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I think the gingerbread men are trying to kill me again...

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...that's why I enlisted the help of my evil clone to keep me safe. Unfortunetly he wasn't too interested and decided to tie me to a ceiling fan before turning it up to maximum speed. Thus a word of warning to you all, if you are being hunted by gingerbread men, do not ask your clone for help - he will simply tie you to a ceiling fan in an inverted position.

Okay, leaving aside being attacked by live bread, I finished the first year of my Computer Games Development course (not to be confused with the other Games Design course I was previously enrolled on) a few months ago. The students I met this time seemed to actually know (for the most part) what they were doing. The course itself placed a greater focus on programming than the last. I ended up making two flash games (the second one being developed as part of a group-based assignment) one of which featured a baby and a turret with built-in laser guns fighting giant toasters, teddies, kitchen sinks, and of couse, the absolutely essential "Baby Collector" (we had a less politically correct term for him originally, but calling him by that term probably wouldn't have gone down too well...). Not mentioned in the prospectus was the fact that you needed to have a certain maths qualification (or something higher) in order to pass. Now some of the c l a s s; including myself; had qualifications equivalent to the one we required. But all of us participated in some maths c l a s s e s as part of the course regardless. As one student in the c l a s s said: " I thought I left maths behind at school!" Overall it wasn't particularly difficult. Next year I'm expecting to be dealing with Hexidecimals (sp?). Now THAT will be difficult. On a sidenote the course was cut a few weeks short this year on account of plans being to relocate the college to a new campus. Only it wasn't just this campus. It was all three of them being folded into a campus smaller than the one I was sent to; which was actually the smallest. Some of the staff don't exactly seem too fond of this idea, and to be honest I don't blame them. My maths tutor said that every department will now be assigned a large 'studio' type room, where all study resources for every course will be stored. It should be obvious that this could cause some problems to say the least.

Now on a less positive note, a few days ago it was discovered there was some kind of problem with my dad's heart. It turned out that portions of it were hardening, thus making it increasingly difficult for blood to be circulated correctly. He was hospitalised for several tests before being transferred to a larger hospital for surgery. About two days ago he came out of Intensive Care after having a heart operation and I'm going to visit him tomorrow with my mother.


As for gaming, there's quite bit to talk about, but I'm not about to condense everything into one blog entry, so I'll save most of the interesting stuff for sometime in the near future (probably tomorrow). So to fill the space below with something other than just space, you get to see my thoughts and/or first impressions; if somewhat briefly; on some of the new games I've had the joy (or in some cases the lack thereof) playing in the time I've been away. If you're actually interested in what's below, then you can expect to see more detailed impressions on them in future entries.

Dungeon Siege III

A new take on what was originally a PC-based series, DSIII presents the player with a choice of one of four playable characters, each with their own unique fighting **** Lucas swings about a sword and shield, Anjali gets to impale people with a spear before lobbing balls of fire at them, the third character (whose name I can't remember) is a typical mage who also utilizes defensive melee weapons in close combat and Katarina shoots people with her rifle. Despite only having played the game for a day on Hardcore (the hardest difficulty), I'm almost halfway through. Combat occurs in real time, though I'll admit I had much more fun just blasting away with Kat's rifle than trying to fight someone up close with a sword. Even on the current difficulty this feels far too easy. I think I've only died once thus far, and that can be attributed to a careless mistake which really shouldn't have happened. The story isn't anything special, but isn't too bad either. There seem to be moral choices in this game but it's the typical 'black & white' decision rather than anything new.

