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It's not his stance that drugs should stay illegal that I have a problem I understand everyone has opinions on the matter. It's his idea that the only people that could support legalizing use of drugs must be a user that's well crazy talk.

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@aebghdfsc: lol wow your really busting out facts today.

So your saying your choice to not use drugs is simply based on your age and if you were younger you'd be one of those druggies?

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Awesome. I had to rehook up my ps3 in living room the other day because neither the xbox one not ps4 supports 3d blu ray yet. It's kind of crazy.

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@aebghdfsc: I haven't see u prove your point either.

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@XaosII: and instead of using tax money to arrest and put people in jail the taxes for the sells of drugs could be used for information and addiction help if things did get out if hand with certain people. Kind like what gambling does.

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@aebghdfsc: I am pretty sure in states that already legalized weed not everyone who voted for it uses it.

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@aebghdfsc: insane logic. Maybe we feel the harm it causes being a crime is greater and more expensive than the damage it causes being used. I suppose we should make alcohol illegal again as well?

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@sonicare: I don't think society works the same as it did when people started having their family at 18 and lived and worked off the land and didn't really need a stable income.

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Your only 22 just enjoy life now. It'll come.

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