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~So I can finally login and use the site...interesting~

That's right. For some months now I've been trying to "log in" in this mess of a place but I couldn't. For some reason, the whole site was not responding. Whatever I did, it just wouldn't work. The only solution for me to actually use the site, was to right click in a link and open it in another tag. That's stupid. So i gave up. But today, by coincidence, I logged in my phone so I was like "wth, why not"....and now it works.

So my question is this, what the hell was going on?

~Got another emblem~

Game Night 2012 Celebration

Game ON! Players gathered in small collective teams of 4 to celebrate and participate in the first community game night for 2012. GameSpotters got some to spend some time with their community managers as they played Mass Effect 3 on the X360. For those who were unable to get in on the fun we tested their trivia skills with some Mass Effect lore.

With this one i have 31 in total. Not bad, not bad!

~GS Unions - What is their future?~

As I believe, I am an old GS user, dating back from 2006-2007; having changed many accounts, and mostly known as Grottekvarnen and Azaru32. My first experience on GS, was joining a wonderful union back then, known as the Prince of Persia Clan. That union was epic! As a forever fan of Prince of Persia series, I enjoyed spending my time talking and discussing with fellow members about our all-time favorite game( yes, Prince of Persia!). After a while, I started joining more unions that I was interested in, until I created my own union, the Worldwide Gamers union. I can only say one thing about my experience from that. It was a BLAST!!! The feeling of leading a small community, the pleasure of meeting new people, the joy from making new friends. The best moment of my GS "carrier". Anyways, after this union, I have helped to create many other unions (look at the top of my blog).

What I'm trying to say, is that basically, I'm visiting GS (other that for gaming news), for its unions and their small community (unfortunately). GS unions have been abandoned for so many years, after many attempts of fellow GS members and also admins. I want, and I am trying, to believe that there is still hope left for the very community that makes me visit this site. Unions need attention, and I cannot watch them suffer and whither as the time goes by. A certain admin, Synthia, is trying to help unions and lift our spirits by pointing out that there IS hope.

There have been many threads about this matter, also a very known thread with a suggestion about how unions should look like (V2 unions), but now there is a poll about if we want a change or if we prefer the state that unions are at. Please, visit this THREAD and vote for what you want. This blog entry is just another attempt to help unions as much as I can. Fellow GS Union's members, hang in there. There might still be hope left...


~New Emblem~

Umbrella Employee

Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life This user demonstrated knowledge of the inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation. -Created by GS user Deershadow

So with this, I have a total of 30 emblems. If I also had the emblems of my old profile, I probably go beyond 40 emblems which is a nice number. Anyway, 30 is good too. Looking forward to more...

~ONE PIECE FANS on duty~

Ok, I've seen many anime unions on GS, other general while others more specific and focused on several or one anime. There are tons of unions for bleach, naturo etc but there is only ONE union for one piece, which is supposed to be one of the most popular ones. This union is striving to survive due to low activity on GS. So, my point is, if you are a One Piece fan, then you MUST support this union. Join if you haven't join and invite or recommend it to your friends. If you aren't a one piece fan and you don't know of it, then its time that you do, cause its a great anime. On the other hand, if you just wanna help out, despite liking one piece or not, you are more than welcome to. So common. Show some love for this union and the anime it is representing. Thanks for reading. If you joined, welcome! If you haven't, its never too late :P

--->One Piece Pirates Union

~GS still amazes me~

Yea thats right. After 5 years in GS I'm still amazed at how glitchspot it is. Now this account is bugged and while being logged into it, i cannot view any image on the site. Well, except my avy/sig and banner/header. Other than that, all other images including other users's avys/sigs and union banners, are invisible to me. I can only see their borders and nothing else. Something that i find extremely annoying. It makes the whole thing boring. EVEN MORE THAT IT ALREADY IS. Ah huh.

Anyway, hope this is resolved. I hope mods and staff get back to me and fix this. Until then, I will be using both this account and my old old old account (Grottekvarnen). So thats it. Keep amazing me GS!!!


~I was wondering...~

...if I should spend some more time in GS. And in order to do that i need a purpose. I was thinking of raising my union GAMES DIMENSION X back from the dead (again). It might do the trick. I don't know. I'm not sure. What do you think? should i try it? (again?). Is anyone willing to help? Go to this thread and vote if you will

Thanks for reading. Cya later ;)