Crysis 2

Yes the graphics look fine. Not as good as I was expecting but good enough. This is one of the few FPS games of this console generation that actually has a campaign longer than 8-12 hours. Controls feel smooth and responsive, the guns feel as if they some weight behind them (unlike some other shooters featuring guns that really don't sound, or otherwise give the impression that they are actual guns, as opposed to toys) the level design seems to be fine. Now for the bad part. The AI. I don't know whether this applies to the PC version, but from what I've seen thus far it looks like something was lost in translation here. Sometimes the AI demonstrates incredible cunning, only to display an unbelieveable degree of stupidity shortly afterwards. One such example of this occured when two soldiers attempted to search a room. They entered the room and searched every area throughly, only for one of them to get stuck in a corner on the way out. On a separate occasion, I rolled a giant donut onto a enemy below. Two of his comrades came over and began searching the area when one them climbed on to the roof of the building. As they gave up the search, this same soldier simply walked off the edge of the building. This was followed by an "AAARRRGGG!" Then "OH NO! MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!" I think you can connect the dots.

SOCOM: Special Forces

Well for starters, this is NOT SOCOM. Having said that, his isn't a bad game. It just isn't a particulry good one either. The graphics look nice, but we all know that good graphics don't neccessarily make a great game. Sure they're pretty, but impressive graphics aren't going to save a game that's sub-par in almost every other area. The AI has got be quite possibly some of the worst I've seen in a game. You tell your squad to take cover behind a wall. So they VAULT OVER THE WALL and take cover on the WRONG SIDE. Then one of them gets cut down by a mounted MG. You instruct the others to fall in as you pull back, trying to get a better angle on the gunner. But one of your squadmates dashes on into the open ignoring your orders and gets hit. Before long you've got a mess on your hands, the cause of which is the AI. The squad is a vital aspect of the game. Bad AI that causes such a critical part of the game to function incorrectly is quite obviously a major flaw - you can't have a squad-based shooter if the squad is comprised of complete and utter idiots. :P The AI in the original SOCOM on PS2 was better than this. Level design is linear, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing, but it can potentially make for somewhat dull missions, espicially if you're playing the campaign as opposed to a custom mission or co-op. The cover system is broken - your character automatically stands up when entering tall cover, thus potentially exposing to fire from enemies who wouldn't have a shot if your character were still crouching. Moving while in cover exposes to you to enemy fire, this includes simply turning and facing the other direction (e.g. you character is behind a wall while facing right, you turn him so he's now facing left). Some objects are larger than they look, which can cause problems if you're sniping or trying to shoot round a corner without using the broken cover system. It's possible to magically enhance your firearm's accuracy by simply aiming down the sight or scope, suddenly affording it pinpoint precision. Despite all of those flaws, playing co-op with four other players is great fun. The sheer number of enemies in custom missions and co-op ensures there's always something to shoot at. Human players means no bad AI (at least not in your squad, so that's one problem solved by playing co-op). The soundtrack has a few memorable tracks and the voice acting is strong, as are the sound effects representing gunfire and explosions. The camera is zoomed in too close to the character, but most of the time this isn't too much of a problem. This game is overall moderatly enjoyable in spite of its numerous shortcomings. Worth 'checking your bargain bin'.


A departure from the typical FEAR formula, F.3.A.R. introduces two player co-op for an expierience focused on action over horror. Despite taking a mainstream approach, the game is actually quite enjoyable. Players assume the role of either 'Pointman' or Paxton Fettel, the latter of whom is capable of suspending enemies in mid-air, giving Pointman the opportunity to pull off an easy headshot. Fettel is also able to possess enemy soldiers and use them against the enemy. That could involve possessing an enemy sniper and supporting the other player from afar, or possessing an enemy with a shield to protect Pointman as he falls back, if you find you've bitten off more than you can chew. Though the game lacks a traditional Deathmatch multiplayer mode, the existing modes are highly enjoyable and more than make up for the absence of it. Contractions is particularly worthy of note. Bearing a strong resemblence to CoD's Zombies mode, Contractions pits a maximum of four players against twenty waves of enemy combatants; ranging from soldiers to crazed cultists and supernatural creatures; as the players take on the enemy from the (relative) safety of a building, boarding up windows to slow down the opposition and sometimes exiting the building to retrieve ammo crates to increase the size of the players' weapons stockpile.

