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Monty Brown signs to ECW!

Yeah it's true he's on ECW. Well this isn't the best choice in my opinion but he will continue to dominate everyone and everything,,,,which is probably why he signed with ECW! but some good news is he Still uses The POOUNCE! click below for the video of his debut match:

clickhere -video

Monty Brown, X-PAC, Chyna on WWE

It's official Monty Brown has signed with WWE and was seen backstage with X-Pac and Chyna

World Wrestling Entertainment (2006-present)

On October 23, 2006, it was reported that Brown was backstage at Monday Night RAW in Chicago.

On November 16, it was publicly announced on WWE.com that Monty Brown signed a contract with the company. They referred to Monty Brown as a former linebacker for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL without mentioning his time spent in TNA Wrestling.

Reports state that Monty along with X-Pac and Chyna was seen backstage on November 27 edition of RAW.

Dave Meltzer reported on Live Audio Wrestling on January 7 that Monty had suffered a knee injury and that was the cause for delay in his WWE debut. Meltzer also added that there was still no word on what brand Monty would be on.

Monty Brown has some choices to choose from in going to the WWE, whether he wants on RAW, SmackDown!, or ECW.

Not Gonna be here as much...

Yeah I've been getting tornado watches like non-stop so I won't be here but I'll still do the simmed season shows and to everybody else, keep the topics going!


Back to Buisness

Ok I solved that whole thing with that guy but now it's back to buisness! Simming shows and Getting my profile level, posts and embels back to what the used to be like ohh and getting all 170 friends back which might take a while

My Gamespot New Year's Resolution

Well basically I was gonna say to beat my old profile but thats a long shot since my current level is 8 and my posts is 1,318 compared to my old profile-level 15 and 3,268 posts.So I guess it's to be the most active member on all the boards I'm on.


                                                     MM when's the awards????

Need some opinions

I got some extra cash left over and was wondering if I should use it on Rainbow Six:Vegas:

it looks pretty good but if you got any better idea's please tell

Video Game awards proof it!

Well my game of Gears of War came out on top for 360 with best graphics, best gaming company,best multiplayer and best gun game and was the crowd favorite to win the Game Of The Year Award which means if you don't know this game you are CRAZY!

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