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Heroes of Newerth

YAY! Savage and DotA (Defense of the Ancients) are joining forces to make one badass of a game.

Basically, Savage is a game where if you are a warrior it's a first person shooter medieval **** If you're a commander it's a real-time strategy. One of my favorite games. Kinda like BF2 only with more controls as a commander.

DotA is a WarCraft 3 mod where you control heroes and do all kinds of crazy crap. It's insane. INSANE!

And now I have a closed beta key. How? Tim from CAD was giving them out and then I saw a facebook notice that said if you were a friend and on a unique IP you could have your own key. So I added them and GOT A KEY! YAYAYAYAYA!

This would be less embarrasing if I wasn't 22. At 22 you shouldn't get this excited about games. But I don't care. It's awesome. Two of my favorite games are joining forces. Who can argue with that awesomeness?

Go now, and spread the word.

D-O-G 4life.

Today I acquired a new dog. She is a 6 year old German Shep/Huskie mix. She is awesome. Very well mannered, relaxed, just very cool. Right now she's laying on the floor beside me napping before bed. Her previous owners have 5 kids and 4 dogs including her. The guy I spoke with basically said that this was his dog and he didn't want to give it up but his wife couldn't give up any of her three ankle biters and this dog wasn't doing well in their new home because they didn't have as big of a back yard for her to run in.

Background story: This family got her when she was 3, so they've had her approximately 3 years. Same situation with the other people. They couldn't keep her anymore. She used to be a running dog with the guy but she slipped on some ice when she was exiting the house and ended up tearing her ACL in her left-rear leg. It was repaired and the vet says it's fine minus some arthritus but she's not supposed to run anymore. I tell ya, aside from a limp when she's just walking around the house, you couldn't tell she's got anything wrong with her. This dog can pull a tractor. She is strong.

Anyway, just before we got ready to leave to go see the dog we found out that some kittens at my parents' house apparently lost their mother. My parents don't know what happened. So 4 kittens are here now, too. They're a week old and we're going to try and keep them alive... grr. I hate nursing cats but my parents don't have the time and Katie does. Oh well.

That's all for now. There's obviously a lot more that I could talk about but I'm tired of typing for now. Maybe later.

UFC 100 Pay Per View

Warning: UFC 100 spoilers alert. Do not read if you haven't seen the fights yet but are planning to see them.

So, I know I've never really talked about UFC before and I probably don't seem like the type of guy that is into fights but my friend threw a party for UFC 100 since it had a good line-up and it was the 100th show. Let me tell you, it was a good show.

Now, for those of you who don't know this there are supposed to be 5 fights on a card. From what I understand a card is basically the matches that they have planned to air. If it runs short then you can see preliminary fights if they're good enough and what not but the five on the card you're supposed to get to see. That means that we were supposed to see five nights at least with the possibility of more. They have the fights listed so you know who's going to be up and what not and one of the fights didn't show when it was supposed to so my friends were pretty upset. Basically, we thought we'd been jipped a fight. Luckily, it was shown at the end of the night becuase of a timing conflict so all is well. On to more important matters.

The first fight was a split decision after three rounds. Not very intense. I think they were afraid of getting countered quite a few times. One of the judges gave the winning fighter a perfect score which he definitely did not have.

The second fight was awesome. Henderson threw one hell of a punch that just destroyed Bisping. He fell like a ton of bricks. Then Henderson jumped into the air and came down first first on the guy's face. It was total chaos. If you look closely you can see Bisping convulse like he was having a seisure. He does it two or three times. All my friends were screaming like we'd just won a million dollars. Apparently there's a lot of hate for Bisping.

GSP vs Thiago was pretty good too. GSP is one hell of a fighter. He's got some awesome ground game. He apparently hurt himself in the fight but did a good job holding it together. He won by unanimous vote.

The Lesnar vs Mir match was pretty good too. We were all voting for Mir. Lesnar is just too much of a blockhead for my tastes. The guy needs to relax. He's not everything just because he can throw some serious punches. He caught Mir off guard because normally his ground game is small, quick punches and this time he was reeling back. He fought fair and won and there was no controversy about this fight but his styel (GS won't let me spell it the right way) was definitely different from his previous matches. I think if Mir was prepared the fight would have been a lot different.

The final fight was the one that was moved around twice. Fitch vs Thiago (different Thiago). Fitch did a good job but there was nothing exciting about this match. They clearly were both tired because they had been moved around and warmed up too early. Oh well.

So anyway, good night all in all. I just wish there was more brawling and at least one great submission. For UFC 100 it could have been a little higher in the intensity. Oh well. And that's all for tonight.


