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Kane and Lynch 2

I've just recently played the Kane and Lynch 2 PC demo on Steam. I gotta say that I liked it a lot. The game is so intense, expecially with the shaky cam and gritty graphics that really make you feel immersed in the game. The demo doesn't give us any backstory of the game, so I just have to wait until the game releases. I just hope this demo is not totally like the full game, because the demo did have loads of glitches... (not graphically, though). The demo also has multiplayer, which was probably the most enjoyable part. Once again, many bugs were found, like movement animations get awkward, and peoples' microphone's make a constant static sound that pierced my ears (I sure hope they fix that). Anyway, I know the full game will offer great, intense action, and I've been a K&L fan since the beginning. I'll be downloading it from Steam the minute it comes out :).

Killing Floor...

If you thought Left 4 Dead was awesome, play Killing Floor!!!

Pretty fun game. All I can say is that it lacks the atmospheric environments like in Left 4 Dead. The game play is still solid, zombies are fun to kill (similar to L4D as well), and you will have good times :D.

PC Games

I do love PC games. But when it comes to *not technically proficient* graphics, it slows the player, and the game down. Such as Cryostasis, refering to my latest review, it fails to compete with most high-end processor to get a smooth framerate- I have a Core Quad (one of the latest processors) and I still get a some stuttering movement while playing. Anyways... My blog today :D