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Long Time No Activity!

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Wow hey guys its been a long time since Ive been active here on GS! And I missed my 3rd year anniversary on this site to :(


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and got lots of games haha.

Sooo as anyone who used to read my blogs you'll know this is my space for letting out all my personal rubbish I spill out on here :P Shall I begin? Haha

Well, pffft, where to begin actually?

Met alot of amazing people since starting my Highers course at college :) I have a non identicle twin apparently! We're pretty much the same person in alot of aspects but she's the straight version of me XD It's ace how fast we have became really good friends :)

Oh! And I got a promotion at work :D Gets my gold badge! ...and a pay rise but the gold badge was all I was excited about haha. Just got to train peope alot more now which is a pain because I work mostly weekends and its always really busy so its finding the time but at the end of the day it feels really good to see people progress and do a really good job :)

Other things though, havn't been to peachy unfortunatly :/

I've failed my driving test 3 times! haha got another one today so cross your fingers for me :D.

My dad had a stroke at the begining of December around half 9 in the morning? Knowone, not even my family, told me until about half 1 :/. So cheers guys...

My girlfriend left me 2 days after New Year. Found out she cheated on me with 2 of my "friends" on New Year about a month after. So, as anyone would be I was damn furious...invited her over to mine and had it out with her and you guys have no idea how bad I made her feel. Can tell you this much, shes sorry now ;)

Something my mum told me the other night, she's away to get tested for breast cancer today :/ ... I kind of knew this would come sooner or later but you never know how your going to feel until that day comes. Just need to wait until later today to see know.

Just need to stay possitive and keep busy for a while.

On that note i'll leave it at that, hopefully i'll get a bit more active here :) Missed you guys :(

Hope everyone is good :)


Such A Fail Day.

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Hey guys,

Not been on for a while now so I thought id update my blog.

So yesterday was just the worst day. I failed my driving test :/ AND I also failed a jo interview that I really wanted because I just can't stand where I work right now. So yeah, pretty naff day.

Anyone else had any bad days recently?


18 Tomorrow!

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Hey everyone :)

Just got back from Magaluf (Spain) on saturday after a week of free food/drink and bed cuddles from my Girlfriend :D Although none of us got really drunk :lol: A bit to hot for me though - were my gf and friends wanted to sit out in the sun and fry I would either make them leave after and hour or so or be up in my room playing on my Gameboy SP haha. I wasn't to bothered though, I wasn't on holiday for a peticular reason apart from to just have a break and not have to work :). All in all I enjoyed myself.

But enough about that since its my birthday tomorrow!!! Finally 18 :D. Just going out for a meal Thursday but going out round town on the friday, even though I won't enjoy it, its just something to do where all my friends could be included.

My mum keeps playing along that she wont get me a car for my birthday. But, the otherday I went into her room to use her mirror since the bathroom one was all steamed up and I found insurance papers for the car I wanted :o So got my car yay! I'll just play along though because she wanted to surprise me I think, so i'll just act really surprised :)

Anyway hope your all doing fine. Until next time.


This Time Around...

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So i've noticed everytime I come back here I make a blog about whats been happening in my life and so and so...then just go back back to being inactive for a while :lol:

But anyway, this time around I come back to most of us PS3 users being a bit "hacked?" off :P - proud of how I used that there.

Seriously guys, im starting to get annoyed at those that are just constantly complaining about it. I could understand if you had actually had money or your identity stolen from you but other than that just zip it. Yes sony F'd up, yes they had a responsibility to its customers to protect their information and all that jazz, I myself am agitated that their security wasn't up to scratch. The truth is is that people seem to be more annoyed at the fact that they can't play online :? Come on guys just suck it up. Iff its bothering you that much get a 360 and pay to play online or indulge in a good PC game, or better yet do something constructive.

I know its a bit late now but I quite liked watching the Royal Wedding :). It was nice to see the country all together to celebrate it and just the enthusiasm of some of the people that were interview (although some a little weird haha). My girfriend's street had a street party for it and it was quite good, mostly old people and young kids but all in all a good day.

Thats my awesome but crazy girlfriend as the Queen :P Me as Prince William and our friend Gillian as still quite offended that my girlfriend chose to be the Queen instead of Kate though, as that would have made more sense :lol: (Edit: I never realised that my friend is kinda cut out here lol)

So if anyone else watched it or joined in some sort of celebration I hope you had a good day :)

In other news I might get my car on monday hopefully *fingers crossed* And im also hoping to pass my theory test - third time lucky.

Until next time guys, hope your all doing good.


