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Dragon Age: Origins Launch Party - I'm competing!

I want to start off by saying a massive thank you to GameSpot, Bioware and EA for this amazing prize.

As some of you may have spotted, last week GameSpot UK ran a competition to find 4 lucky gamers to represent GameSpot and Team UK at the worldwide launch of Bioware's highly anticipated Dragon Age: Origins. I am one of the lucky few to be picked, and along with 3 others will be representing the UK Team as we get to play Dragon Age: Origins before it releases worldwide next month.


The event is being held up in London on Wed 28th - Thurs 29th October, and will see 12 teams from around the world fly in to compete in a 24 hour gaming marathon. Throughout the day teams will be eliminated until the final team will scoop a jackpot of $50,000.

I'm a huge fan of RPGs, particularly from Bioware and have been eagerly awaiting this game since seeing the footage shown off at E3. Coming from the developers of Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, I am sure we are in for a real treat.

If you want to find out more about the game be sure to check out the Dragon Age: Origins Launch Centre here on GameSpot which features gameplay videos, screenshots, interviews with the developers and of course the forums to discuss it all on.

We will do our best to keep you up to date with our progress and thoughts on the game as we play. So please show some support for Team UK / Team GameSpot by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and of course here on GameSpot.

Finally a personal thank you to Alex, Dan and Jon for making this possible and sorting it all out. Can't wait to get started.