Top Gun (PSN DL Game)

A fun; if somewhat short; arcade flight game available on the PSN store. All aircraft in this game handle very unrealistically, you have infinite ammo, and your armor recovers over time (yes, you read that correctly - regenerating health in an arcade flight game). It's very short; even for a DL game; and includes ten missions in total (seven if you exclude the 5-10 minute long training missions).. There's little replay value to be found in the campaign, but the core gameplay was kept me playing anyway while trying to set new high scores. The graphics aren't particularly remarkable, but they're decent. The voice acting and script are both laughably bad, but that's to be expected from a budget game. It's worth playing if an overly simplified Heatseeker sounds appealing.

I'll have more ready from the next entry, but that's all for now.


If you were following my entries around eight months ago, you'll know that I was in the process of posting entries regarding my favourite games. The next entry in that series of blogs is going to take a look at a 1990's ****c - Wing Commander. Following that you'll see entries about Red Ninja: End Of Honor (yep, they used the US spelling even over here in the UK) and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Now you and I are going to play a game. :P I'm going to post an image of a game character and you're going to try to guess who they are and what game he/she is from. Try not to hover the cursor over the image or look at its URL, since either of those could give the answer away. Most of these characters will be from less known games, and any who aren't probably won't be main characters.

Who is this blog's mystery character?

Hey! Stop cheating!

I'm also going to revive the 'Question Of The Blog' feature (which had previously only been featured in one blog before I dropped the idea). So this blog's question is:

What was the first scene from a video game that left you disturbed or "freaked out" in some way?

The Game Over or 'Funeral' sequence from Wing Commander left me little disturbed when I saw it for the first time at the age of three. :P

Skip to 6:52 for the scene from the Snes version

The Sega CD version

Super Wing Commander version

Life is too long...

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A long time ago I sold my original copy of Gunvalkyrie; an Xbox title by Sega released exclusively on Xbox. Two days a go I found a preowned copy priced at £2.50 and bought it in a heartbeat. All I can say is that this one of the most under-appreciated games around. It won't appeal to everyone, but those to do enjoy and appreciateit will understand exactly what makes it so much of a joy to play, regardless of how many times you've cleared the game.

If you're familiar with the likes of Otogi, Shinobi (PS2) and Kunochi, you'll feel right at home here. If you were to read most reviews of the game, you'd find that a common opinion shared by the critics is that the game is very hard. While this game is not for the average, casual player, I think most of the reviewers are somewhat over-exaggerating. In fact the largest barriers for new players to overcome will be the control scheme and playstyle required for one to effectively play the game.

I finished my first playthrough yesterday and am currently three quarters of the way done with my second, though I'll have to wait until my third run before I can get the True ending. I'm going to write about this in more detail at some point (most likely after posting the blog about Men Of Valor) as well as produce a review (which I should be able to actually finish this time, unlike the Singularity review which was not possible to complete due to it being too difficult to get into a multiplayer game). i'm going to replace my current theme with a Gunvalkyrie theme after acquiring the true ending.

I was expecting an option for a harder difficulty level and possibly a New Game+ option but seems both features were omitted from the game. Other than this, my only disappointment with the game is that the game just feels too easy. Yes that's right. I said 'easy'. Because as I've also already said, the greatest obstacles that can potentially limit the game's accessibilityare the control scheme and playstyle. Upon grasping both, it should be possible to progress without much difficulty (until you reach the some of the last few bosses, who can still be a pain). Thoughnone of the above issues bother me much.It was only a few minutes ago that I found a solid strategy for use against a specific boss. It took me quite few tries during my first playthrough. In the end I ended up using a Reserve Shield, a single-use only item used toprevent death by restoring the Shield to max the moment it hits zero. While I died during the final boss fight (along the Normal ending route) after a ten-minute battlewithin which I inflicted no damage whatsoever, I defeated the boss during my second attempt earned an S rank. Now how the exactly does that work?

I won't be able to continue blogging until the current family computer is moved to our new house. Unless I were to use my laptop. Which runs off Windows Vista. Or my PS3. SoI hope my new college dosen't issue any computer-based work to be completed outside of college until that time, or until a new computer is purchased.

