


How is Castlevania? I've been meaning to pick it up but never actually got around to doing so.

I'm really enjoying it and had been after it for a while after hearing good things. It isn't particularly originial and it does 'borrow' a lot from games like God of War, obviously, but for me it's got the edge.

A decent storyline with some great voice acting (you gottta love Patrick Stewart as the narrator and Robert Carlyle makes the lead character Gabriel more likeable than Kratos in the entire GOW saga, within seconds of the first level.)

The combat's smooth and slick, you're constantly upgrading and learning new skills, the scale is often massive and the graphics are pretty sweet, particularly with some real variation and imagination with the variety of the backgrounds.

So yeah, I'm just coming to the final two or three chapters today and I'm really looking forward to finishing it and will likely pick the upcoming sequel up on, or close to, day one.

It can be found on the cheap online, so if you're into your hack 'n' slashers with a few more brains and likeability than usual, this may well be worth a go.

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I'll be finishing off Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and carrying on with my FIFA 13 career mode.

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There's always a risk playing a Bethesda game on PS3.

Have you tried deleting game (not save) data and reinstalling the latest patch? That may be worth a go.

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Having read IGN's review, various other articles and seen a few videos, I feel Infinite will get a plethora of 9's and 9.5's.

It looks like the true sequel to the original Bioshock in quality, style and story.

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Sounds good to me, though I'm sure they'll be tweaking it in the months and weeks leading to it's release.

Regardless, it's the first launch game that I'm guaranteed to pick up with the PS4.

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I'll be sticking with my current, and original, PSN ID

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He's a troll, mate.

Ignore him, not worth my time or yours.

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The wife and I really loved it too, great story and characterisation. Although, as mentioned above, probably not for everyone.