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Just decided to start reviewing or putting my score on things

For the most part its hard to put your score on things from so long ago. This is mainly because you already know how the gens after it went, and you keep thinking about its inferiorities in comparison. I will try to be fair to the times of its outing though, and try to keep an unbiased as possible view on things. It can be hard, but meritng games only off their series and nostalgia has been a bad practice that I want to rectify.

So far its really hard to justify Zelda the most. They are all fantastic, but they are all fantastic. Judging one better than the other for the times is tough. Moreso than any other series to me since they all hold something deep in me.


Hi everyone! I guess I'll start with a few notable things about my gaming life and maybe some things in the outside world! My name is Brandon, I love spaghetti, and college is fun with a major in BCH. I'm half korean, and spent a lot of time overseas but have been in the states for around 5 years as of now. I guess by these forums standards I am known as a "Sheep" for the most part. I also have a bit of "Hermit" in me since those are the systems I most likely play. Xbox isn't really my thing tbh, but I tend to not judge so harshly. Would love to have a PS3, but the WiiU is my next go to system and broke college kids don't have such luxury to get everything ;). Welp whoever reads this little thing, nice to meet you.