Now it's time to be honest. Who assumed this blog would be about something else other than Gunvalkyrie after reading the title and the first paragraphup to 'A long time ago I...'

The Guardian Angel

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This is a general update which I'm going to post while I can, bearing in mind that my Internet isn't great because Virgin Media; previously known for providing faster connection speeds than the majority of other Internet service providers in the UK; has managed to have a major screw-up causing customers within my local area and a specific area in Scotlandto lose their connections altogether. A few days ago an engineer was sent to one area in problems were being experienced, but was recalled after being told the issues had been fixed. That was a dumb idea. Because guess what? They hadn't been fixed. Internet seems to fine now but that's not to say it's actually going to stay this way.

I'm moving to my home later this week, most likely on Thursday. The following week I'm attending my new college's induction week. The previous college's induction was pretty poor.

A conversation I had with a student during that week:

Student; So how many years are you on this course for?

Me: Two.

Student: Ah cool, cool. Yeah I'm here for two as well. What do your parents think about you doing Games Design?

Me: They support the idea.

Student: Yeah, my parents don't really mind what I do as long as it's Games Design.

Me: :|

Student: My dad helped to make Terminator: Salvation.

Me: I see. (wait, is that actually a good thing...?)

Student: I'm going to make a game like Mass Effect and Call Of Duty and Halo all in one.

Me: Good luck with that.

Student: Yeah thanks. But first I've got to complete this course so I can get into university. Uh do you know where we're supposed to be for the next lesson?

Me: Room H064.

Student: I think it's the one at the end of this corridor.

Me: No that's the Ladies Toilets (we call them that in the UK).

Student: :|

Me: ...

Student: Cool! :D

It didn't help that a map of the college had been given to us that by the second half of the first term, was of little use; since half the rooms on the map no longer existed by then. It's all very well going down the corridor to the C block in theory, but in reality it doesn't work because there is a HARD, CONCRETE WALL IN THE WAY.

This same student decided it would be a fun idea to start touching me inappropriately on a regular basis. Despite me asking him (yes, asking, because I'm just like that)not to do this on numerous occasions, he didn't listen. So I hit him. And then he listened. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not a violent person. Quite the opposite in fact. But this idiot was pushing it.

During the first week the students were required to produce a review for a 2D game through a presentation. Around this same time a weird trend had been gaining ground throughout the class. This trend was to use the sentences 'It has a good story. It's believable, but not exactly something that happens everyday'. And this led to some pretty funny experiences. When it came to the above student's turn it turned out he was reviewing a Super Mario Bros. game. Okay, fair enough. A respectable classic. But then...

Student: Uh, so like this game, is called Super Mario Brothers and it's 2D. Ummm, you like jump over things and on people and like, they die. Uh, it has a really good story because it's believable but it dosen't happen everyday.

Class: :|

Darn right it doesn't happen everyday. :lol:

Another assignment required us to produce a presentation on our 5 favourite games. One students chose Left 4 Dead as one his top five, but used the same sentences again.

Student: Left 4 Dead. The zombies sound realistic and it has a good story. It's believable. But not something that happens everyday.

They both managed to get accepted onto the second year. I'll leave the rest for you to think about.

I started playing Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom again, which I would be better off playing online. Other than replaying original Xbox favourites it's mostly been Dante's Inferno: Trials Of St. Lucia DLC and Contra: Shattered Soldier (the latter of which isn't as hard as you might think). For those unfamiliar with Trials Of St. Lucia, the DLC is essentially an editor giving players the chance to create scenarios which can then be uploaded to the EA servers for players to tackle either alone or with a second player (depending on the trial). After finally finishing the development of a trial I uploaded it to the servers. I'm very disappointed to see that the majority of trials are either specifically made for boosting and that those which aren't are somewhat poorly designed.

For anyone curious as to how the editor functions:

- Determine player stats, number of lives available to the player(s),the level of difficulty, player character(s) and whether the trial will be for one or two players.

