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Based on the demo I give it an 8.0ultimameteora

With "demo" clearly being the operative word. It's pretty pointless grading a demo, particularly of a game in this style/genre.

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Hello people,

 I'm a subscriber to the Official Playstation Magazine here in the UK and received the July issue this morning. The Last of Us is reviewed and I thought a few of you guys would be interested.

 It received a 10, with the conclusion/verdict at the end of the review reading thus:
"A work of art in which amazing sights and sounds fuel an emotionally draining, constantly compelling end of days adventure. This is Naughty Dog pushing the PS3 to its absolute limit. Over to you PS4."

 The review also states that it has the edge over and is better than Bioshock Infinite, a game which also received a 10, a couple of months ago. I don't wanna go into any more detail about the review, although suffice to say it has effectively confirmed that I will be picking this up on day one.

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Looking at my statistics, I had 154 restarts across 22 chapters in Uncharted 3. Maybe I just suck, but that seems a bit high.


There's no 'maybe' about it. You just suck.

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Well there is a difference woth a game with a good story, and a game with a good story mode. So Im going to list the ones with a good story mode:


MGS (but that can be REALLY tough to get into and understand)


Resistance 3 (just #3, its really good, the story surprised everyone)

Spec Ops the Line

Portal 2 (everyone should play this game, I dont understand why anyone wouldnt play this game)

Killzone 3

Farcry 3 (i didnt really like it that much, but lots of people thought it was GOTY last year, so I guess its worth it)


(but obviously in most cases, a game with a good story mode, also means it has a good story too. Sometimes the story is throw away but the campaing is still really good)


Good list here. I particularly agree with the Uncharted series, Resistance and Killzone 3 and MGS, although as mentioned, it can be a little daunting to get into. I'm yet to pick up Spec Ops or Far Cry 3, but I hear good things.

Thanks for changing the sig. by the way, Nengo.

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I got Okami HD free with EU Plus and I'm really enjoying it. I'm glad I've got the chance to play this gem that I missed on it's original release.
I'm certainly looking forward to a sequel of some sort.

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If you want to live, be respected, loved and be a real man, you will buy a PS3 ^.^, a smart person will always buy a PS :DMickeyminime
I'm somehow doubting that Megan wants to be a 'real man', thanks for the input though.
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its finally out?Nengo_Flow

Try Google, genius

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EU PS Plus subscriber here.
Thanks for the head's up shads. I'll definitely give Hitman a go, not too sure about Catherine, may be a little too crazy for my gaming tastes.

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[QUOTE="Azzurri22"]Could you please get rid of your potentially seizure inducing sig please Nengo? It looks awful anywayNengo_Flow
Umad bro?

I'm evidently not mad 'bro', as I'm clearly polite and ask you to 'please' get rid of that eyesore of a sig, you clearly love so much.

Are you somewhat retarded? Your complete lack of intelligence and grammar skills shine through brightly in every post you make. You're quite obviously extremely ignorant too, that's for sure.

Are you really not bothered that your sig. may cause people to have seizures?

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Could you please get rid of your potentially seizure inducing sig please Nengo? It looks awful anyway