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Looking for an MP3 player

It's too bad that I like to listen to AM radio. There are so few options in mp3 players tha also have an AM radio feature. None of the better players have the feature. So... should I wait until it is included? Or just buy one... since I have been waiting for a long time now. I'm not sure what to decide.

The show... "Without A Trace"

I was thinking about this show today.  I watched it last night.  It's a decent show... but the title has me wondering.

If the person disappeared without a trace... then wouldn't there be no way to find the missing person?  I mean... the word without is an exclusive word.  That means... if there is any trace whatsoever... any way to track down the missing person... then there would be a trace. 

The show's title contradicts the show's premise.

It's been a while

It's been a while since i've posted here.  Life got busy.  It always does.  I'm working two jobs, working on a masters degree... preparing to be a father.  It's hard to know what I'm really getting myself into.  Anyway... I'm just venting.

A sad BBC story

I read a storry on BBC News Online today about suicide clubs in Japan. It is a really depressing news story about this online site designed to help people find suicide partners. Apparently the suicide rate in Japan is one of the highest in the world. Young people will go online and find a partner or a few partners... they agree on how to kill themsevles, and then they go do it.

I don't know why these sites aren't banned. I mean... suicide isn't illegal. but shouldn't be illegal to help people find the enouragement to do it?

Leaning toward school

I've been thinking a lot, like I havae mentioned before, about what I need to cut out of my schedule. And the more I think the more I think about leaving my job and just focusing on graduate school.

Of course, the big problem becomes money. I have no idea where the money will come from. But such is life.. I have to trust that it will come in from somewhere... or that we are going to learn to live frugally.

Dreams or Financial Security?

Today at work I was asked a tough question. If I had to chose between financial security or pursuing my dreams. (because pursuing my dreams would mean leaving my job, and focusing on graduate school).

I have pondered this to great lengths and still do not know what to do. It does seem that life is a bit out of control. And if I want to live a healthy lifestyle, something is going to have to change.

If I just go to school, then we are on a single non-profit worker salary (my wife) supporting a mortgage and tuition for me at a private graduate school as well as classes for my wife who also attends grad school. We may have to sell the house and move into a small apartment (it is a small house that we live in).

If I cut my school hours, it may take me 6 years to finish my masters....

Both have drawbacks. Just going to school makes things extremely tight financially, especially if we want to have kids. But it would be a dream of mine just to work on my masters and not have to worry about work.

Anyway... that's my musing for the day. I don't have any decisions made yet.


On top of working full time...

I have two quizzes tomorrow... two quizzes on tuesday, two 10 page papers due next thursday....
then two finals the next tuesday, one final and one more 40 page paper on that thursday.

I this time of year.


I think I'm feeling the effects of being an American. We are a driven people... always busy, spending money on things to make us more and more efficient. We fill our lives with activity... a full schedule is somehow looked upon with respect.

But now I find myself working full time, in graduate school full time, married with a home... involved in community programs... and things are just too much for me to handle. As I reflect on how I ended up at this point, I can only say that it is the consumerism and the drivenness that is marketted to me, to which I have fallen prey.

I'm going to have to make some changes, but don't yet know how.

Unbalanced Doctor's Salaries

So, almost every adult in my family (except for me) is a doctor. My mom recently was in the hospital, so of course, a few of our relatives were around helping out. I overheard my cousin, who is an OB-Gyn doctor about how much they are paid. He mentioned that he had a patient for whom he performed an emergency hysterectomy and removed also a tumor which later would become cancerous. in total, he recieved $1300 for performing the procedure. later that patient came in and asked why prices are what they are... because that same patient later had a tummy tuck... (basically just remove some fat and skin)... she paid $4000 up front, followed by another $4000 after the procedures were finished.

So... this comes down to $1300 to a risky and potentially life saving procedure to a doctor who is under much more stress and for whom more skill is required. And then $8000 to a doctor who performs a procedure that has little risk, and little lifetime effect other than losing some weight.

I dunno... I was just thinking about how unfair that is. It's not like my cousin doesn't get paid well. But as a result, many more people are going into cosmetic surgeries and less people are going into fields that are actually more neceesary... because there just is not as much money in it - in fact... there is a ton less money in it. I just think this is sad.
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