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FREE works..look and atleast try it out

so pretty much ive been gone a while because i dont have the money to afford the games and systems with college and all, but my friend told me about this site and that he had filled out the surverys and used fake emails and adresses and phone numbers but kept his real name, and got the stuff he wanted... so im trying it right now, and there is a referal system, i would get 20% of all the points u earn... good for me yes, and if u like it to u can let other ppl know about it...

so check out the site, try a few surveys, c if u like it or not.... and with my rate im at, i should b able to get a ps3 in about a month... not bad i say....


Orange Box

so i was looking around and getting sick of AoE3 and decided to get portal, but i couldnt find it unless its with the orange box set, I found it on ebay for $40, so i saved $10 there. Idk i coulda waited for april to ocme and just get protal but u get 4 more games for $20 so i couldnt turn it down...Now its just gotta ship to me.......OFF TO SUBWAY: EAT FRESH lol

So im Actually Still Here

Ya well nothing exciting, cept im still here unlike many people who are getting banned. I think its been 3.5 yars since i got on gamespot. pretty crazy i tell ya.

Well my mgaming world, uhh cant afford/ dont want to buy games so i am playing Maplestory, not to bad actually. Im lvl 34 on it and it takes forever to lvl as a spearmen, or for ma atleast. Anyone else play, let me know ur name so i can add u.

Another thing is animes. Downloaded Witchblade and surprisingly actually very good storyline for having a big chested lady as the main character. Other than that Naruto is still #1 for me and i watch the show and read the manga online. Story is getting really good now too :) Kinda sorta watched a couple episodes of Bleach, i have a feeling ill b watching that now in the near future too, let me know how good it is if u watch it.

Yaaa took driving course, now i drive like an old man, 55 all the way, i cant get another ticket!!!! Umm sent out my college apps today, finallyyy they are done! Just gotta wait on that and my retake on the ACT... i got a 27 but with all my AP classes i think i did wayyyy better on it, hopefully a 30 or around there.

Ya so i honestly dont do much on gamespot anymore cept for look around the site, not really interested in unions sryyyyy.... ummm and i do check PM's so feel free to write me something


AGH...Speeding Ticket


i got a speeding ticket, i was passing a guy who cut out infront of me and was just going super slow ,and theni saw a car coming at me so i just sped up not to hit him, and it happened tob a cop, and i honestly go 60 in 55's and 65 on interstates, so i really have nothing wrong, cuz no cop will ever give u a ticket for 60 in a 55, thats just dumb, but ya

passing the guy and i guess he got me at 74mph, and i no my car doesnt get that quick that fast...o well

now i gotta take a 4 hour class and b on court supervision and pay for the ticket and the class, which is 105 dollars

and if i get another ticket then im pretty much walking everywhere

ugh, just my luck

Ive Fallen Asleep

or atleast spaced out cuz i havent posted anything for a long time,still here though, just working alongwith summer college courses makes my life busy

but dont forget about me

and ya im lvl 24 today now too



well i keep beating it, so i customized it to 200 mines with the largest spaces....and i beat it, its really hard, and i know its really boring too, but its challanging, just letting everyone know

The Legend of Dragoons

so why is it that such a game couldnt be continued...this game was a masterpiece of its time. As i look into the game when i play it i notice that it was long enough to keep me busy for hours and hours on end, and that it never got old. the legend of dragoon was a game that came out to keep up with the final fantasy games and was thought to rival it. And to me it did, the game starts out with one character and continues to grow and has a plot that seems to include every person in the game. The game also had a very unusual but addicting fight sequence with timing and ended up being a hit! the game did lack a few battles moves and sometimes got repetetive with walking 5 ft to another battle, BUT a true fan could get past that. Seeing as the game was long and deep in plot the only thing that could have made it better was graphics, and the in game graphics were great for the period it was in, but when you reached a cutseen, it was almost priceless because the things you saw were glorious for the time period, it felt like HD lol. The story of the dragoons is a easy one to follow and maybe a bit odd but with RPG's its almost always going to be like that. So as to why they never made a sequel is beyond me, because if they would, it could become the best RPG to this date

God Of War 2...Done

yea, beat the game in 3 days...13 hours to be exact

wayyyy tooo easy

but it was a good middle to the trilogy, now i just gotta wait for the 3rd to come out on the ps3...ugh

beat the challenge of the gods also and pretty much unlocked everything there is in the game

Blaster Master

yup lvl 22

finally getting past that whole lvl 20 has been really good, so anyone who is on it. sucks to b u

Done With Ninja Giaden

ya i played the x box ninja gaiden, not black though

but still all the same really, so it took me and my friend about 18 hours game time, more around 25 just dying all the time

but ya it was extremely long and tough the whole time, but still a very good game, we (I lol) went into the last 2 bosses with one talisman of rebirth, and thats almost impossible, BUT we did it

im so happy we beat it that i never want to touch it again