Its Been A While! - Two Years On GS

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Hey guys :)

Its been quite a while since I last posted a blog. So heres the latest I the life of AudioPrison:D:

Well I never noticed it was my two year anniversaryon here a few days ago :lol: so happy two years to me! :)

Most things in life right now are going pretty good, and im optimistic that they'll keep improving :) College is going great with me actually trying and passing everything I need to (just need to try be on time in the morning :P)

With work my boss is putting me on the crew trainer programme in january! So a promotion and a nice pay rise for me! Its only McDonalds but its money...and when I get promoted the pay will hopefully actually be worth it. I deffinatly need this since in a few months time il be driving - well heres hoping *crosses finger*

Me and my girlfriend have been seeing each other for four months in january :) Yes, for those of you who used to read my blogs about all that girl trouble I used to have, I've actually been able to keep this time round steady :lol: Its one of the same ones from before, but we're stronger than ever, in love, and it feels great. Although...she did admit to cheating on me a few days ago. I know she felt terrible for it, and I know she was really drunk, so I gave her one more chance. Everyone makes mistakes. Just hoping she learns from it...

So thats kinda all for now :)

Hope your all doing good.


Help With An Image?

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I volenteered to animate a logo for my team in my social enterprise class and I thought id be able to figure out how to since im ok with the basics....

Turns out im not to sharp at this :L

So I was wondering if someone could do a few examples of this for me.

Our logo is an image of the earth with

"Wind of change

Bringing Communities Together"

Across the middle..

But the earth has to be spinning with a black circular border around it.

Anyone fancie having a go? Or know someone who couldId be sooo grateful :(

Girls That Play CoD?

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I was wondering why there isn't any Unions on GS for girl CoD players :? Cos I usually see them on other sites but not here.

So I was wondering if there are any girls on here that play CoD that would be interested on making a girl only CoD group?

This was really random :lol: but I was really surprised :|

Oh Life, You Feind.

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Some good news guys :D

I got the job!!! Some money going in the bank every second week now. *thumbs up*

Next news, I told my ex (the one I like) to delete every way of contacting me =/ she didn't want to but she can't really do anything about it now. I admitted to her that I've been falling in love with her for a while now, but if I let myself fall in love with her then our friendship would be pretty much this was the best thing for us :(

Not going to go to much into it since im starting to want to talk to her again so shall leave that for the time being.

College soon though :) New start, new people, new experiences :)

Hope your all good :)


Exam Results :O LOL

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My 5th year exam results came through this morning....which my dear cousin decided to wake me up by phoning to remind me about :lol:


Chemistry Int 1, A

History Int 2, B

English Int 2, C

I can do alot better, im quite gutted about english but just goes to show that when parents say "stick in at school"...LISTEN! :P

In other news I have a job interview at McDonalds today :lol: I need to start earning money, and at the end of the day thats what a job is to most people is it not? To earn money?

So if I get the job then I can do alot of hours before college starts :)

Hope your all good,


Why Do People Always Turn Out To Be Idiots?

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I havn't really been on here a while due to laptop breaking :( But tiz fixed now :)

So to cover the blog title.

I was up in Elgin for a weekend party at my friends house, was actually looking forward to having a good time since i've been doing nothing for about three months waiting for college to start :( So been VERY bored.

Turns out to be one of the most horrible nights i've ever had.

Me and my friend (lets call himDave)were having a heart to heart about him and my other friend who he had just broken up with, then we were having a heart to heart about me still liking one of my ex's. I told my ex I still liked her the night before, I know she doesn't like me in that way anymore but she kept asking what was wrong with me so I just told her.

They all went down stairs to play spin the bottle so I stayed upstairs cos I didn't really want to watch my ex kissing other people.

Dave came back up and started appologising for kissing my ex and I told him its ok, I know its a game and thats what happens in that game so he shouldnt worry about it....then my ex comes upstairs, lies down in between us and a few minutes later they both start getting "handsy" :? So I moved cos it was getting to me and later on I hear about what they were doing and it killed hearing about it...

What kinda friend would apologise for doing things with someone they know you like and then do stuff with them right in front of you? and after me just trying to be a nice friend and talk through things with him he was upset about :?

And my ex and I are supposed to be good friends aswel, she knows I still like her. I know I don't have any right to stop her doing things but Id say I have a right to ask for a little decentcy and respect from her to not do that in front of me at the very least, do I not?

I think im to much of a push over. I think from now on if my "friends" hurt me like that then (not to sound all high and mighty) they don't desurve to be my friends tbh because I wouldn't do that to them.