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New Haircut


behold! the emperor's new haircut!!

her'es a pic of how i looked before


btw I'm the one with the mayhem shirt

let's just say I wanted to try something new :P

New Blog Post in a long time..

Whoa this new GS is so cool that it made me want to make a new blog. I hope that people here don't start complaining like they did on New rules hard! :evil:

btw I changed accounts on, new username is bio-lent. My Overall charts were starting to get inaccurate.

There isn't much to say except that my vacations are almost over. these 2 weeks have been pretty fun just playing Resident Evil 4 and watching Bleach.

So bye, I'm gonna watch Bleach 104

Dark Night of the Soul

Greetings my Grim and Frostbitten friends! How are you doing? :D

I'm very happy right now because of the events that have happened lately.

Last Saturday, I went to Viuda Negra's concert :D. Viuda Negra is a local band that is breaking from the underground. They are an extremely awesome proggresive metal band.

The Concert was amazing. 4 other local bands played first: Xperimental, Odisea, Anghelis and Nokktura. In that order. Xperimental was a cool band with no vocalist, only a bassist, guitarist and keyboardist. They were all extremely talented musicians. Especially their keyboardist! that dude was like 60 years old! and he could play some awesome stuff! I must first tell you that the concert was in a small auditorium, like the ones you have at your school, but the seats were onjly at the sides, there was a big space in the center. For some lame reason we had to seat while Xperimental was playing. But when odisea came to stage the told us to stand up. Me and my friends lost no time and went to teh front row :D Odisea was a cool band too!! they had and awesome guitarist that could play some crasy solos, they bassist too! he dcould play his 5-string bass with all of his fingers! and the moshpit was brutal!! and at a point we pulled the vocalist down to the pit! he was a pretty cool guy! and he did a power slide at the beggining of the first song (like in tenacious D). Then Aghelis came. A death metal act with a hot female vocalist :o I don't that I need to describe the awesomeness of this band do I(they eve played a Hallowed Be Thy Name Cover :D? :P and the last act Nokktura came to stage. It was an incredible power metal act. the vocalist could do some extremely high notes!! and the guitarist and bassist did some awesome solos!

And the Band we were all waiting for: VIUDA NEGRA! first they showed us their lates video for the song "Requiem" (which for some lame reason I can't find it on youtube :() They Played all of the songs of their latest albums. The crowd was insane! I almost died there!everybody was pushing and pulling and everybody wanted to be in my place: the front and I didn't allowed them to take it (with a hard battle :() I can't describe the awesomeness of this band. I'll just show you a video that I uploaded of one of my fav songs from their latest album "La Voz de Los Bosques" which is spanish for "The Voice of the woods". the song is Called "Jardin de las delicias" you can see it here. please give my your thoughts on it. If you wish I might upload another song ;)

Before the concert I had to get the tickets and I had no idea where to find them. I went to thismetal t shirt store to ask, and they gave me an adress. it was a metal CD store!! it had all kinds of albums! they even had Immortal's Battles at the North album, but i couldn't afford it,.there I bought The Viuda Negra album " La Voz de los Bosques" and an album from another local metal band "Falk". It was a sweet store and I'm going to visit it more frequently.

5 things you'll never know about me

1. I enjoy ????? ???? ???, especially when ?????? ???? ??? ????.

2. I secretly like ??????. :oops:

3. I hate ?????, ?????, ?????, and ??????????.

4. I am a ??????? ????.

5. ????? ???? ???? is my obsession.


:lol: you guys really thought you could tag me?? meh to you and your spammish myspace games. But one thing you sure know about me is that I hate this sorta thing.

anyway I'm busy with all my PS2 games. You can see the ones I'm currently playing in the Now Playing thingy. Yeah it's a lot :(

sell gc? get wii? dunno...

I might sell my GC and with that money and some I've saved get wii. but I'm not really sure. The Wii is the only next gen console that I can afford, but is it really worth it? there only a few games that appeal to me but I'm not really sure. Nintendo tends to disapoint me like this. Like when I bought my DS, It seemed awesome, but the games are crap there are a few cool games but the rest are crap, and I'm afraid that the wii might be the same thing.
Another Reason that makes me doubt about wii is that games are expensive $70 for a game is too much. I could chip it and buy pirated games, but then I couldn't play online.
Well enough of that. there are also a few DS games that I really want to get: Zelda, Ninja Gaiden and Guitar Hero On Tour :o
the video made me go drool!! I never thought that they could make it to the DS, but only 4 buttons is a high price :( although that the stylus looks like a pick is really interesting.
And I just came from the beach, but I don't want to give you any further details, and before that last week every day I spent 10 straight hours of an MMORPG called ragnarok and yes, I do have a life :P

See Ya Everybody!

