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Your only 22 just enjoy life now. It'll come.

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@XaosII: I know I pay state federal and local (city) income tax. Hell so far this year it's totaled about 20 grand for me alone not including property tax and any other tax or "fee"

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Everyone makes their life seem amazing on Facebook. My wife had a miscarriage late last year and it seems everyone else she knows had or are having their babies. Some of which didn't mean to which upsets her a lot because she wanted it so bad. She refused to try till after we married and now it's been a year almost of just one miscarriage.

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@LJS9502_basic: it's opposite here the city is major democratic and it's a crap hole the suburbs are republican majority and much much nicer. But I don't feel like getting into it.

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@XaosII: well you do already pay local income tax on top of federal and state. It's kinda amazing how many levels and areas of taxes there are.

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@LJS9502_basic: yea I was gonna say I am on PA line here in ohio and we travel to grove city for clothes sometimes

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At the grocery store I goto down the street from my house, a lady was just killed a few weeks ago. She was walking to or from her car in parking lot when a elderly man parking in handicap space ran her over. So remember it can happen anywhere at any time just because you have right away don't trust your life to anyone else and pay attention.

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