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@bforrester420: not all are like that im not but most girls are just easily influenced just cause of looks

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Magcon fangirls are the most annoying ones atm

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I hate fangirls going crazy over some guy or guys cause of their looks , im glad I never was and never will be like those girls , fangirls are mentally ill .

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I recently had bed-bugs and it's very strange that you aren't being bitten. My infestation was so small that we didn't actually see them but we were getting bitten nightly. The only way I could prove I had them after a couple weeks was there was ONE dead one in my bed after a couple weeks.

Bed bugs are hearty things, the only thing that took care of the problem was professional heat treatment. They raised the temperature of my apartment to >150 degrees for four hours. It was a huge pain in the ass.

So ask the landlord to raise the temperature to 150 degress and it will kill all the bed bugs in one day ? how do i know if the exterminator treatment is working or not?

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ok we got bedbugs since the beginning of the year. i got bitten one day didn't know what it was, soo a few days later got bitten again so now i know its bed bugs and my mum called the exterminator and that was 3 weeks ago ever since then nones gotten bitten . but we still see them some times some dead and like a few crawling . i see one in my room every 4 days or 3 i kill them , are they dying? why arent we getting bites no more ? plz help :)

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@Iszdope: All the Americans are asleep with the fishes

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@Iszdope: long time no speak mr this place looks dead now lol

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@Iszdope: lol what do you mean by that ?

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me right now 3 days