I'm gone on Vacation to a town called Catacocha. I might be back on tuesday. It was an awfully long trip on car. 12 Hours! This sucks, I'm trapped here without Metal, I tried searching for some CDs but they don't have good metal :( and there's isn't much to do here except for being with teh family but that isn't bad. However I'm here for a good reason: CARNAVAL! yes in this little town they have their own way to celebrate Carnaval: Throwing ballons with water at people, or just make them get wet with anythig you've got.Yes Timorrow is gonna be an awesome day so See Ya!

School's Over!!

w00t! No more school for 2 months!! I even though I'm extremely happy about it I am also sad, because the last school week is the best, you just wander thorugh the whole school aimlessly with yout friiends waiting for your exam, once you take the exam you are free to leave. I am going to miss the few friends I have.
I hate to stay here at home, it's cool 1 or 2 days of the week but not all the week. I used to live I an awesome niegborhood and on vacations I had lots of places to go to hang out with friends, but now I free to go anywhere and I'm not exaggerating, but I don't have anywhere to go, my new neighborhood sucks I don't know anybody and I've been living here for like 2 years.
I might go to this summer camp that it's really brutal stuff like conquering cold mountains not like that gay boy scout crap. They say that you need a lot of resistance, but that doesn't scare me I have lots of resistance.
But Now I just wake up early to go help my mom in her lab. I help a little, most of time i'm playing in the computer, if I'm not there I'm running errands around the street. My mom works with blood so she often needs volunteers to give their bloodso she can work. Unfortunaltely I was the only preson around and she forced me to give her my blood. I have no problem with getting shots, I'm not scared of needles the problem is that she took 5 tubes of blood wihch is around 45mL of blood :? I felt weird after it.
Lately, I've been creating sigs/banners/tags in MS Paint. I'm getting good at this, I'll Finish the blog with a few samples of my work.

Aren't they awesome?

Not another lame Christmas Blog...

....Or Maybe it is :P. Merry X-mas to all of you. we celebrate the birth of jesus, interesting, so what are you going to do to celebrate jesus' birth?

What am I going to do? I'll just go listen to deicide :P

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo, mi llave!!

I'm in Love....!

....With My New Guitar! :P

Isn't she beautiful!? It feels so good to finally have an electric guitar. For those of you who don't know, I've been playing guitar i acoustic, and as Nathan Explosion once said "Acoustic isn't metal" so I decided to get an electric one, now I can play a lot more stuff and it will sound better.I won't forget my good lo' acoustic guitar, I'll use it from time to time.

School is almost over here in Ecuador. After this week schools is over, but we have to come back the first week of january for final exams, after that we can go for good. Contrary to most people, I love Exams!!!!! The whole week, I just have to go to school, give the exam and go home! No stpid ****s, and no damn homework, isn't it lovely? and come on exams are pretty easy, same crap that I learned through the whole year. In this week I has more time, to Play video games, play basketball, GS, etc. etc.

Since School is almost over, we get to play call of duty, and Halo on the Computer science **** It's Brutal to play Call Of Duty with teh whole **** The teacher has great skills at this game, well he plays it the whole day with all his students :P Would you like to have his job? :lol: I always finish 2nd on Deathmatch In call of Duty, Mi Friend is a real B@stard, and he pwns the whole ****by far. In halo, only girls play :P When I can't play CoD, it makes me so furious that I unleash my fury in Halo and pwn all those *****.

Lately, I've been addicted to Mortal Kombat Deception. I wuv MK!! It's Br00tal!!

[spoiler] I finally beated the Konquest mode, in which the final boss is, Scorpion. Dude he's a real Bi***!! It took me a long night to beat him (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit :P, but you gotta admit that he's extremely tough). It's kinda frustrating to know that shujinko has thrown his life sown the toilet by aiding the Dragon King :( But know I can beat Onaga with Shujinko in Arcade! ONAGA! PREPARE FOR KOMBAT!!! [/spoiler]

I've also beated Arcade with Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Hotaru, Kabal, Ermac, Mileena, Li Mei, Shao Kahn, Nightwolf, and Kobra.

So here I end my blog, have a nice day! ;)