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Has anyone has crashing issues in MH4U? I keep crashing out of game. Its the first time I have ever had this happen on 3ds.. Do I need to start the game over? It seems like no matter what I do from my most recent saved game it will crash in a few min....

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I am loving my MM edition New 3ds. It took a little bit but now the C-Stick feels a lot easier to use.

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I got my MM edition new 3ds, monster hunter 4U, and limited edition MM3d. Not to mention a bunch of amiibos TRU told me they canceled all the sudden they charged me and shipped them. I have like 4 megaman, 3 sonic, 2 ike and I have 3 lucarios. I am swimming in Amiibos.

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Yea you just have to format fat32 on your computer before inserting it. Mine says I have over 414,000 blocks free even after have several full 3ds game downloaded.

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I have a 64gb Samsung card it was 25 bucks at best buy during holidays. Works great just have to format it fat before using it.

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Glad I got to be at a taping of the show this pdt summer

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I still buld Lego sets. I just recently built my city hall set and I have several more from Christmas to built like the delorean from back to the future

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@roboccs: thanks. My biggest concern with the drive isn't really the time it's that located up near Cleveland in the middle of lake effect snow area so winter driving will be bad. I worked there for 9 months before as a contractor. Right now I am just riding out the slow down and in talks with my old boss. Some people here are talking a 6 month voluntary layoff but they pay your full medical benefits during that. It's a big change from last year I was working almost everyday 70+ hours a week. At least when I bought my home and car and didn't get to expensive just in case something like this happened.

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@ttualumni13: I work in oil natural gas industry. I am not to worried yet got plenty saved up and everything. Plus my old boss unrelated contacted me the other week and wanted to meet with me anyways about possibly offering me a salary position cause someone is retiring. Only probably is its like a hour drive right now I hve 15 min drive

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Well come feb 15 I am layed off for a few weeks. I guess on plus note it's just in time for MM3d . Lol