- Select an arena. A maximum of six may be chosen per trial.

- Add and edit Waves by setting the objective, enemies , items, traps and stats of each.

- Test your trial, MAKE SURE THAT IT'S POSSIBLE FOR THE PLAYER ACHIEVE THEIR OBJECTIVE. I've seen trials that require the player to create a # hit combo. Unfortunately even when every hit connects,the enemies have too little health to survive long enough for the combo to be created. This isn't called making a difficult trial. THIS IS CALLED BAD GAME DESIGN.

- Upload you Trial after the testing phase is complete.

Earlier today I hit 134 on the Leaderboards, though I would expect I've been set back a few ranks since that time. If anyone owns the game and has the DLC then you're certainly welcome to play and rate the Trial. I wonder if anyone has actually beaten it yet. I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do for next year's April Fools. :P

There's a few people I still have to add to my PSN friends list. What I would like to say to those recently added me however is that a few months ago I had a VERY large friends list that was fast approaching 100. It mostly consisted of GS members and random NGS2, Uncharted 2 and COD:WAW players whom I either rarely or never talked or played with across PSN. It came to my attention as I started playing Demon's Souls online that I would need more room to add people whom I'm, going to play with (as opposed to have just sitting there on my list looking pretty). If at some point I delete you, chances are it's because we haven't played or talked across PSN in recent times prior to that happening and I want to make sure I don't end up with a cluttered list. I did explain something related to this in a previous blog but I don't know how many actually read that specific part. On a related note, if you receive chain mail I recommend deleting the mail and if the person who sent the mail, especially if it's a random. There have been cases of people opening PSN messages citing false claims of Trophycard Generators, which in actual fact just ask you for your PSN password. Be particularly cautious of chain letters mentioning Kevin Butler.

Anyway, anyone want to play COD:WAW's campaign on Vet? Or Resistance 2's co-op on Superhuman? It's difficult to find any good players for the former.

The next blog will resume my favourite game list with Men Of Valor; another PC and Xbox game. I would like to play Gun Valkyrie again but I traded in my copy a long time ago. I'll search on eBay. Great, now that's yet another item added to my list of things to purchase on eBay.

Lightning Strikes / Seibu Kaihatsu / Raiden 3 OST


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In 2006 Enclave was released on PC and Xbox. While not a particularly well-known game, it did receive some recognition for its punishing difficulty, impressive graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. This game quick;y became one of my favourites thanks to it's intriguing fantasy setting and replay value.

Enclave is set within a medieval fantasy world that has literally been torn apart. 1000 years prior to the events of the main story the Kingdom of Celenheim fought against the Dreg-Atar, a band of tribes from the lands beyond the Kingdom's borders. In a final desperate attempt to stave off the invaders, the wizard Zale cast a spell that tore the land asunder and created a rift between Celenheim and the Outlands. The Dreg-Atar invasion force disappeared - along with Zale. Over time Celenheim returned to normal and the Dreg-Atar were soon forgotten. But as time progressed the gap separating Celenheim from their fierce enemies grew smaller. As the land returned to its former state, so did the relationship between the Kingdom and the Outlanders...

And this is were our story begins...

Enclave offers the player the opportunity to play two campaigns. The Light campaign casts the player in the role of one of the Kingdom's noble warriors who embarks upon a perilous journey across the Rift in order to seek aid from beyond the Outlands after learning of a plan by the Dreg-Atar to launch a full-scale attack on the Enclave, while the Dark campaign sees the player fill the boots of an Outlander serving the supreme commander of Dreg-Atar forces;High Councillor Mordessa; as they covertly perform their duties behind enemy lines while paving the way for the aforementioned attack.

Regardless of the side the player chooses to ally with, a series of very challenging missions will need to be undertaken in order to advance the plot. Fulfilling certain criteria within these missions will unlock additional playable characters for use, and this leads to one of Enclave's strongest points - its replay value. Each character supports a distinct playstyle. Bearing this in mind it becomes more than just tempting to replay every mission as a different character just to discover all of the ways in which it can be completed.

