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Yes, yes and yes.

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The Last of Us. With ease.

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All I know is, the minute I get it, I'm going to sit my butt down. Prepare some snackage on the side, pop up a bottle of soda, and play the living crap out of the game :P.


Sounds like a plan! I'm thinking next weekend will go a similar route for me too.

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[QUOTE="ultimameteora"]Based on the demo I give it an 8.0ultimameteora
I called it.

Congratulations, you really must be so proud of yourself.

All you called was the score given by a website renowned for writing up terrible reviews. You're a long way away from 'calling it' in regards to what the game actually deserves, which would appear to be at least a 9, looking at the vast majority of reviews.

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[QUOTE="ultimameteora"]Based on the demo I give it an 8.0KiriharaZro

With "demo" clearly being the operative word. It's pretty pointless grading a demo, particularly of a game in this style/genre.

...and when turn to the gamplay its evident the change of graphics, if you dont noticed or just deny it well thats up to you, but I dont get amazed with that...

Can you please repeat that in English? I'm afraid I don't speak whatever that was.

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You have to remember The Last of Us is a PS3 exclusive whereas Bioshock Infinite isn't I mean they said Uncharted 3 was better than 2 which is a lie so of course their gonna say that.

Still expecting a must have game though.


It's a lie in your opinion you mean? Fair enough.

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It looks as though Empire Magazine and Edge Magazine have also awarded the game a score of 10.

Particularly impressive in regards to Edge Magazine, as it's only the 15th game in the magazine's history to receive full marks.

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looks cool but I feel like it's just a tad bit overrated even though I didn't try it. (swarm me with disagrees)

I'll try the demo.


What a truly ridiculous thing to say, well done.

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Thank goodness for returns and trade ins. Two games that could have been the next E.T. console crashing mess.

1) Final Fantasy 13

2) PS3 version of Skyrim

I imagine the much younger crowds (20 and under) would have been ok with FF13. But Skyrim was a mess, regardless of the targeted age groups.





I fully agree with your thoughts on Skyrim. I was plagued with various frame-rate issues, hard crashes and quests that couldn't be completed, even after waiting 3 or 4 months for some patches.

This really wore down my interest of the game and although I completed the main questline and a few faction/side quests, it all felt like a bit of chore, with constant worries about the aforementioned issues.

I absolutely loved Oblivion and did every last quest, however, Skyrim never got close to reaching those heights for me and the wife. I'd seriously think twice about buying another Bethesda game at release on PS3.  Any issues should, however, be averted on PS4 due to the amount of available RAM, a lack of which on PS3 supposedly caused many of the problems with Skyrim.

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well I guess i might finally try out Deus Ex. It doesnt interest me much but everyone is always raving about it.Nengo_Flow

Deus Ex is well worth a blast, I really enjoyed it.

I'd personally recommend a stealthy build for a first run-through. I enjoyed it a lot more than the 'guns blazing' route, although the choice, of course, is yours, which is a big part of the fun in itself.