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After months of having my sig it has bee removed

Idk why it was removed it has been months i had the sig and none complained , but i guess i have to make a new one since they was worried about the swear word. Guess i should write "AussieePet Original Gamespot member since Aug,21,2010 , Im fun, I random and im a rare pet in Australia" What do you guys think? Any ideas for my new sig (Fan Sign) ?

Hello all just getting something off my mind.

Well just want to say i love GS , its a very nice website to cure boredom and share your thoughts. Recently people have gotten the wrong thougts of me. A MOD is jelly of me for a stupid reason. Because i was voted princess of OT or whatever, nothing serious. Didn't know the user existed untill i've gotten a message. Been called stupid, and more insults on this website, mostly cause im being myself and others tend to either gang up (people who don't know me at all) and bash me base on what i post . It's weird how someone can be called all these things for either misspelling a word, or being human in general. Im a nice girl, i tend to get along with everyone. To the people who have personal issues with me, grow up. im 17, you don't know me , im not here to impress no one. Some people are very friendly tbh. To the people who are personal haters of mines needs to mature and get over it. Its ashame grown men and women bash me on this site..... But to the people who like me and think im cool, i salute you :)

I wonder if im being cheated on or not

Things have been weird lately with me and my bf , idk if im being cheated on or not how can u even tell ? i mean other than the fact we spend over 12 hours together every day but idk if he is daitng some chick online :S

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