After an absurdly long wait, Eureka is finally back on the air. I must say, the first episode of this season was definitely pleasing. However, as is with all Eureka episodes, I'm left with a complete sense of "I want to know what's going to happen next!". There is so much unexplained on that show that if they ever cancel it early it'll just be a train wreck.

For those of you who saw the last episode and remember that Carter had some serious troubles just know that they resolved it well. I'm very happy by the turn of events and everything about the show so far.

On another note: I just watched the premiere of Warehouse 13 today. It actually showed yesterday or the day before but I didn't get a chance to watch it completely until today. It's a little rough but that's alright seeing as some of the actors are seemingly new (at least to Syfy). They do have a few recognizable people on the show so if you're like me you'll spend half the show trying to remember who those people are. It was a two hour pilot and a little slow at parts (mostly because the amount of commercials was ridiculous) but overall a good pilot. I hope they refine it a bit in the coming episodes and really get into the main story of the show. I'd recommend everyone at least check it out once to see what they think.

Sony blind to the truth.

I read today that according to Sony, Activision is just blowing smoke. Sony believes that they should not lower their prices in any way because it's perfectly priced and if they go any lower they'd be losing money. Hmm.

I hope activision drops them. I also hope activision blacklists them, but that's just me wishing Sony would get their head out of their rears. I love ya Sony but your PS3 isn't "in another league from the 360" as has been proven time and again. Sure, you have the ability to produce better graphics but clearly that's not the only thing people want or you guys would be selling like hot cakes. Heck, almost all of the multiplatform games have equal graphics and less issues on the 360.

PS2 made you guys greedy and now you're paying the price.


When I was young and they first started putting the automatic water faucets in rest stops, my father went to the sink and said, "Hey Kyle, look." and then waved his hand under the sink and said, "Wha-taa" in the way a Jedi would command someone. This was quite amusing to me as I'd never seen the automatic faucets before and although I understood what was going on, with my dad's interest in Japanese movies (specifically poorly dubbed ones with lots of fighting), it was delivered well. I always remember that whenever I think of water. On to the real story.

Last night we finally got a plumber out to our house. He took one look at the water heater and basically said, "Yeah, so is Friday a good day to get a new water heater for you?" He explained that even if he was able to fix our current water heater (which they have to attempt before they can declare it dead and replace it) it would likely die again within a month or so and it wasn't up to code anyway. He explained that the current setup will cause the next water heater to become defective as well and that they would have to replace a few pipes and adapters.

Then he told me that the replacements they use can't be bought at a hardware store. They're special ordered with a 6 year warranty. Yes please.

Total cost for all of this (including the water heater)? $60. I love warranties especially when I don't have to pay for them.

BACON! Cheesy Potato Burrito. Yum.

Normally I wouldn't plug a fast food restaurant(opens new window) but holy crap. This burrito is awesome. The Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito is amazing. Bacony, cheesy, imitation-meaty and potato goodness. In my area it's $2.99 for the burrito or $5.49 for the meal. The meal comes with their typical large drink and a supreme taco. While it is quite unusual for Taco Bell to side a main attraction with a supreme of anything they have done so here. Still, I would recommend just forgoing the drink and taco and buying two burritos for $5.98 ($2.99 * 2 for those of you mathmatically restricted).

Anyway, unless Taco Bell makes your insides run out your eyes, you should try this burrito. Hell, Taco Bell usually does make me die inside but I still tried it. I ended up getting a meal AND an extra burrito. Pricy.

Cold Hearts at Blizzard HQ.

Taking away my LAN? Making sure my buddy who still has dial-up (he lives too far out for anything else) can't play anymore? Way to lose sales Blizzard.

First id, now Blizz. Are the PC guys trying to kill themselves on purpose? Removing LAN is a huge mistake. I've just reversed my decision to buy this game. I know I won't even think about it until all three games are out. I'm actually afraid that this decision will cause WoL to sell poorly. If it does bad enough, they may cancel the other two. That would make me very unhappy. I want my Toss.

Relocation continued.

A/C is working again. Turns out it just needed a tune-up. Fortunately a guy I used to play in a band with works on A/C units and was able to fix it for me at no charge. So no big deal there.

The gas is on. It actually was never off. Basically, they missed their appointment to come out and turn it off but it took four calls to the gas company for someone to tell me that. Talk about a waste of time. Fire some of those slackers and give me better prices on gas!

The water was turned on. Talk about a great way to find a thousand leaks. They were all repaired with simple adjustments, though.

The water heater is broken, which sucks, but whatever. The previous owners paid for a home warranty for me so I could have stuff like that fixed.

Finally: I got my wedding present a bit early (my wedding is in August). I got a brand new TV. Once I get internets at the house (today)I'll try and get some pictures up.