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The end is nigh

I have now left the OT, the one board that kept me coming back, forever. Gamespot has been great. I loved talking to the poeple here on the forums. Problem is, a lot of the cool people have either been banned or left

The only board I'm going to be posting in is my union now. But the problem is that's starting to die. If there is ever a time where nobody posts for a fortnight, I'll quit and leave GS forever.

I believe that i will be leaving soon. Thankyou GS for all the great memories, the good times, etc.

This will also be my second final blog entry. The final probably being my final farewell

So until next time
The Aussie Kid

PS Please join the Golden Gamers union if you don't want me to leave and post there frequently

PPS Please visit my webcomics on

One year

It's been over a year since I joined GS. I joined on Oct. 25 04, but this is about the time I actually started posting here entirely (Before then, i was a gamefaqs person) and I'm glad I came here. I've seen friends come and go. Join and then banned. A lot has happened, but I'll never regret joining

The Fatum Chronicles

I now have a gaming program and am ready to create this game. Currently working on a trailer and some screens for this. Might even make a documentry or something like that. Any way, it's an RPG in the style of Tales of Symphonia and it should be done by late June, early July

The Golden Gamers

My union's been formed, now all I need to do is have people join up. The current members have been inviting, but hardly any one's responding. I wish they'd respond, so the level would go up and we'd have more activity

My entry

My entry into the developer for a day competition

I entitled it, Golden Horizon. Now I'm starting to wish I gave it the title of my other game. Archives of the temple. That's kind of like a bunch of games set in different eras

For as long as they knew, the people of Cyria had a peaceful life. There were wars elsewhere and they had protection from an attack, but the wars had not yet come to their fortress. They lived in harmony, never having fights. If there were an argument, the 2 would ask a 3rd party, this was the final decision and there could be no more on the argument after this. They also were reliant on the sun that gave them their power, and it was believed to be the source of their good fortune.

Then one day, there was an argument in the center square. One of the boys who were arguing hit the other. Every one was shocked, including the boy who had struck the other. He just stood there, looking at his hand. Then everyone looked up and the sun was growing pale. This continued until it almost lost its entire glow. Then almost instantly, the fortress was attacked. As no one was ready, Cyria was taken, the people were enslaved and that was their life.

It was almost exactly 2 years since the attack that another one happened. An army known as the Baliserines attacked. In the heat of battle, a mother and her child escaped from their cage and while every one was busy fighting, she escaped across the baron land that was once the farmland that fed them, into the forest, then up a mountain. She looked out towards the battle and saw that the people had attempted what she had done, but many of them were caught. Some had made it into the forest and hid in there. When the soldiers left, the people went up to the mountain and observed the battle. The army that had enslaved them had been wiped out.

15 years had passed and the people of Cyria were all stuck in a cave with hardly any water, food or clothing. However, this didn’t stop them feeding the strongest one who had escaped. It was the child, whose name was Delridge and now 16 years old. Each day, he practiced his fighting. Now, as his fellow outcasts of Cyria slept, he left the cave with out a goodbye. He knew what he would have to do to save his friends. Not just take back the fortress, but regain the energy of the sun so that when he defeated the Baliserines he could give them all back the golden horizon.

The second Island

A long time back, I finally got up to the second Island in GTA San Andreas. The first mission was quite memorable. When I was chasing after the witness, I forced him over the side with that motorcycle. My friends were watching and we took a vote. We decided what the hell and I went after him. Amazingly, this was when he got out of his car and I wound up landing right on top of him