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Just use the poison and it will ask if you want to coat your weapon with it for the next attack.Colinschindler

So to add those type of effects, like drain health 100, do I have to enchant?  Since I aonly level 10 I can ruin my RPG experience and start using magic to echant things.  BTW, the game is super hard without magic....

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Diggining this one out of the archive's for sure.

I am stealth character(thief) and I am trying to use as little magic as possible in the game.  However I am level 10 and my damage is PATHETIC.  I usually have to bow and arrow my way to victory. I've been upping my alchemy skill, but my question is, how do I add a poison to a dagger for instance?  Is that all done through enchanting?  If so, then how can up my enchanting skills without focusing on magic?  I don't want ot have to purchase my enchanted items as I would rather enchant my own and I dont want to steal my soul gems or purchase them.  So how do I capture a soul WITHOUT using magic?  And if you saying i need to purchase a blade with the enchantment on it, thats lame.  There has to be a way for me use my alchemy skill to create a wicked potion that I can use on my blade WITHOUT USING MAGIC or purchasing the item alreayd.


Thank you!:)



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I am very computer savy (do it for a living) so this is by no means a user error or FIREFOX error. The comments sections on news articles jumps all over the place.

If I were to post in a new article that has 50 comments and then i refresh the page, suddenly there aer 20 comments or 30 or whatever random number wants to happen and all comments from 20 and up or 30 and up are missing.

I have already cleared all temp files manually and automatically and the problem still peresists. This has happened from day one of the site restructure, but I wanted to see if your webmaster would catch and resolve the problem.

I STFA and saw no mention of this annoying bug and it has happened to me already. Also somtimes on the summary news section it says the comment count is 1 when its actually above 200 comments.