Celenheim characters


Skilled swordsmen from Celenheim. They are adept at melee combat and make up the bulk of the Kingdom's army.


An elven huntress skilled in the use of the Bow and Crossbow.


The Druids possess the power to wield the forces of nature.The Druid is the only character capable of equipping the Astral staff, which grants it's wielder the ability to summon the Earth Golem for use in battle.


A fast and nimble scout who can wield both an axe and Crossbow, each to deadly effect.


Gnome engineers are responsible for the construction of Celenheim's defenses and are well-versed in the use of traps. In combat blunt weapons and explosives are their favoured weapons.


The wizards are powerful magic-users whose power is only matched by the sorceresses of the Dreg-Atar.

Dreg-Atar chracters


Ruthless killers who stalk their victims concealed by the shadows, before putting them to sleep with an arrow or crossbow bolt. Their marksmanship is equal to that of the Huntresses.


Berserkers are towering Ogres adept in the use of swords. As strong, frontline fighters they can easily overwhelm all but the best of the Enclave's warriors.


A wielder of black-magic the sorceresses are known for their ability to manipulate the powers of Poison and Death.


Fast and agile, the Goblins act as raiders and are; in a similar manner the Halflings; are also able to use axes and crossbows with deadly results.


Orcs who have developed an obsession with explosives. With the skills necessary to use both swords and explosives, they often serve as saboteurs, destroying enemy defenses; usually by blowing them up (along with themselves).


One who is close companions with the powers of the Underworld, the Lich is able to command the undead and evil spirits.

Poor AI, a lack of a checkpoint system and a steep learning curve were among this game's games flaws, but despite these I will always remember it as being a very enjoyable experience.


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This is yet another update blog.

The move is nearly finished and I will be permanently settled by next week. Only a few large objects (e.g computer) need to be moved. So yay me! Most of the new objects moved in will be stored in the garage as opposed to actually being in the house itself. My father got his car back today after a part needed replacing. However it seems that the seats and brakes were tampered with. Today we also tried to register with a new GP but the nearest clinic is operating with a single doctor;who is in fact from a different clinic anyway. So we're planning to register at the other clinic.

Now for something entirely unrelated.

The next blog I write is going to be about Enclave - a game released in 2006 for PC and Xbox. In fact I'm most likely going to begin writing a series of blogs about my favourite games. Some time ago I said I would write a Singularity review, but it's near impossible to get into a multiplayer game, thus making more than just a little difficult to write an accurate review. If anyone wants to play (on PSN only)let me know. I'm not going to be able to access my PS3 until tomorrow though since it hasn't yet been moved to our new house.

A short videodemonstrating Enclave gameplay. This player made a fatal mistake and payed for it.

Oh and if anyone wants to play Resident Evil 5 Lost In Nightmares and Desperate Escape with me(across PSN)let me know too. I remember finishing RE5's Veteran difficulty on Xbox 360 with the AI (because I don't have Xbox Live) and I'm planning to do so again with the PS3 version; after completing the aforementioned scenarios on Professional. It was a few days ago that I watched a YouTube Let's Play of the DLC content that reminded me to finish them on Pro. One of my most memorable moments came from playing LIN with a first time player who got caught under the trap I prepared when I was grabbed (and later impaled by an enemy). Another noteworthy experience occurred during a DE playthrough with someone who was killed by the same Reaper over and over again... until I dropped off the ledge I had just been boosted up to and helped him. Then he was killed by something else. I also remember the health gauge burning a temporary image into my TV set. >.>

I was able to finish Warcraft 3's Human campaign but I'm stuck neart the end of the Undead campaign. I found a video walthrough but haven't continued playing yet.

In the time that I wasn't helping with the move I also completed Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory - which is undoubtedly one of the worst shooters I've ever seen. Yes it has an auto-aim function. But the same function is just as helpful as it is troublesome. The PSP isn't suited for shooters. Period. It's near impossible to aim accurately without a second stick. Couple this with an auto-aim feature that causes the reticle to become caught between enemies rather than focusing on one, and you have one crappy aiming system.

