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Long time no gamespot!

Wow, hey all, I see people still leave me messages..havent been on in 14 months....little wierd...anyways, I dont play those stupid n00b games anymore! yay! I've been soaking up my life playing World of Warcraft (L60 Human Warrior).  But, now WoW is going stale and I get to have my life back! But, Burning Crusade comes out in a few months, then it'll be time to sell my soul to the guilty pleasures of techonology.

I must enjoi the free soul while i can! Smell the fresh air! Play with my kitty!

mew! ^.^

Animal Crossing DS

Hi guys, I am so crazy about Animal Crossing DS. I'd be able to play animal crossing on the go! I am not to fond of Nintendo, but I plan to save for a DS this coming up month, so I can get Nintendogs and Animal Crossing when they come out. Animal Crossing is the only reason I have a Gamecube now. And it'll soon be one of the only reasons I'll have a DS.

My whole family at my dad's plays animal crossing. Me, my grandpa, my grandma, my dad, and my sister. So I think If I get a DS, this might actually be the only handheld system my grandma might play. Lol, my grandpa loves fishing on it, he has 9 million bells in his account after paying off all his loans!!! He is rich!! And I'm paying off my final loan on the game. I hope to start a whole new 'life' on the DS version!

Tabachi Extended

Well, I haven't even started on Tabatchi. But I will be bored this summer. So Tabatchi is sure to come this summer. But it aint gonna be a shooter (sorry) it's gonna be a RPG and Fighting game combined. I don't care if you like it or not. But it will have a mini website where you can download updates when new lands and levels are made. And it's free. But if you want a hard copy of the game, it will probably be some where around $10 and the shipping and handling will probably be about $5. But I think it'll be worth it. It has the graphics of a real-time strategy game (well....maybe a little better graphics) and will seem never ending. In fact, it is never ending. Because there is sure that 2 new lands will come each month at minimum. And about 20 new lands maximum each month. So be on the look out.


I am making a simple series of 'Click-It' shooters. Each one will take about 10 minutes to play. But there are going to be mini ones (which will be more popular probably) and 2 main ones. Here are all the games coming out

Tabachi: Battle Of The Hidden Land
Tabachi: Land Mines
Tabachi: The Game (Updated With New Levels Every Week)
Tabachi: Blue Moon

Here is the updates for the original Tabachi

Tabachi (Coming May 15th) 15 Starting Levels
Tabachi V. .1 (Coming May 19th) 7 New Levels
Tabachi V .2 (Coming May 20th) 4 New Levels
Tababchi V .3 (Coming June 19th) 30 New Levels
Tabachi V .4 (Coming June 24th) 16 New Levels

More updates will be up soon when the first update comes out

CD Central Coming Soon....

I am making a union called CD Central which I hope will be successful. I will start making it when I get to level 6. I'm not sure when that will be but it will be in the next few days. So be on the lookout for it and help support it

Murder By Numbers

I am making an auesome 2D RPG/Action game. Do you like games that seem like they never end? The original Muder By Numbers (MBN) will have 62 environments. Here is a chart below of the expansions I will be making and how many levels they come with. By the way 'EXP' means Expansion pack

Murder By Numbers 62 Environments
EXP-Murder By Numbers: Divided Lands 7 Environments
EXP-Murder By Numbers: Final Fury 3 Environments
EXP-Murder By Numbers: Kabakane 30 Environments
EXP-Murder By Numbers: Kabakane Castle 16 Environments + 3 New Characters
Murder By Numbers II 190 Environments
EXP-Murder By Numbers II: World War III 11 Environments

More is sure to come. the first one wont be out until about another 2 months, but after that, the expansions will be up for free downloading each week or every other week. So in one week or two weeks, you can get a new expansion.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack

There was some kind of leak with the security of Halo 2's Multiplayer Map pack. I got an e-mail of a place to download 3 of the maps at!! I dont know the link yet (it was in my email but i forgot it). If anyone comments on this, I'll post the link up

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Troopers

Yo people! I have some great news! I am working on my own star wars game for the new star wars movie release. It has nothing to do with the new movie but for all these star wars fanatics, this may be for you. It is a first person shooter (FPS) that I am making called 'Star Wars: Revenge Of The Troopers' and you battle star troopers (like in the old movies) and the others from episode 2. So check or (austinonlineproductions isn't out yet) for more details and screenshots of the game

Call Of Duty: United Offensive

Hey everyone!! I am so happy! My brithday is coming up soon and all I had on my list were games. I plan to get Call Of Duty United Offensive. LEGO Star Wars, Star Wars Episode III, and True Crime Streets of LA. So I am happy. i'm not one of those people who have the money to stay up to date with buying the latest games. But when their prices go down, I'm sure to buy them