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Discontinued Emblems?

I updated my game collection for the first time in years the other day and I now have 232 games (thanks to the Steam Sale :P ) but I dont have the Serious Collector Emblem, do they no longer hand them out like the 100% achievement emblem?

Great, Here Comes The Snow...

Oh whoopie. :( Time to miss another month of college like last year and have to catch up. Time to worry if I will die because I'm stranded in the middle of no where. When you grow up you have to worry about driving in snow and getting stuck, hitting patches of black ice, and spending ages defrosting the interior of your car which always seems to make you a little late, and feebly scraping the ice and snow off of your windscreen with hands bitten by the cold! Inevitably forgetting either your scarf, gloves or hat. :P When you were a kid you used to sprint at patches of ice and slide across pathways and pavements, now you carefully step everywhere for fear of falling on your rear. There is the fun side of snow however, snowball fights are always a joy and building snowmen for such a long time that you no longer feel the cold and infact take off your gloves for more effective sculpting. Getting indoors after a long day of working outside, or a short dash a few feet from the car. Snow also means being with family for Christmas and New Year and nothing can beat family :)

Hope everyone has fun this season and stays safe.

I'm In My College's Prospectus...

A friend of mine told me I am in this years prospectus for the college I attend. I am still there this year doing my second year of Horticulture. When I looked at it I had the same thought everyone else thinks when they see a photo of themselves however, I noticed something was up with my leg and knee which is infront of a wall. For some unknown reason they have decided to photoshop my leg? It now looks thin and tiny and looks like it is clipping with a wall I am kneeling infront of. I shall ask them why on earth they did it :| Dreading everyone in my class seeing it now :(

Back after 3 years? :D

Well Im back after three years roughly. A lot has changed since i last posted. I continued to work in the hospital i live near for about a year, which i did enjoy and it was an eye opener but the hours were not very nice :( I then worked in my next door neighbours Fish and Chip shop for another year which was a good laugh :P Now i am coming to the end of a course i started about this time last year. National Certificate Horticulture at a landbased college near Edinburgh in Scotland, its brill cos it mixes the practical skills in with the academic skills and you spend a lot of time out and about. The setting also reminds me a lot of the south west of england where im from because it is rather flat compared to other parts of Scotland and is so rural with farms dotted about! The things ive done at that college will still be there 20+ years from now like building fences and planting trees ! Ive left my mark on the landscape hehe. Ill be doing the next level of the certificate next year which is a Higher National Certificate. Comment this with what youve all been doing since i was last on GS :)

Whales 2

Sorry , no photos ( none that are really good anyway ) We did see a lot more than we did last time but last time the few we did see came right up close to the boat so :( The ones we did see were big though , huge .

Recently got into the Japanese band The Pillows they are great they really are , check them out on YouTube or something .


Wahey , going whale watching on Saturday for the second time , should be totally awesome as it was last time ! I'll try 'n' get some pics .

Burst Lip

SO i got up early to move a bookcase and because the person i was moving it with insisted on carrying it awkwardly they pushed it back into my face and burst my lip right open with the very corner of the bookcase , my lip got swollen and it still hurts now ! Bah i can feel the split line running up my whole lip ! :(

On i better vibe i got accepted as a nurse in the hospital i live near , woop woop ! :)


My 4th driving lesson tomorrow , main roads are scary stuff lets hope i dont kill anyone...

Yes im 18 in 10 days as well . Havent really needed to drive up until now .

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