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Black Ops has the best MP of all timeKaY_86

We got us a comedian here guys...

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It seems your tastes and gaming experiences are very similar to my wife's. She loves her RPG's, but isn't into anything too action orientated and challenging in terms of finger dexterity, lightning fast reactions etc. (Here's hoping that doesn't sound too patronising/condescending.)

Anyway, I'd most definitely steer clear of Demon's Souls and lean towards Mass Effect 2 and/or the Dragon Age Series. My wife loved those and played through them (with no help or input from me) more than once. Oblivion isn't a bad shout, but my wife did need a hand from me once or twice even on a low difficulty, granted she'd literally not played a video game for years and years though.

I hope this helps.

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Uncharted 3 for me...Skyrim is a relatively close second though.

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The Killzone series and Uncharted series are the best I believe


Completely agree

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The latest Killzone 3 DLC (Steelrain i think) was my first purchase. I didn't buy it initially due to the DLC map rotation glitch but that's all sorted now. Also downloading the Infamous 2 demo, although I've already pre-ordered it.
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1. Uncharted 3 2. Skyrim 3. LA Noire (got it yesterday!)
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Just the two for me, i'm not really a trophy whore. Uncharted 1 and 2, coincidentally or not, two of my favourite games of all time, particularly the sequel.
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Cannot wait for this game, I've got it pre-ordered with here in the UK, I'm hoping to get it a day or two before the release date of the 20th in the UK. The one review i've found so far is from the Guardian (a relatively upmarket broadsheet (for the non-UKers)) which gave it a maximum 10. Unable to read the full review as it's now embargoed on the Guardian website, but it is showing (with a quote) on Metacritic.
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Killzone 3, great to be back on the killing fields