I'm planning to change my avatar soon. I think I'll get a Nova avatar whenI purchase Starcraft 2.

And to wrap this blog up you get to ask (almost) anything - again. Because I'm bored.

"Only the victors re-write the history books..."

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A cookie for whomever guesses correctlywhich game this line is from. This is just an update blog.


Haven't played Trinity Universe in a several weeks. Will probably go back to doing so in a few weeks. Purchased Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on PS3, so now I own the game on all three platforms. Also purchased Starcraft (with Brood War expansion pack), Warcraft 3:Reign Of Chaos and Diablo 2. Having played all three to a degree I can see how they became so popular.

Playing with new COD:WAW and Lost Planet 2 players is fun. Anyone want to try COD:WAW co-op on Veteran? A fair number of the players I met while playing Vet just seem to die a lot.

Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos

At the end of the Human campaign.


Not exactly sure how close to finishing the Terran campaign I am.

Diablo 2

Not very far at all (still in Act 1). Oh and the Amazon's voice is great. I don't know the name of her VA, but whomever it is her voice is perfect for capturing the spirit and character of the Amazon. Couldn't have made a better choice.


We've moved some new furniture in. The entire move will be finished by mid-August.

One of my favourite boss themes from one of my favourite JRPG's.




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Okay so no one tagged me but I felt like doing this anyway. Now unlike most of you who have posted one these already I don't actually own a music player of any description (shocking I know :o, so all of the tracks you see below are from a YouTube playlist I made yesterday. In some cases I've posted a (or several)company name(s) since I wasn't exactly sure whose name I should have put instead. So please sit back, enjoy, maybe laugh a bit and hope Vista dosen't crash on me again.

1. Put Your iTunes (or other music player) on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name. (I put it underneath the song title)
5. Tag at least 10 friends.
6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say

Adam / Zunata / G-Darius OST

2. How would you describe yourself?

Strategy Instructions / Hitoshi Sakimoto / Valkyria Chronicles OST

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?

Ephemeral Dream / Bandai Namco / SoulCalibur 3 OST

4. How do you feel today?

Briefing 1 / Bandai Namco / Ace Combat 5 OST

5. What is your life's purpose?

B.T. Dutch / Zunata / G-Darius OST

6. What is your motto?

One Down / Zunata / G-Darius OST

7. What do your friends think of you?

Operation Bunker Shot / Bandai Namco / Ace Combat 4 OST

8. What do you think of your parents?

Lifeline / Bandai Namco / Ace Combat 4 OST

9. What do you think about very often?

Intruder / Takemitsu Yuji / Raiden III OST

10. What is 2 + 2?

Briefing 2 / Bandai Namco / Ace Combat 5 OST

11. What do you think of your best friend?

Valkyrie March / Hitoshi Sakimoto / Odin Sphere OST

12. What do you think of the person you like?

Disillusion / Sachi Tainaka / Fate/stay night

13. What is your life story?

Code / Sachi Tainaka

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

The Cave / id Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software, Activision / Return To Castle Wolfenstein OST

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?

Sitting Duck / Bandai Namco / Ace Combat 4 OST

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?

VR Training / KCESTJ / Metal Gear Solid OST

17. What will they play at your funeral?

Gallant Fight / Hitoshi Sakimoto / Valkyria Chronicles OST

18. What is your hobby/interest?

Main Theme / TAPPY / Metal Gear Solid OST

19. What is your biggest fear?

Ravaged Town / id Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software, Activision / Return To Castle Wolfenstein OST

20. What is your biggest secret?

Confrontation / Bandai Namco / SoulCalibur 3 OST

21. What do you think of your friends?

MOTOR HEAD / Daisuke Dishwater / BlazBlue: Calamity trigger OST

22. What will you put as the title?

Gale / Daisuke Dishwater / BlazBlue: Calamity trigger OST