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Finding Dory!

Am i the only one excited for this movie ?  I wonder how its gonna compare to the orginal finding Nemo :) Might even see new characters!!

well this is weird

So techinally im suppose to be suspended i guess , said im suspended for 5 days . But i can still post and do basic stuff, my level drops from 20 , to level 2? I don't mind being suspended cause gamespot is boring anyways. but im suspended for calling someone by their race . Well this is justice . They tried to suspend me for something stupid and looks like God is on my side today since im still allowed to post . anyways gamespot is too sesitive haha

My art i made

My art What do you think of it?

So just came off suspenion for 3 days.

Reason for posting a topic in the after dark OT ? lol Synthia suspends me for making a topic . But there was loads of people making topics in OT after dark below level 21 example twofaced made on onhis account which is level 16 same as me? he didn't get modded , am i the only one who thinks Gamespot has the worse staffs and mods on the internet? I mean i thought they couldn't take things personally?

What the hell

My thread gets locked and i get modded , yet trolls post even more stupider topics each day? Who ever is modding me and don't even give me a reason why :? Last time i posted a topic which was simple Its called OFF topic which means post offtopic things . Who ever is modding me isn't doing a fair job and hope they get fired from it. Do you guys get modded for no reason as well?

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